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Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File)
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Soros prosecutors refuse to enforce laws against shoplifting, drug trafficking, and entire categories of felonies and misdemeanors. In Chicago, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx allows theft under $1,000 to go unpunished. In Manhattan, District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. refuses to enforce laws against prostitution. In Baltimore, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby has unilaterally declared the war on drugs “over” and is refusing to criminally charge drug users in the middle of the worst drug crisis in American history. For a time, Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon even stopped enforcing laws against disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, and making criminal threats.

All of these cities have paid a terrible price for these insane policies. Last year, the number of homicides in Chicago rose by 56%, and more than 1,000 Cook County residents have been murdered in 2021. In New York City, murder increased 47% and shootings soared 97%. In 2020, the murder rate in Baltimore was higher than El Salvador’s or Guatemala’s — nations from which citizens often attempt to claim asylum purely based on gang violence and murder—and this year murder in Baltimore is on track to be even higher. Murder in Los Angeles rose 36% last year and is on track to rise another 17% this year.

Soon after taking office in Boston, Suffolk County District Attorney Rachel Rollins published a list of 15 crimes that she would refuse to prosecute except under special circumstances. Among the charges on her “do not prosecute” list was drug trafficking, malicious destruction of property, trespassing, driving with a revoked license, and resisting arrest. Rollins also declared that she was “going to battle” against the U.S. attorney in Massachusetts and has slandered Boston police officers as “murderers” before accusing the department of “white fragility.”

Unsurprisingly, Boston’s violent crime rate surged shortly after Rollins took over, as the number of murders in Boston skyrocketed by 38% in 2020. As Rollins implemented leniency for drug trafficking, opioid overdose deaths increased by 32% in Suffolk County. As a reward for her ineptitude and extremism, President Biden nominated her to run the U.S. Attorney’s office in Massachusetts, the very office she had gone “to battle” against only months before. Every Democrat in the Senate voted to confirm her.

— Senator Tom Cotton in Recall, Remove & Replace Every Last Soros Prosecutor

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  1. The Nuremberg trials should’ve taken care of that problem a long time ago!! We now have a war criminal dictating a lot of our law enforcement. Or more correctly, the lack of!!

  2. Pre-revolutionary communism at its finest. Sow chaos and destruction to weaken society, then take over and crack down. Once the commie revolution comes to fruition, useful idiots like the Soros DAs will be the first against the wall. Read Lenin.

    • Funny enough had this exact conversation with some of my south american coworkers (mostly Argentina) and yeah play for play about what they were seeing back in the 90’s before their crisis especially with the releasing of criminals from prison and doing everything possible to keep them on the street and try to punish anyone who protects themselves. Yet more competition for range time and ammo but good job on them for figuring out a NY legal draco.

    • Jimmy Beam,

      Once the commie revolution comes to fruition, useful idiots like the Soros DAs will be the first against the wall.

      While I agree that communist takeovers result in communist government firing squads executing many “useful idiots”, I don’t think high-profile collaborators who played a crucial role in the takeover (and thus have demonstrated their sworn allegiance) will be executed. Rather, they will be high ranking members of the resulting communist Party.

        • My thought exactly. Look at how many communist “leaders” wound up in Siberia, Lyubyanka, against a wall somewhere or had a mysterious “heart attack”. Not only in Russia, but China, North Korea, North Vietnam before they even started south. Who knows how many in other communist countries?

  3. As long as you keep attacking only singular symptoms of the problem you’re not going to actually solve the problem itself.

    The problem is deeper than “guns” or “drugs” or “crime” of “Soros prosecutors”. These are all symptoms of a much larger sickness. Midwits want to convince you are the issue so they can offer you a pre-packaged solution that just so happens to benefit them. Such is the nature of the managerial class. They manage. That’s what they do. And they’d really, really like for you to pay them to manage you.

    I don’t think Cotton’s a bad dude, personally. I just think he’s not really that bright and hasn’t actually thought much about anything past what benefits him politically, which is more a question of what his advisors have told him.

