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  1. There should be the same meme except titled, “Giving up our rights for perceived safety…anonymous”

        • “joe burden will go down in history as the worst president of all.”

          I’m confident the next Leftist Scum ™ in power will make joe (and his ‘ho) look like pikers… 🙁

        • @jwm,

          Yesterday Mrs. Haz and I finally saw the dreaded $7/gal here in our local area. Cheapest we saw on our 25-mile church-and-errand drive was $6.50.

          The Haz family will be going on a camping trip in the mountains with several other families next month. Due to the price of fuel and the distance of our destination, for the first time ever we don’t have any other travel plans laid out for the rest of the calendar year because the #1 expense we must now consider is…fuel. Weird.

          Everyone I’ve spoken with recently now believes we’ll see $8/gal before this thing peaks.

        • I WISH we’d only see eights. But it continues to climb so quickly I don’t think it will slow down on the cliimb any tome soon. Hate to say it but twenty dollar a gallon fuel is not impossible.

          they ciould not make us hunker down and tremble in fear at home with the Rice Rabies insanity, so they are now attempting the same result by making fuel so dear no one can afford it. Trust me, they will not consider their “job’ done until we are all sequestered zombies quaking in fear of their next move.

          guess I’ll have to go find the bicycle pump and air up those skinny hard tyres again…… it will make me eat more, but compared to everythingelse food is cheap. so far. And WHEN yuo can get it.

        • ” joe burden will go down in history as the worst president of all.”

          Then you must be too young to have lived through Jimmy Carter.

      • Definitely a pain in the ass however with the proposed lead ban I’m trying my best to stock up. Doesn’t matter how I save or scrimp seems I’m broke anyway.
        Got lucky the other day,a fellow I know is feeling the crunch, sold me 550rnds for $200, — ” Kids need diapers and milk.”

        • That’s just painful. And to think this is all intentional, that things are going just the way ‘they’ want things to go. And worse, we are allowing it to happen.

  2. Interesting how all these anti-gun people assume that some poor law enforcement officer will be the ones trying to enforce their ill-advised laws and actually think that they are stupid enough to do it. I had two friends who were police officers in different cities and asked them the same question. What would you do if your Chief ordered you to go collect someone’s guns?
    One said I would call in sick and the other said a lot of cops would be shot.

    There should be a law that states if you vote in favor of gun control you must be the person who knocks on the door of the house you are going to, to confiscate a firearm(s) and announce why you are there at least for 3 separate confiscations. That’s a sure way to get rid of these folks.

    • They’re already having hard time finding people to be cops after the 2020 riots and anti police wave. This would make that much, much harder. Many more would retire as well.

    • If or when this country ever has gun confiscation it’ll be during a created of national emergency of some kind where the president will use emergency powers for all gun confiscation. They’ll use UN troops under the guise of a peace keeping action. Just my conspiracy theory.

        • Sure they might make nice targets, but they’ll also have no problem following orders to do whatever it takes by any means necessary.

    • Some of the pro-gun control folks simply aren’t that smart.

      After Uvalde some of them tried to advance the argument that we needed to ban and confiscate semi-auto rifles because the fact that the shooter had one was the reason cops were hesitant to go after him. They were scared of the rifle.

      Uh, OK… if LE is shit-scared of semi-auto rifles who’s going to go around confiscating the thing that LE is afraid to go near?

      Once this logical inconsistency was pointed out they pretty much stopped trying to push on that front. Even for them it was a bridge too far, not because they care about being honest but because it was undercutting their own argument and therefore failing to advance their cause.

      • Didn’t you hear Eric “nukem” Swalwell?

        They are just going to nuke your azz, and everyone else within a 10 mile radius too I guess.

        • I think they’re trying to avoid coming across as *completely crazy* because they realize they haven’t really solidified a grip on power. Otherwise when the initial inconsistency was pointed out they’ve have simply responded with the obvious answer; “The military”.

          I suspect that while they have zero compunction about attempting to use the military against US citizens (as Gavin Newsom essentially proved in 2020), that they know it wouldn’t fly with the target audience.

          Sally Soccermom may not be a fan of guns in private hands but she’s likely to be less of a fan of having an RCT invade her suburb.

        • The idiot didn’t realize that if you nuked the most crie ridden places in America where all the gun crime happens, there would be a lot fewer Democratic Party voters.

        • MarkN, they wouldn’t be nuking their own strongholds, just us uppity peasants in flyover territory.

        • Then he can have fun trying to figure out how to grow anything in the large tracts of farmland he just irradiated for the next couple hundred years.

        • @Dred
          We can always import our mushrooms from China.
          It’s an evil plan. And remember theBiden is a hydra, chopping off one head doesn’t kill the body

    • The cops will refuse, then the Dems will find the people who will. People that enjoy looting, stealing, and raping. Some from within our borders, but probably from without. The whole world has been licking their chops at the prospects of this scenario. It’ll make the 2020 looting look like two idiots stealing old clothes and VHS tapes from a storage unit on the outskirts of town.

