Armasight Contractor 50
Armasight Contractor 50
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From Armasight . . .

Trailblazer and Category Leader in Thermal and Night Vision, Armasight debuted the “Designed & Built in the USA” Contractor series of weapon mounted thermal optics at SHOT Show 2022. The Contractor line is the first thermal optic on the market that is powered by the new ArmaCORE Thermal Core technology, which brings 12 micron pixels, high performance imaging, and a dynamic feature set to the system.

The Armasight Contractor is a feature rich thermal weapon sight that brings cutting edge capability in a lightweight yet durable metal alloy housing. Built as a MIL-STD military-grade thermal scope, the Contractor can be used in all environmental conditions to improve object detection in low contrast daylight, total darkness, or through smoke, haze and even light fog.

This long eye-relief sight is comfortable to use and features an array of advanced technologies that will maximize your weapon efficiency. The Contractor offers a 60 Hz 1024 x 768 display resolution, USB and WiFi video streaming, 4 hours of onboard video recording, and low battery consumption from standard CR123A batteries.

The Contractor features eight user-selectable reticles and six color palettes, allowing for a wide range of customized options to best suit the specific needs presented by the environment or mission specific needs. The Contractor also comes equipped with a digital compass, inclinometer, and stadiametric reticles that help users calculate distance, direction, and angles.

Armasight Contractor 25
Armasight Contractor 25

Advanced hardware is in place to be able to take advantage of emerging technologies to expand stability and functionality with standard firmware updates. The Armasight app, available on iOS and Android, allows for remote control of the unit, photo and video capture, live streaming, GPS location and updates to the unit. Updates can also be completed through a USB connection within the Contractor.

The Contractor is available through brick & mortar and ecommerce dealers now.


  • 320 ArmaCORE – 12 micro, Made In The USA thermal Core
  • 60 Hz 1024×768 display
  • 4hrs on board recording
  • 4hr run time on full charge
  • USB and WiFi streaming
  • Eight user-selectable reticles and six color palettes


Contractor 320 3-12x25mm – $4299

Contractor 320 6-24x50mm – $4799



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      • Yup, and an electric car. I’ve no idea where all this reserve electricity is going to come from when everyone has an E car but I’m sure Our government has the answer.
        In the meantime Our government is requesting that we turn off our air conditioners this summer to avoid brown outs.

        • “In the meantime Our government is requesting that we turn off our air conditioners this summer to avoid brown outs.”

          Oh, I can’t wait to see how that’s gonna be received down here in the sweaty, fetid armpit of America, Florida.

          However –

          ‘In The Meantime’ has an *awesome* jaunty bass-line, thanks to Roy Langdon :

        • Are you sure the local electrical grid can handle the load of every household charging at least one electric vehicle?

        • @Southern Cross

          Good morning.

          A shooting buddy is a retired electrical generation engineer. He was curious a few months ago regarding this issue. The information is available on the Internet concerning EV usage over time (he used a year). Something like 4,000 KWh/yr per vehicle. He used US Department of Transportation data on the number of cars, trucks and commercial vehicles. After he crunched all the numbers it worked out to where the USA would need, at a minimum, 319 new nuclear plants each rated at 3,000 MW each just to cover the additional demand due to EV’s. He further added that the Greenie ideal of converting all the homes to electric heat / cooling (after DX’ing all the oil, natural gas, LPG heated homes / businesses) would require in the ball park of 700 new nuke plants at the stated 3,000 MW each generation capacity.

          The whole push to electric vehicles in the USA is not feasible for many decades even if we started building the generation capacity today…oh, by the way, California is decommissioning 4 existing hydroelectric plants this year and in 2023 because the Greenies don’t believe that hydro is a clean source of electricity. Other plants along the Columbia and Snake rivers are threatened with closure…further decreasing the amount of usable electricity for Western States.

          Smoke and F’ing mirrors all of it!

    • When one considers inflation and previous cost for this kind of scope it is almost 10 times cheaper than a decade ago. Would like to see cheaper but thermal is cheaper than ever.

        • What is 10k of today’s dollars 10 and 20 years ago and what specs would you get for each decade?

      • 👍
        That’s not a bad price at all.
        Quality optics are not cheap.

        For example, the Leupold Mark5 HD 3.6-18×44 (illuminated w/Tremor3 reticle) goes for around $2.7k, and NEVER goes on sale.
        Add a top quality mount (like a SPUHR QD) and you’re approaching $3.5k.

  1. A rifle that broadcasts it’s location with a wifi signal? That a Fed “feature” or just general stupids? Ummm That would be a BIG NO.


    Since I have worked in real life, a contractor is a person (or co/corp) that agrees to do work (generally) for money.

    Is “contractor” is just another mall-ninja marketing term like “operator?”

    $4700 can only be afforded by PMC’s? (who are, by definition, contractors. woo hoo, corporate armies)

    Remember when a contract was an order or arrangement for a hired assassin to kill someone? (and so a “contractor” was…)

    Am I overthinking this?

  3. With the recession hitting me square in the ass, I think I’ll hold off on spending $4000+…..

    Oh, and FJB!


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