    Amusingly, this is one of those things that Marilyn Manson pointed out 25 years ago when he said “There’s a hole in our soul that we fill with dope”. The problem isn’t the dope, it’s that hole and treating sucking chest wounds with bandaids and Ibuprofen isn’t a workable solution. But dope’s just one of the problems and a favorite boogeyman of certain political operatives because it’s so effective at scaring up votes without ever actually having to address any serious issues.

    You can see this same phenomenon in what the media loves to now call “The Great Resignation” while, IRL, they pump some more generational warfare for clicks. Twitter goes apeshit with a bunch of, basically commies, tilting at evil capitalist windmills that they tenuously link to “Boomers” while a bunch of “establishment” morons blather about “Millennials and Zoomers” being “lazy”. Because more division in society’s the the cure for society’s divisions the same way telling black kids that they can’t do basic arithmetic isn’t racist but is actually “antiracist”… lol.

    Both sides of these arguments are on the level of LD preschoolers arguing about their favorite flavor of crayon. Meanwhile the real problems get markedly worse.

    This is just another flavor of what I’ve said about “decriminalization”. Some people offer you bullshit talking points with redefined terms in an effort to get you to play a game you can’t win and they can’t lose. The answer is to walk away from that idiocy when either side offers you that sort of game, possibly after punching them unconscious as a “thank you” for the offer to play.

    But hey, no worries, I’m sure ammo prices won’t be affected by that 15% YoY inflation in 1980 metrics, amirite? Just redefine the CPI and everything’s fucking gravy. And while we’re on that topic, I’m sure the other things affected by that kind of inflation (which can only accelerate at this point) won’t cause any social instability, eh?

    But while we’re at it, the tangential topic of the complete and utter demise of the Democratic Party at the national level as it’s consumed by the parasite of “progressivism” bodes well I’m sure. I mean, having the cities turned into totalitarian shitholes sporting a bifurcated society by the current shifts in opinion and the necessities of electoral processes couldn’t affect the rest of the country, could it? No, that’s just crazy talk, right?

    Or maybe, just maybe, it’s time to start publicly asking serious questions about the nature of the real disease that’s gripped the entire Western world for a long time but become acutely obvious in the past couple of years?

    • Offshoring jobs, importing skilled labor to keep wages low and native residents underemployed, constant borrowing and inflation that outpaces wages, taxes fees subscriptions and endless expenses to grind down any ability to build wealth for anyone not meticulous enough to keep ahead, and having large funds buy up houses at substantially over market value to ensure a housing market to price out new homeowners while trying to more heavily tax current homeowners on reassessments based on the sales of their neighbors to support underperforming school districts and local governments (varies by location of course)

      Nah there is no pattern here it’s all in your head.

      • All of those problems have one root cause: the love of money (and power). Our dear leaders wouldn’t have done that to us if they would be wealthier and more powerful by helping us first. They have no allegiance to their country. They have no sense of moral responsibility. They’re in it to win it for themselves. They’re selfish and immoral. That’s the real problem in a nutshell. What’s the cure for that?

        • Ideally voting them out and public shunning at all levels appropriate to their behavior. Realistically shit we do not want see happen.

        • Dude,

          The Ruling Class problem goes beyond simple selfishness and immorality in the classic sense. Many members of the Ruling Class have zero regard for our inherent value and dignity as human beings. That opens the door to horrible treatment and abuses of people at best and downright unthinkable atrocities at worst.

        • Uncommon,
          In other words, we should heed the warning from Gina Carano’s tweet that got her fired. She compared the current political climate of demonizing people for their beliefs to what the Nazis did to get their ball rolling. The Left claimed the tweet was antisemitic and canceled her because of course they did. They can’t have people realizing how similar they are to the Nazis.

        • [WordPress is being obtuse, I’ll break this into three posts so that it will actually work.]

          It’s far larger than that, though those are serious problems.