      • People that enjoy looting, stealing, and raping.

        it appears you are referring to the ‘unhoused” who have overtaken so many of the larger cities and even small towns. These people are doing what they re doing because they are lazy and cowardly.Ya relly think they will take orders to go out into the contryside and try to take guns from those hardscrabble folks who LIVE there? These clwns can’t even follow requests to not poop on the street, and todump their used needles in the bins instead of tossing them on the street where little kids dan get them poked into their feet. They know where the food bank is, and ‘ve observed the type of folks lollygagging in tose lines… these are the laziest most incompetent louts anywhere. I HOPE those “in power” and “pulling the strings” send these guys round. It will be a walk in the oark to round them up and contain them. then ask them WHO gave yuo the orders and sent you out, lead us to them.. then go and take out the trash.

  3. I was bichin about the price of things in the grocery store the other day, got some fellow bitchers in agreement. We had a pretty good time at the cash register with FJB chants, even the cashier joined in.

  4. The left in a nut shell:

    “Cops are racist and sexist and murder innocent POC! the US is an evil racist sexist country! The racist and sexist military industrial complex is soaking up all the money for healthcare!”

    Also the left:

    “All guns should be banned and only the police and military should have guns!”


    • It’s less crazy than it seems.

      You have to understand that they intend for the armed police and military to be loyal to them. They’ll purge the ranks of the “disloyal” and replace them with those who obey unquestioningly. At least, that’s the plan.

      If some of the information that’s come out in the past few days is to be believed, they’re already doing this in the FBI (and probably have been for some time).

      • One thing you can be sure of. Every single LEGAL gunowner in the USA is on a list somewhere and has been for a hundred years – that’s the reason tyou have REGISTRIES and LICENSES in the first place. Just as we have a register of BIRTHS and DEATHS and regular population CENSUS What the hell did you think they’re for?? And it’s not all about the bloody FBI either.
        Most States I should think will keep these kinds of records and I do not see that it should be a surprise to anybody let alone a subject of a political discussion.
        As for the PLAN. If that PLAN is to protectv the ninterests of the majority and not allow the actiions of a realtively few true believers in the GOD of GUNS then as recent events and demos woukld suggest the majority of the American electorate are all for them..
        What the PRO-GUN lobby fail to realise is that whole swathes of the American electorate are GUN OWNERS and own SELF DEFENCE weaponry not because they actually want to but because, as they see it. they have NO BLOODY CHOICE given the nature of the American Beast.

        I think that if I lived in the USA and inspite of disapproving of firearms in the hands of the general public for the purpos of SELF DEFENSE that I would have to seriously reconsider my options.
        And I do speak from experience here because for several years I was an ARMOURER/SMALLARMS Instructor in the ROYAL AIR FORCE and also served in the UK ARMY Infanttry Reserves so I do know my way around personal firearms.

        • Stay where you are, subject. You, and we, are much better off.

          I’m sure that your experience as an armourer/small arms instructor will come in really handy when you’re confronted with a knife-wielding muslim thug.

        • Albert Hall, I would not suggest you Leftist-Socialist try taking most Americans’ guns. You tried that during out Revolutionary War and it did not work out so well, did it? You call it the Rebellion.

        • Albert think of you, what’s going to happen when America folds and china decides to help russia take the EU..
          Game over.

    • to which I reply FINE. The militia are simply the WHOLE PEOPLE< armed and skilled and working together. So I get to keep my weapons because I am now militia/military.

  5. I thought the dude on the left was wearing a penis shirt until I clicked on the article and realized it was a booliit.

    • Cue miner with his “fascinating” Leonard Nimoy bullshit. He seems to enjoy jumping on anything involving male paraphernalia… so to speak.

  6. I was once asked by the neighborhood liberal oxygen thief why I had so many different types of firearms. I replied, “For the same reason why I have different types of screwdrivers, because that is more than one type of screw”. This nitwit still hasn’t returned my pliers.

    • He thought they were semi-auto plliers.. they sometimes work for aotomobiles, and sometimes work for cracking nuts, and sometimes work for squeezing things. Since he things ALL semi-auto items must be banned, he was doing yuo the favour of sparing you from the BuyBack line.

      What some folks carry within their crania can be very surprising.

  7. Unfortuneately so very true as seen from my side of the pond. Those that would seem to be prepared to go to CIVIL WAR in the cause of their right to own completely unnessessary firearms are obviously addicted and it’s foolish to suggest otherwise. After all nobody actually needs to own more than a single reliable 9mm or .38 for personal home defence and nobody needs to own anything more than a decent five shot BOLT ACTION Rifle of a suitable calbre for hunting and niobiondy neede to hold for immediate use any more than say 25 rounds of suitable ammunition for either. Sports shooting [in the licensed range sense] is an easily controlled matter and even in the UK, with some of the tightest gun control legislation in the world it is possible to use licensed ranges. I cannot see that a ONE GUN/LIMITED ammunition is contrart to the American Constitution either.
    From recent mass rallies it is becoming more and more obvious that a majority of the American electorate from every shade of political and religious perspective are looking at long last for greater firearm control measures AND THAT MAJORITY IS SEEMINGLY GROWING.
    If a tripping point is reached it does not matter a Cat’s Cojones what the Gun-Freaks of America think or how much money the Firearms Industry pushes into the PRO-GUN Lobby there will be an amendment to the Constitution and there will be greater firearm control measures.
    If the pro-gun people want to retain a modicum of control over matters important to them they’ed bettter start with some serious, and workable suggestions themselves instead of continuing down the path of self justification. AS for those who have made plain that they are of the OVER MY DEAD BODY frame of mind may they had better be careful of what they wish

    • quote: “I cannot see that a ONE GUN/LIMITED ammunition is contrart to the American Constitution either.”

