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Ehhhh 13th highest murder rate in the country. No big deal. Philadelphia would have to more than triple its murder rate to catch up to St. Louis. Holy cow.


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  1. That made me laugh. You ever notice how they always use a bag of frozen vegetables in movies instead of an ice pack? I have ice packs, but very rarely frozen vegetables. Clergy in movies are almost always Catholic priests and an old Christmas movie referenced in a newer one has to be A Wonderful Life. Movie rules, I guess or lazy stereotypes.

  2. Year to year “The Lou” reigns supreme, whether murders, rapes or STD’s. The only true competition is Baltimore which has so much in common:

    A love for Heroin.
    A city that’s it’s own county
    A baseball team, St. Louis Browns – Baltimore Orioles.
    60+ years of democrat governance.

  3. Ehhhh 13th highest murder rate in the city.

    Shouldn’t the city have the only (and therefore highest by default) murder rate in the city?

  4. I read somewhere that if you remove the major cities from the equation than the US is far safer than many, many other countries.

    Of course the ‘Left’ will never admit that their governance brings death and despair.

    Personally, I would go slowly insane if I lived in one of the major metro areas.

    • I spent years in cities like Chicago, Minneapolis, and Denver. There are clear reasons I live miles from the nearest town now days. Crime, polution, traffic, limosine liberal politicians for a start. As far as going insane, well, some of my family think I’m nuts for leaving the convieniance and comfort of the cities for an off grid(mostly) homestead farm within sight of the middle of no where. Personally, I think getting out of the city saved what’s left of my sanity.

      • I ran into a guy in AZ a few years back who was a member of an actually “off-grid” community, which really impressed me and came close to attracting me. 7 families with homes on the side of a mountain, powered by solar with batteries, no power of any kind coming within miles by wire, no phone lines, no cell service. The guy was ebullient due to the cost and effectiveness of solar cells had just taken a big leap, and the cost had dropped by half, he was planning on doubling his electric power and was really excited. Hard to believe such groups even exist. Given more time, I am sure discussing their version of law enforcement would have been enlightening.

  5. No crime spike here in this town.
    Wonder why that is?
    Let me try and think of the people I know who do not own a firearmn.
    Lisa, Gary, and John, in a town of 1,260.
    Let me try and think of the people who wouldn’t shootz you for fcking with their sht. Lisa , Gary and John.

  6. I wonder what I’d hear if I held a Chicago Italian Beef sammich up to my ear?

    (CIB’s are the best, btw. Cheese steaks are great, but a good Italian beef sandwich…mama mia!)

  7. In Texas, if you hold a plate of barbecue to your ear, you can hear folk arguing about who makes the best barbecue.

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