          Right now DC is taking business and driver’s licenses for failure to comply with their medical mandate even if your doctor is telling you not to take the shot for a legitimate medical reason. It’s entirely illegal and they give exactly no fucks about that.

          Cities across the country are enacting such mandates to one degree or another. Where’s the “opposition Party” on this topic? Off at a confab for some pizza with with the UK’s “arch Conservative” BoJo or some shit?

          This is getting dangerous. I mean, these people are openly pushing what is still an experimental medical treatment that they know damn right well is not safe or effective and they’re doing it for purely for power. While doing this they’re essentially admitting that it’s a compliance passport that they want and that it will be quarterly or biannual or your passport gets revoked. They lie about EVERYTHING in this regard. (See link below for a small mashup of some from the UK that are so far out there that they’re actually amusing).

        • I don’t like WWII German comparisons but this is exactly that. You have politicians and media going FULL “Die Juden haben das fleckfieber!” and still there’s basically zero pushback from the other side.

          This level of dehumanization and open association with disease vectors/fomites is off the chain levels of insanely dangerous behavior. This is exactly what leads to things like the Holocaust because of the deep pathways it opens up in the human brain in relation to an instinctual fear of disease. We don’t clean up vectors of disease or portable fomites. We burn them.

          But look at what they push in furtherance of compliance. A digital ID. Just a CoV-2 passport, no, look at what’s in the datasets leaked out of Canada. Everything down to real-time money in the bank and debt, eye color and your potential to legally access fertilized. They really do have a pre-crime score from 0-1000 too. Straight up Minority Report shit.

        • The point I’m making here is something I’ve said for a long time. Freedom’s a package deal, not just the right to go to the range and bust some shots and liberty across the board is on life support right now across most of the developed world. If they get just a few of the things they’re pushing “because da virus” and your 2A rights won’t mean shit unless you’re willing to use them.

          Like your rights? ANY of them? Well, regardless of what you might think or not think about the current injections, here’s the line in the sand because the power they intend to grab to enforce this idiocy, full blown cult shit, if they get that power it means you have zero rights left. At that point you have nothing but privileges and you’re rapidly going to find that you have VERY few of those.

          This is exactly the point point been making for years. These people set up games where the only way to win is 1. not to play and 2. to punch them in the throat for offering you a chance to play. If you accept their rules then you can do naught but lose.

          Mitch McConnell or Trump aren’t going to save you from this. Mitch helped fund it for his entire career and Trump’s entirely on board with full-speed ahead because his ego can’t let him admit he might have made a mistake with Warp Speed. The fact is that if we don’t completely reset the GOP in the primaries and start over, this country is done.

          In truth though, I’m not actually sure it’s not already too late. I’m better than 80% confident that next year is going to make 2020 look like the good old days in more ways than one.

          https://twitter dot com/Lukewearechange/status/1471258095263305731

      • to dude
        And you cannot avoid the consequences immorality. But you can lie to yourself that they even exist.

    • “There’s a hole in our soul that we fill with dope”

      Wow, Marilyn Manson wisely points out the actual problem. It doesn’t have to literally be dope. That isn’t the problem. The problem is the hole in our soul. People fill that void with a variety of things.

      Like you said, politicians do what benefits them politically. Why would a light on crime agenda sound appealing to some people? Let’s think about that. I think it allows people to feel virtuous about something. It allows them to virtue signal. Now why are they so desperate to feel virtuous about something, that they’re willing to ignore the negative consequences of their actions? The answer to that question is the solution to our problems.

      • Atheism begets communism in all its flavors as the worship of God becomes the worship of state. Particularly dangerous when the laws of God tend to spark all kinds of conflict when changes in punctuation are proposed while changes to the laws of man can be rewritten at convenience.

        • I think Dr. Anthony Fauci is the “Pope” for the atheists who worship the state. He is their spokesperson for the government God.

      • “Now why are they so desperate to feel virtuous about something, that they’re willing to ignore the negative consequences of their actions?”

        Very simple. Because the costs of playing this particular game are externalized to people who are not playing the game.