      Your inability to comprehend otherwise does not make your blindness relevent here. WE have lived through it. Your country is not anywhere I could tolerate living. You Brits have always had tyrannical overlords seeking to subjugate the masses, at any cost to their freedon or individuality. Not so here.

      Perhaps have a look back at your own history of government tyranny agaisnt DISARMED populations. The “nonconformists” in Scotland, the Irish Catholics seeking to survive as your military occupied, and brutally misused the Irish. Tens of thousands chose to emigrate to Amerikay to escape the nigging tyranny and domination by the Brit overlords, controlling every aspect of life. They came to America in large numbers, to escape the very tyranny and contorl you now espouse.

      You claim I only neeed one handgun. Nope. I have one in nine I carry eveywhere. What if that one malfunctionis? The delays and epxense of getting a replacment are an undue burden. So I own more than one, Fine, then, what if nine parabelum ammuniton goes extinct, as your “benevolent” gummit wiuld wish to have happen? I’d be defenseless against the hordes they are traiining to unleash up upon us. SO I have some on ther calibres. My bolt action hunting rifle is fine.. but what if I use up all the ammuniotn Ihave that rfits THAT gun> SO I have others using different rounds. Well why do I NEED to much firepower you ask. fine… I live in a small city, there WERE riots, wanton destruction, pillaging, etc, here in this city. I also live bout halfway between two other major cities, each about an hour away, and both of which had extensive tioting and destruction, ongoing for months At times those hooigans ventured away from their cities, andrural areas had invasions. If you rely upon and fully trust your government to “keep you safe” you are amongst the first to get liquidated when it all comes flying apart. So you will not need more firepower than yuor twelve-bore shottie. Or your nine parabllum. Fine. IHOPE I never NEED even my everyday companion. Nit if I do and do not have it because those who think like you do decree I cannot, you will not be there tostand in the gap for me, nor to guard my rear.

      Study the history of our war that we fought to boot you and those of your ilk off this land two plus centurues back. You wil, of you are open and honest, learn WHY we hold so closely to our RIGHT to arms and their appropriate use.

    • I’m glad you’re on the other side of the pond. I’m also thankful we have that thing called the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution protecting my right to keep and bear arms,not for hunting, but for ousting a tyrannical government just like we did in 1776. Remember that.

    • Albert it’s not actually about the gunms. It’s about the chipping away of our Constitution.
      Many Americans refuse to let that happen.

    • Albert L J Hall

      Unlike like us here in the USA the fact is YOU are a “subject”, we, at least my ancestors, defeated the likes of you over two centuries ago, today many are prepared to do it again, using a tomahawk if necessary just like before.

  8. Many of the firearms I own are antiques or collectables. And they are all in working, shootable condition. Some, like a couple of muskets I own I don’t shoot simply because parts are unavailable or would have to be hand made. I can do this, but choose to not risk damaging a 400 year old collectable. Wheel locks are a bit fiddly to make parts for.
    A couple of those firearms are every bit as effective today as they were in the 1860’s ’70’s, or ’80’s. And ammunition is available or can be made easily enough.
    My more modern firearms are in some cases, family pieces, military collectables or of historical significance. Like the M1 Garand my father purchased as GI surplus in the 1950’s or the M1898 Mauser with Imperial German markings I ran across back in the early 1970’s.
    The firearms I have outside the vault in the small safe or in other places are everyday use, or at least common use firearms. My varmint rifle, that gets used for things like coyotes or racoons. My AR 10 pattern rifle that I use to hunt hogs. Set up with a night sight and if you know what a sounder of feral hogs can do when frightened or angry, you might think that wasn’t enough rifle. My home security shotgun set up with a light and as short a barrel as is legal. And of course my everyday carry weapons. was never a big fan of the 9mm or 38 cal popguns and carry large bore sidearms instead. for the same reasons the FBI and Military used larger caliber weapons until some dunderhead decided we need to conform to European or NATO standards. Not understanding why we went to the larger calibers in the first place.
    So, I guess some soyboy or Karen might think I have too many guns. Or some government flunky who fears their own shadow may think I must be some sort of dangerous nut. Truth is, most of us who have more than what is proscribed, or they think should be permitted, are much less of a threat than the punks right down the street from the various leftists who only have a single stolen or otherwise illegally obtained pocket pistol. Yes, I have a fairly nice collection of firearms. And do try to keep what I consider a reasonable supply of ammunition on hand. However, the average Joe Gun owner/collector is no threat to anyone unless there is a direct and immediate threat to them.


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