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It is not the destination, it is the journey. When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target. Today is victory over yourself of yesterday. I know nothing about surpassing others; I only know how to outdo myself. In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s mind there are few.


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  1. “As I discover there is no One True Gun, nor One True Caliber, so also I discover there is no One True Me. What I am may not change, but Who I am need never stop changing.”

    “And don’t buy ProMag.”


    • “And don’t buy ProMag.”

      ProMag, in general, is crap. But even they can change. I just bought two ProMag 22-rd magazines for my Remington 597, and they work flawlessly and are much superior to the OEM Remington magazines. I’m even considering getting the 70-rd drum.

      But yeah, read a ton of reviews before buying anything ProMag.

    • Okay, so now two of my reply comments here have been deleted. What’s going on, Dan/TTAG? I can’t agree that ProMags are inferior? Does TTAG have an agreement with ProMag or something?

      The issues I’ve encountered in this site’s comnents section outnumber all other sites over my lifetime combined. Squared.

      • Dude it’s automated and it’s the standard WordPress comment filter. Don’t be ridiculous. So far today there were ~4,500 comments made on the site. Of those, 4,100 were spam and were removed automatically by the filter. Nobody is reading all of these comments and approving or spamming. Ain’t nobody got time for that. If you try to link to an external site or use various key words that trigger a spam filter, you’re more likely to get caught up by it. These AI filters are always evolving but are looking mostly for scams and porn and such.

        • No links, Jeremy, and absolutely nothing I can think of in any of my comments over this past year (deletions have increased dramatically in 2021) that would “trigger” any reason to delete.


        • Haz, maybe someone else out there in the ether has your number.

          Jeremy/Dan, I’ve always wondered, is there a public list of trigger words or word combinations? The filter has zapped several of my posts also. Maybe half are later released, but I “don’t drink, smoke, chew, or go with girls that do” so to speak, and also have seen no rhyme or reason. Curious to see the inner workings…

        • Ok, don’t know if this will clear or not but here goes.

          This is, well, hilariously ironic. I just posted the following:

          “Haz, maybe someone else out there in the ether has your number.

          “Jeremy/Dan, I’ve always wondered, is there a public list of trigger words or word combinations? The filter has zapped several of my posts also. Maybe half are later released, but I “don’t drink, smoke, chew, or go with girls that do” so to speak, and also have seen no rhyme or reason. Curious to see the inner workings…”

          And it was held for moderation. That is rich! Let’s see if it gets held again…

      • Back in the heady days of January ’13, right after Sandy Hook, with shortages looming on the horizon that would make todays kids sphincters pucker, with my first AR (got right before the rush started) begging for mags and me only having the 1 it came with and 3 more I barely managed to get at the same time, I ran across a lonely single pro mag at Dunham’s. All I can say is it hasn’t melted yet. Of course I had to walk through a blizzard to get it, uphill, both ways 😉

        Thank goodness shortly thereafter an employee of Uncle Scam gave me some “surplus” mags he had “salvaged”. Later various companies Effed up politically making all of their existing mags worthless and sold in discount bins.

    • Well, I could not find any magazines for my Walther PPQ 9mm, V1 except Pro Mags. I bought 2 and they have worked flawlessly. Miracles happen!

    • Seven Samuri was the movie “The Magnificant Seven” was based on. I highly recommend both.

        • And “Star Wars” was based on “The Hidden Fortress.”

          My favorite Mifune performance was in “Throne of Blood.” Any actor willing to stand in front of dozens of arrows shot at him has my vote.

    • In the 60s, 70s and into the 80s I was a big Toshio Mifune fan. I think I have watched everything he made including his first film Stray Dog. My absolute favorite is a completely different genre, it is Ricksaw Man. In it Mifune plays a role that shows the pathos of unrequited love. He was one of Japan’s and perhaps the world’s most prolific actors. He was also one of the world’s great working drunks, consuming almost a fifth of scotch a day.