        It’s exactly the same reason that headhunting of people outside the tribe existed in the South Pacific right up until the governments of a few island nations just isolated the headhunters for a few years. As soon as the tribe couldn’t externalize the cost of the game the game lost its allure.

        It’s lots of fun to play dangerous games when the danger is all to other people, so much the better if they’re people you already don’t like.

  4. I like to separate violent crimes into two categories — those committed against peaceful, law abiding private citizens and those committed against other criminals. I’m far less concerned about the latter except when peaceful, law abiding private citizens get caught in the crossfire. Ideally, when one criminal murders another, the perpetrator will be imprisoned for a long time. From the perspective of the peaceful, law abiding private citizen, that’s a two-fer. But, even if the perpetrator goes unpunished, it’s still one less criminal to prey upon the peaceful, law abiding citizen.

    Question about Soros funded prosecutors: They don’t prosecute criminals. Do they prosecute victims who injure criminals in the process of defending themselves? I can live with the former as long as they don’t do the latter.

    • Kendahl, before I retired I, too, called criminal on criminal a twofer. If we caught the offender. As for the offender receiving a lengthy prison sentence. Not so much. It was, after all, only a misdemeanor murder.

  5. Can’t mention Soros. That would be antisemetic.
    Totally cool to call for an end to Israel though because they’re mean.
    It’s always ‘da joos’ until it’s a big money political donor then it’s ‘protected class.’

  6. Sure, they want to disarm America so they can control every aspect of our lives. Look at what is happening in Australia.

  7. quote————–Soros prosecutors refuse to enforce laws against shoplifting, drug trafficking, and entire categories of felonies and misdemeanors.———-quote

    Prosecutors work for the State they do not work for any private individual, if they did they would be subject to criminal prosecution.

    quote—————–Marilyn Mosby has unilaterally declared the war on drugs “over” and is refusing to criminally charge drug users in the middle of the worst drug crisis in American history.————quote

    Obviously Mosby is a product of higher education and those that are realize that addiction to drugs should not be a crime because it is a physical illness that can be treated and cured. We do not incarcerate people who have cancer or a heart condition nor should we do the same for people addicted to drugs. Prosecution like that is typical Far Right Middle Ages behavior that also used to burn so called Witches at the stake. This is the 21st Century that the Far Right has failed to move into. European treatment of drug addicted people has been far more successful than simply throwing them in prison which costs society and the State far more money and changes nothing, people who come out of prison are still addicted to drugs.

    quote————-All of these cities have paid a terrible price for these insane policies. Last year, the number of homicides in Chicago rose by 56%, and more than 1,000 Cook County residents have been murdered in 2021.———-quote

    Far Right Republican Neanderthals seek simple solutions for complex societal problems. History has shown that building bigger prisons and incarcerating more people does not reduce crime. Rather poverty, lack of high paying jobs and retraining, broken family life, illegal drug sales to addicted people who can get no help from the government, and the easy availability of second hand guns to criminals and mentally ill people all drive up the crime and homicide rate. I might add the stingy criminal Capitalvanian businessmen refuse to retrain their workers compared to German Businessmen that often match corresponding Government money for the retraining of workers.

    Lets face facts when addicted people were given free drugs and treatment the amount of illegal drugs on the street decreased because no one who is addicted to drugs is going to pay for them when they get them for nothing from treatment programs. This is far cheaper than hiring gangs of expensive thug cops, and building bigger and bigger expensive prisons. All this is way over the heads of the Neanderthals of the Far Right.

    quote————opioid overdose deaths increased by 32% ———-quote

    Far Right Republican Neanderthals refused to fund life saving drugs to give to people who overdosed on opioids claiming it was cheaper to let them die like dogs in the street and it was a just punishment for getting addicted. It was and is right out of Nazi Germany the people the Far Right identify so closely with.

