DeSantis: I Will Sign Constitutional Carry Into Law Before I’m Done as Governor

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One the thing that I wanted the legislature to do — and I think we will do it, I can’t tell you exactly when — but I’m pretty confident I will be able to sign a constitutional carry bill into law in the state of Florida.

We used to be a leader on Second Amendment. There’s like 25 states that have already done it and I think if you look now, you have a situation where the official in charge of these permits doesn’t support Second Amendment rights. So why would you want to subcontract out your constitutional rights to a public official that rejects the very existence of those rights?

So the legislature will get it done. I can’t tell you if it’s going to be next week, six months, but I can tell you that before I am done as governor, we will have a signature on that bill.

— Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

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  1. And he probably will. After he wins re-election, all the RINOs in the state house and senate that want something will have to give something and that’s what he will demand of them.

    • Well DeSantis needs to put a foot in the behinds of the stick in the mud RINOs who are gumming up the works. A permit to wear a coat over a firearm or have one in a purse is as ignorant as it sounds. You pass the 4473 anal exam that is more than enough for an individual shown to be law abiding to have the freedom to carry under a coat, buy a suppressor, a certain stock, a certain length barrel, trigger or any other gun product.

      And as DeSantis signs the law he needs to sign another law increasing the penalities for the criminal misuse of firearms, bricks, bats , knives, vehicles, etc.

      • And that’s the crux of the matter. A criminal gets busted with an illegal fire arm, even if no other crime has been committed, and it’s five years hard time and the criminal does every day. Criminal gets out and does it again and it’s fifteen mandatory. One more strike and the criminal is gone forever. And build a new prison if it’s needed to house the bastards.

        • Define “criminal gets busted with an illegal firearm”. Do you mean a bona fide criminal who has previously committed actual crimes that legitimately harm others, or an otherwise honest person who is concerned for his/her safety and was caught carrying a concealed firearm on his/her person without a mother-may-I card?

          Here in CA, which is still a “may issue” state, I can tell you there are many who CC without a permit because it’s increasingly dangerous here and it’s nearly impossible in some locales to obtain a CCW.

        • {Criminals caught with guns}

          “…and it’s five years hard time and the criminal does every day.”

          At least in the state of Florida, that’s not how it works in reality, due to a massive prison over-population of a politically-inconvenient variety of prisoner.

          *cough* 🙁

          It gets used as a “One weird trick” ‘gotcha’ charge by an ideologically-biased prosecutor, most times…

        • Haz: Criminal as in those convicted of crimes. I am aware people carry without permission. I wish them no ill will or consequences of any kind.

        • “Isn’t Disney in charge of FL?”

          Here’s what’s working in our favor, this time around, and why we may finally get it –

          Disney decided to show the Mouse’s newly-‘woke’ ass in a very big way by their opposition to DeSantis’s ‘Don’t say Gay’ law he proudly signed.

          The normal voters in Florida *really* don’t like the idea of having their kindergartners through third grade school students being exposed to blatant sexualization by the newly-woke anti-‘racist’ crowd.

          Ramming that crap down 5-to-8 year-old kids is going to cost them big time, and we stand to make some serious 2A gains in the process, like constitutional carry and maybe even open open carry… 🙂

        • Lil’dtard the pedophile and NAMBLA Ohio chapter ‘master recruiter’ should be along shortly to explain the importance of having these conversation with children AYAP (As Young As Possible).
          According to lil’d, the parents have no say in the matter. 🤪

        • Gunnygene and Geoff PR,

          Geoff’s comment has me thinking that DeSantis and the Republican legislature may actually pass constitutional carry as punishment against Disney.

          The really fun question is whether or not Florida will finally allow open carry.

    • Shire-man,


      Exactly so!

      Just had breakfast with my matrix-dwelling, full-onslaught, normie-mind-controlled sister-in-law. Been working on red-pilling her for a few years. I think we found the weak spot:

      She was repulsed when we told her about Bill Gate’s plan to replace farmed meat with Franken-meat. She said “I would never feed that to my dog”. So then we told her about the leftist plan to eliminate pets because they add to our carbon footprint. THAT angered her.

      Still some ways to go with her but, we are making progress.

      Use the platform of the left against them. When the rank-and- file normies start to see the entire leftist agenda, they will be horrified.

      • That’s what the ‘Libs of TicTok’ was doing. Replaying their own videos and that angered the Washington Post karens.

        • The left has always said their ideas are popular with the people.
          Just so long as you hide them from the people.

        • “The left has always said their ideas are popular with the people.”

          Which of course is why they need the Dept of Homeland Security in charge of acceptable speech. Homeland Security was developed to stop terrorists.

    • “Good. Keep pressuring the RINO’s.”

