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It’s time my wife pay her fair share!


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    • I work an overtime shift here and there for firearm related purchases. My most recent purchase (yesterday) was one of the drop in CMMG .22lr conversion kits for an AR15. Looks fun and useful (I do love 22s).

      • Got one of the CMMG conversions a couple of years ago. They are simple, quick-change, accurate and easy to clean. Fits perfectly in my .223 Wylde chamber. Every AR-15 (.223 / 5.56 barrels only) owner should invest in one!

    • There is an applicable planning process in the car “collecting”. Buy a old bus (running) and park out back. As you acquire new vehicles park it South of the bus and move the bus closer to the house.

    • I have an allowance, she has one too. So I don’t have to say anything. I buy her jewelry with it on occassyso she has nothing to complain about

  1. “It’s time my wife pay her fair share!”

    Whatever you’re smoking, can I have some from your bag? 🙂

    • I asked my friend the other day what with weed being legalized all over the place and getting stronger, how long it would be before someone made some super chronic and called it “Joe Biden”.

      His response was “Yo, I ain’t fuckin’ with anything that strong. You just wander around shitting your pants and shaking hands with the air”.

  2. Hmmmmm…..I only consult my wife for purchase of optional items.

    Ammo: never optional. Guns get hungry.
    The only thing optional about a new gun is ‘which one’.

    That Ridgid drill and driver combo set? Absolutely essential. It will take twice, no, five times as long to finish the back porch without it.

    That collection of router bits? Remember the fancy-pants rounding on that bed -frame I made?

    And the roto-tiller? Well, yeah, that didn’t work out so well….
    But is was a good idea at the time!

    • It’s been 4 decades plus since I ran a tiller. In KY. That ground was rocky. But it made a good kitchen garden once it was worked.

      • I hate rototillers, and never use one in my 3000+ square foot garden. Just give me a spade and a big tillage hoe (like a 3rd world peasant) and I’m good to go Tillage destroys soil structure and organic matter. I’m even trying to minimize the spading and hoeing.

        The spading and hoeing are good exercise for overweight Americans (like myself). 🙄

    • Sold my monster walk behind a few years ago, liked that one because I could swing the long handle bars to left or right and walk beside it. Still have a front tine buried in out building somewhere, that puppy is better than a gym membership. Eventually I’ll get rid of that one too. Just don’t have the energy to spare when it comes to garden these days.

    • The “rototiller” for us was a snowblower. I had some cardiac stuff done several years ago, and the nurse told my wife not to let me shovel snow. I ain’t home two days and the big box store delivers a deluxe snowblower, electric start and all kinds of levers. She really wanted to get a few more years of mortgage payments out of me. Problem is, my neighbor plows the main drive, and all I do is clean up around the vehicles. So there it sits, has yet to taste gasoline, maybe some time I’ll cut some trails around the yard, or cut a path to the bird feeders if we get some big drifts?

  3. Only problem if I start making noises about a new firearm or other related gear, is then she wants a new firearm or some related gear as well. So the grand or so I want to spend now doubles because I have to buy 2 of them. Oh well. The Lady my Wife is worth it to me. And, She’ll get her new firearm before I get mine.

  4. Is it just me or are most of the TTG meme posts just stupid or incomprehensible? Every single one I open isn’t funny or the picture seems to have no relevance to the supposed meme or blurb of text attached. Whoever on the staff manages this needs to hand it over to someone else.

    • Yes, it’s Bernie.

      I’d say that’s what he looks like after meeting the Borg but he already did back in the 1980’s and he didn’t even get any cool upgrades.

      • Bringing a new space time dimension to the term ‘futile’. Feel the Bern (more like it was set on stun). Are these people even real? I’m beginning to buy into the whole Annunaki Lizard People Overlords thing…

  5. Hey, it’s green and costs about the same as a medium tier EV so you can claim to be feelin’ the Bern.

    • I swear I’ve seen that peering at me from the treeline in the moonlight but when I hit it with the latest 400k candlepower hand held jobby from Olight in Tactical Midnight Urban Grey in Turbo Plus Mode all I get is some screaming and a bunch of thrashing around on the ground. Twice now, too. Sounds like they’re yelling for some guy named Miyize? Eastern European maybe? Mexican? Hard to say with my bad hearing.

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