    • “Prosecutors work for the State they do not work for any private individual, if they did they would be subject to criminal prosecution”

      Are you stupid or being deliberately obtuse? They don’t take orders from Soros, but he selected them specifically for their soft on crime policies. Soros spent millions in the last election cycle on DA races. These local/state races are low-profile and almost never receive national attention or fundraising. Soros made sure his anti-prosecution candidates would outspend their primary and general election opponents 10:1.

      • quote—————-Soros made sure his anti-prosecution candidates would outspend their primary and general election opponents 10:1.———quote

        Of course your statement is pure nonsense but let us suppose its true for a moment. If the tight wad stingy Republican Businessmen wanted to they could have put in more money for their candidates. Never the less its still up to the electorate to vote in a prosecutor and prosecutors just like judges that were appointed to the courts often do not perform as their supports hoped they would. They are not robots. No one knows how they will really act until they are in those positions nor does anyone know if the prosecutor will change his attitudes while he is in office either.

        I might add that voting in prosecutors that act like human beings instead of right wing Nazi’s is a benefit to society as overpopulating prisons by sending people to jail for 20 years because it was there 3rd mistake and many times a minor mistake like stealing a $1.00 VCR tape is pure nonsense and inhuman and the example I gave actually did happen and not only once either but thousands of times.

        Nixon’s 3 strikes and you are out was a disaster and cost the states and the people millions in incarcerations and wasted tax dollars paying police to arrest people that never should have taken place. In other words more prisons and more prisoners did not lessen crime that is Historical fact.

        • dacian Just because you pronounce something as “nonsense” does not make it so.
          These people who you Leftists have voted into the positions of “prosecutors” have violated there oath of office. It is their JOB to enforce all laws in their jurisdiction. The 3rd Strike Law was and still is an excellent idea. Once a felon has committed his third felony, he/she has proven that they are incapable to living within society and follow the law. They need to be place in prison where they can be separated from the rest of law abiding society. For your edification Gov Wilson, NOT “Nixon” (who in fact was never a governor of any state), authored and had the 3 Strikes Law passed.
          I personally favor the death penalty for anybody who a) kills a police officer; b) kills public office; c) kills someone with premedication, or “murder for hire”.
          That more prisons and prisoners doesn’t lower crime is pure unadulterated poppycock and is NOT a “historical fact” as you allege.

    • Opioid deaths increased dramatically because the country is being flooded with heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine laced with fentanyl. Fentanyl is cheap to manufacture and gives an instant rush that is associated, in the buyer’s mind, with high purity. Teens and young adults are dying because they have no idea what it is they are taking.

      • And if you think more prisons will stop a product from being sold that is market driven you are living in a fantasy world. Read my above comment for the reasons and the solutions to the problem.

        I might add that the Far Right expect simplistic solutions that cost them nothing to solve complex problems. And what they have advocated has already been tried and has failed miserably. Again anyone who has not flunked history does not have to be told this. Look up the Nixonian disaster of 3 strikes and you are out and the hiring of more thug cops and the building of more prisons all of which actually caused more crime. They did not try the obvious and that was the decriminalization of people addicted to drugs. It was tried in other countries and did work far better than Nixonian jackbooted mass incarcerations.

        When the Nixonian jackbooted state refused to help people get off of drugs and offered no help once they got out of prison so they could be retrained and get decent employment they only went right back to tacking drugs and stealing to pay for their habit. Its not rocket science but way past the mentality of the greedy stingy short sighted far right Republicans who grasp every penny that passes through their hands so tightly it screams for mercy.

        • dacian, FACT: Addicts commit more crimes other than possession of a controlled substance. As a matter of fact an addict unless they are independently wealthy, commits 10 crimes each time they purchase the poison which is ruining their lives. That alone warrants incarceration.
          And again, Nixon had nothing to do with the 3 Strikes law. Nice try. But your ack of education is again showing.

      • If drug abuse and overdoses were a threat to the power structure and wealth of our leaders, they would be focused on ending it immediately.

  8. Soros

    Enhancing the educational level of the worlds people is the Far Rights worst nightmare and is the primary reason he is so hated by them.