      A Mifune retroview would have to last almost a week, running 12 hours a day to view all of his films. I would go if one were held. It would supersede any plague restrictions.

      I would like to see him in role playing a Japanese doctor giving lie to Fauci and his hallucination-based machinations.

  2. Sounds like wisdom to me. Or perhaps something from Socrates.

    Building is better. With computers and with guns.

    • At least with computers, I can see how much better the graphics are and how much faster the thing is, that is untill I have to load Windows 11 and get to watch the new OS eat all those extra clock cycles!

      • I gave up on windows many years ago. All that ended with XP. Personally, I think you can get more mileage from a well built AR.

        • Yeah, but I can’t seem to get Fallout 76 up and running on the 6.5 Grendel I just built!

  3. A friend of mine buys guns, fixes and tunes them, wins competitions with it, and then gets bored and sells it. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  4. The custom enhancement’s on my HiPoint are never ending.
    I’ve got $1.50 in gold spray paint as of now, then add the clam shells I glued on the grips(I wanted pearl handles).
    Also getting out the engraving tool( pocket knife) and scratching “Death From Above” on the slide.
    glow in the dark night sights by cutting a skeleton up from a Halloween left over and JB welding it to the old sight. It shootz a little high now but I think I can fix that by dinging the rifling , a little ding on the top where the boolit comes out should throw the boolit downwards.
    Wrapped a rubberband around the trigger and back strap to lessen the trigger pull.
    These and other fine enhancements have made My HiPoint a one of a kind brbq attention grabber.
    However that’s not good enough and I strive to create a true masterpiece. One I hope makes it’s way to the Smithsonian eventually.

    • Ok, that made me laugh. Never gave it much thought, but gumns as art. Hmmm, with enough hype maybe the rich idiots would buy them, after all they buy Hunter’s and Bush’s paintings.

    • well that’s a hot mess. Not nice to mess with a hi power. Oh wait, you said hipoint. Never mind

    • Yup, and if you complain too much you get the bonus of having Jeremy razz you for it.

      This entire site functioned better under the previous format.

      • He’s lying about the porn and spam.
        It’s the elf bee eye an in essay hacking our sht.
        Gotta use code words .
        Biden = pedophiles can be president
        Trump = Armed insurrection
        stuff like that

      • WordPress sucks. It’s gone downhill in almost every way since they “improved” it a few years ago, and nobody (that I know of) that uses it for blogging likes it. There’s a good reason why “WP delenda est” is a catchphrase on According to Hoyt.

        Unfortunately, it seems to be an example of that Churchill quote about democracy: the worst blogging software, except for all the others.

    • I see it, so it does go up eventually. 😀

      There’s just some “hot phrases” that throw a post into moderation limbo until a site op comes by to clear it. Happens to my stuff too on occasion, and I know not to take it personally.

  5. The beginner:

    AR self/home defense perfection is only a few more $$$ away.

    Gotta have
    Gotta see
    Gotta try
    Gotta know

    “Bullets for home/self defense hurt more, or put a more precise hole in paper, at 10 yards when they are fired from a $2,500.00 ‘perfect’ gun that originally cost $700.00 before ‘perfection’ ’cause internet gotta be right.”

    The expert:


  6. My Ar-15A2 still has the original fixed stock, 20″barrel and carry handle sight.
    Runs stock 20 round Colt mags I purchased decades ago. Did replace the buffer spring after a couple failures to feed after several thousand rounds had gone through the rifle. No other parts or add ons required. Still happily rings the 5″ gong at 500 meters all day long.
    Just never got into all the extras hanging off a rifle. I do have an AR carbine with the adjustable stock, flat top and red dot sight because a couple of people in my household are of smaller stature than me, so some adjustibility is nice. No other mods needed.
    Don’t really need a light around here if looking for a possible intruder or tresspasser. Just listen for the screams caused by a 35# bully mix hanging from their lower anatomy. The little dog can’t jump high enough to reach an arm, so she just jumps and grabs what hangs low enough.

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