    As of March 2020, Forbes magazine listed Soros as the 162nd richest person in the world, with a net worth of $8.3 billion. He has also donated 64% of his original fortune, and distributed more than $15 billion through his Open Society Foundations (an international grantmaking network that supports advancing justice, education, public health and independent media). Forbes has called him the most generous giver (when measured as a percentage of net worth).

    In September 2006, Soros pledged $50 million to the Millennium Promise, led by economist Jeffrey Sachs to provide educational, agricultural, and medical aid to help villages in Africa enduring poverty.

    The financier George Soros recently announced a $1 billion donation to endow a new international network of universities with a stated aim of promoting “critical thinking, open intellectual inquiry, and fact-based research to strengthen foundations of open society amid authoritarian resurgence.”

    Billionaire George Soros pledged $500 million to a private liberal arts college in New York, one of the largest single donations given to a university in higher education history, the school said.

    Leon Botstein, president of Bard College, said the money will help establish a $1 billion endowment, calling Soros’s gift the “most historic moment” since the school was founded in 1860.

    • dacian, If by education, you mean your Leftist-Socialist indoctrination, you are correct. We will RESIST this nonsensical fantasy you call “education.” Face it dacian, both you and Georgie have been exposed for the Fascist of Socialism that you both are.

  9. I blame anyone in any position of power and authority that refuses to follow the US Constitution while simultaneously disregarding criminal activity. This just happens to be the entire Democrat party and a dozen or so members of the Republican Party.

    Soros, Blumberg, and other rich old white men filled with hate and destruction need to be held accountable. Too many politicians can too easily be bought and paid for by these people.

  10. Has anyone other than me noticed that pencil necks have a peculiar affinity for European socialism? As a social class they must be economically challenged or they would all surely live there. We should start a go fund me to help them live their dreams. Our Socialists could tell their Socialists how to do Socialism correctly. So it doesn’t implode. You know, like it has everywhere it’s been tried. We could even have a slogan like: “Pencil necks unite! Only we can fuck up Europe worse than it already is!”

    • To Flag Waver

      Where do you think Social Security and Medicare and aid to education, food assistance, housing assistance, to name just a few came from Alpha Centauri? Socialists passed and funded the Nations Freeway System over the opposition of the skin flint Republicans who said it would be too expensive and that no one would use the freeways anyway. Sounds ridiculous today but when did the Republicans say or do anything that was not totally asinine????

      • Where do I think Social Security, Medicare, housing assistance, food assistance etc. came from? Sure as shit wasn’t outer space. It came out of my wallet.

      • dacian, Again with the Social Security and Medicare nonsense? For your edification they are INSURANCE programs that we have paid for with FICA. That FICA money was supposed to be invested so that it would grow along with the the additional money coming in from people continuing to pay FICA.
        As to aide to education, the Dept of Education is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Can you tell me where in the Constitution the Federal Government is given authority over education? It is a province of the states as is housing and other welfare programs which have stripped personal initiative from thousands of Americans .
        The Interstate Highway System was initiated by Dwight D Eisenhower to facilitate troop movements when aircraft were not large enough for troop movement should an invasion occur. You Leftists have tried to claim “ownership” of that program for a number of years now.
        Talking about asinine. Get the lead out and learn something rather than getting indoctrinated by your Socialist masters.

  11. You guys are worried that the federal prosecutor in New York is not pursuing prostitution crimes?

    Wow, you folks are so easily distracted from the real issues.

    Here’s an example, showing how Biden’s justice department is clamping down on China’s efforts to compromise the United States of America’s technological superiority.

    This was all happening under Donald Trump‘s watch, but he did nothing about it because he was far too busy with his stolen election lies in a naked grab for power.

    I thank Providence daily that Joe Biden has an Attorney General who is actually looking out for the best interest of America.

    “Dr. Charles Lieber, 62, the former chair of Harvard’s Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department, was found guilty of two counts of making false statements to federal authorities, two counts of making and subscribing a false income tax return, and two counts of failing to file reports of foreign bank and financial accounts with the Internal Revenue Service.
    Lieber’s research group at Harvard had received over $15 million in funding from the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense, which requires disclosing foreign financial conflicts of interests. The jury found that Lieber had lied about his affiliation with the Wuhan University of Technology in China and a contract he had with a Chinese talent recruitment plan to attract high-level scientists to the country.
    He was being paid $50,000 per month by the Chinese university and given $1.5 million to establish a nanoscience research lab at WUT, the Justice Department said in a news release. Lieberman was specifically affiliated with China’s Thousand Talents Program, which the department called “one of the most prominent talent recruitment plans designed to attract, recruit and cultivate high-level scientific talent in furtherance of China’s scientific development, economic prosperity and national security.”
    Acting US attorney Nathaniel Mendell said in a statement Tuesday that “there is now no question that Charles Lieber lied to federal investigators and to Harvard in an attempt to hide his participation in the Chinese Thousand Talents Program.”

    • “This was all happening under Donald Trump‘s watch, but he did nothing about it because he was far too busy with his stolen election lies in a naked grab for power.”

      Wow, you really have no connection to the truth. Do you purposely avoid it, or do you just blindly rely on undependable sources for your information? Harvard Magazine had a story on Lieber’s arrest on 1/28/20, which means the investigation and arrest all took place under Trump. All Biden’s Justice Department did was follow through on a case that was already in progress.

      • It’s obvious he doesn’t pay attention to real news from the fact he thinks the election was legitimate and the Democraps committed no fraud.

      • Yes, of course he was arrested in 2020, that’s not the point.

        According to all you folks, ‘Xiden’ is nothing but a Chinese shill, doing the communist’s bidding, that’s all you’ve been saying for the past two years.

        Yet we see his Justice Department and Attorney General pursuing Americans for spying for China, with multiple felony charges publicly released.

        Looks like you may have it wrong, it wasn’t Hunter Biden who got 35 Chinese patents, that would be Ivanka trump, Special Advisor to the President.

  12. Correct that inanimate objects such as guns are NEVER the cause of human behavior. Not the good or the bad behaviors.

    The cause of violent crime increases are the increased stresses on a dense population. Humans ALWAYS react under stress with the more fringe elements, the least civilized among us, turning to crime and violence. This has ZERO to do with politics, there are ALWAYS examples among all political persuasions. While the politics toward the Second Amendment and crime of the Bloomberg’s and others of this world are wrong headed, they add barely anything to that rise in crime and violence. Claiming they are solely the cause is a foolish distraction. One that takes focus away from the real root causes of human violence and crime.

    It is easily that far right distraction, the assignment of all that is troubling today to a certain liberal faction, that is the conservator’s contribution to our current troubles. The Big Lie of “The Steal”, the attacks on the Capitol, the insane attacks on the science and necessity of confronting a pandemic. All these and other off-kilter behaviors are just as as at fault, if not more so, than all the inane spending of liberal billionaires.

    • “All these and other off-kilter behaviors are just as as at fault, IF NOT MORE SO, than all the inane spending of liberal billionaires.”

      You think the root cause of criminal behavior is mostly because of voter fraud investigations, one riot at the Capitol, and push back on tyrants that are trying to tell you when you can go to work, see your family, or practice your religion? I’m trying to take you seriously, but I don’t see the connection to our current problem with crime. Could you be more specific?

      • Try this instead, then; we are having more crime because there is less punishment. Again, it boils down pretty easy and clear, if you reward something you will get more of it, if you punish something you will get less of it. Pretty good predictor, I haven’t seen it wrong yet.

  13. Is anyone stupid enough to believe that they would be treated fairly by one of these Soros prosecutors if they were compelled to shoot some felon, Black or White, to defend themselves? Is anyone stupid enough to trust a Soros DA to prosecute a Black or sufficiently Woke White thug for robbing, assaulting, raping or murdering them or a member of your family?

    All of the traditional legal advice for self defense shooting has become bovine scatology. George Zimmerman (who was 1/4 Black) was the canary in the coal mine. Critical Race Theory as advocated by BLM and ANTIFA is as much of a warning as Mein Kompf. It is now open season on White people. It is time to adopt the venerable shoot, shovel (only if a garbage dumpster is handy) and shut up strategy. It might even be time to go full Purim on them.

  14. I really do not let any of this bother me, why? Because I do not live in an area of People of color. This significantly reduces my chances of being a victim of crime. Not racist, just fact.

    Now the death rate increase from illegal drug use also does not bother me. I see it as plus. Druggies need money for dope, so they steal, rob and murder in order to fund their addiction. I see the overdose “crisis” as a bonus to reduce crime for the rest of us decent law abiding citizens.

    Real simple: If you are stupid enough to use illegal drugs for the first time, you are stupid enought to get hooked.

    However, I digress. We all have addictions, I like firearms, which can becaome a legal addiction. Great thing about my addiction, it doesn’t impose on anyone else, pays taxes and usually makes money when I tire of them.

    • As long as you’re not one of those white libertarian or liberal or leftists who supports these destructive policies, I’m comfortable with you not living around black people. The problem is when you have white people who want to interfere in the lives of folks they don’t even live around.

      Such as when the president of the Philippines told his citizens that they could start shooting drug users and drug dealers and dead on site. If they did not turn themselves in for drug rehab. There were many articles written from Libertarians Liberals and Leftist, demanding that the American government impose sanctions against the Philippines.

      Because it seems these white people want to tell other societies what they can and cannot do. The Libertarians are just like the people they complain about, President Bush and President Clinton. All three support US intervention in other society’s affairs.

  15. This is the world that the Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left really want. Forever one.
    “Star Trek: TNG 1×22 FELICIUM ADDICTS” video 1 min long

  16. No, the spike in crime is not the fault of guns, nor the availability of guns. And, while releasing and not prosecuting those who commit crimes doesn’t help matters in the short term, that isn’t the cause of crime either. Nor is the cause of crime simply because people have given up on getting ahead or see crime as easy money, but, again it doesn’t help matters.
    The base causes of crime are the stresses of living in overcrowded conditions of cities, lax moral teaching, lack of disipline in the home and in early years of education, no teaching of a work ethic or sense of honor, and poor education expectations. Along with a lack of gainful, decent paying employment.
    Schools have in many cities, especially in poorer districts/neighborhoods have become nothing but warehouses, holding cells, or daycare for kids who have little to no guidence at home. I would love to see more money put into education and less put into prisons.
    Problem is, unless the families of the kids in even the under performing schools don’t demand excelence and don’t provide guidence and disipline, and make their offspring show up and behave in a civil manner in school, no amount of money thrown at the problem will help. Whether the kids are from the rural trailer courts and back water small towns, or from the inner city projects, if the kids don’t get the support and guidence from their families, they will not ever become anything but criminals, addicts, or just under achievers.
    Socialism, welfare, government support/safety net programs, may mean well, but, unless and untill the adults take responsibility, teach their offspring to respect teachers, police, adults, their fellow students, and themselves, as well as be involved in their children’s education, nothing will change. No outside politician, social worker, teacher, or well meaning do gooder will be able to fix the social problems that lead to crime. those things that will fix the problems have to come from the families and local communities. It has nothing to do with race, ethnic background, or even socio/economic status.
    Soros, as a young man, was the worst kind of Nazi collaborator and Judas to his own people and countrymen. Sold his own for a few peices of silver. About as dishonorable as he could possibly be. He now spends millions of dollars to fund the most destructive Marxist garbage available. He may be wealthy, but he can’t buy respct or a clear conscience.

  17. “Don’t Blame Guns for the Spike in Violent Crime, Blame George Soros’s ‘Legal Arsonists’”

    Personally, I also blame dacian and all the ones like “it” that give support, false credibility, and power to the ones like George Soros. Along with Soros they all have blood on their hands, murder in their minds, and hearts soaked in tyranny every one of them.

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