      This time around, the Leftist Scum ™ are doing the heavy lifting for us with their multi-gender crap, and Ukraine is helping demonstrate why MSRs should be constitutionally-protected…

  2. Gov. Ron DeSantis seems to have his ear to the ground politically there in Florida. Other governors could learn a lot from him.

    • DeSantis is just the surfer riding the monster Leftist Scum ™ wave they stupidly left out there.

      So. Many. Things. are starting to line up *perfectly* for November. Out-of-control inflation and skyrocketing prices that brings and the revulsion normal people have for sexualizing young children will cost them dearly… 🙂

  3. Now it’s up to you the voter. The governor is saying is that it is your responsibility as a voting resident of the State of Florida, to contact your representatives in the state legislature. And tell them you want constitutional carry legislation written, and passed, and sent to the governor for his signature.

    That is how laws are created. Laws are not written out of thin air and then magically appear on a Governor’s desk for his signature. It requires citizens of the state to now go and attend meetings and address their concerns to their representatives.

    And if their representatives do not support writing a constitutional carry law? Then the citizens need to explain to them that their political career will be over. And you will work to vote them out of office. And there is no reason to be nasty about it. You can be firm and passionate about it.

    Now do you want Governor Ron DeSantis and constitutional carry?
    Or do you want Governor Nikki Fried and your legalized recreational marijuana intoxication?

    Because you can’t have both.

    • Or what do you want first???
      Constitutional carry or your legalized recreational marijuana intoxication?

    • Marijuana was classified a drug because cocaine made black men rape white women.
      What the reason was for denying citizens the right to be armed I’ve no idea. It might have something to do with the blacks too?

    • Chris T in KY,

      That is how laws are created. … It requires citizens of the state to now go and attend meetings and address their concerns to their representatives.

      While that is a quaint idea, that is not how the legislative process actually works. On one occasion I happened upon inside information with respect to one particular controversy in my state. It became clear very quickly that the public messaging on that controversy was completely divorced from what was actually happening. What really ultimately happened? Insiders (who were probably big donors) directed the legislative response to that controversy–and it had no relation to public sentiment, public polling, nor public messaging.

      Since observing that event, I no longer contact my legislators to express how I want them to handle some topic since they are going to do whatever the insiders tell them to do.

      • They got it passed in 25 other states. Because they were not quiters. You are like the Left who want something for “free”.

        The world is filled so-called constitutionalist, Libertarians, and right Wingers, who believe they don’t have to work in order to get what they want.

        The gun grabbers will not have to work very hard at all, in order to keep their boot on your neck, in the State of Florida with your attitude.

  4. What makes DeSantis different from most other Governors? He seems to have core beliefs, principles, and will fight for them. “I will win because I am correct; I will win because I won’t take sh1t from anyone; I will win because I know how to fight.”

    I am sick of the weasels who use public office for their own gain and who have no solid core.

    Here in PA, we are growing a junior DeSantis named Doug Mastriano. He is running to win the GOP primary for governor. He is not perfect, but he is America First and a fighter.

    • DeSantis and Nikki Haley in 2024!

      With Tulsi Gabbard for Secretary of State or US Ambassador… 🙂

  5. A state allowing Constitutional Carry (CC) is always a good thing, but IMHO, an LTC is still the best way to go.
    I’ve recommended getting/maintaining LTC status to everyone I’ve discussed the topic with.

    Some of the disadvantages of CC ……….

    Severely limited interstate travel with firearms.

    Restrictions/bans of carrying into some areas that LTC holders are legally allowed to carry in.

    Carrying in certain areas that are restricted for both CC and LTC results in arrest, firearm confiscation, and charges for the CC. Whereas an LTC holder in the same restricted location is informed the area is restricted, and escorted out (no arrest/confiscation/charge).

    Limited (non-existent?) access to carry insurance. A DGU will bankrupt most people who don’t have carry insurance. Enjoy those lawyer and court approved expert fees.

    The increased probability of arrest after a DGU.
    An LTC holder can show LE they’ve been checked/vetted/cleared to legally possess a firearm (verification of non-Felon status).

    4473s are fully processed/submitted for alphabet agency approval at the time of each purchase for CC.
    System ‘glitches’ can prevent a transfer.
    4473s are only held by the FFL for LTC holder purchases.

    IMHO, the small fee for an LTC is a bargain.
    All forms of ‘gun on my hip’ are NOT created equal.

    Anyone in a ‘shall issue’ state who fails to obtain an LTC could be setting themselves up for some serious grief.

    • And ALL of the above would be solved by a National right-to-carry law as soon as we take back the house and senate in November, if the newly electeds are held feet to the fire. In the time before then, weed out the Rinos with caucuses.

  6. Should POTUS DJT run again I’ll vote for him whether he selects DeSantis or keeps Pence as a running mate.

    On the other hand…I’ve been piecing together another carbine and ordered a forth BCG from Bauer. My usual go-to BCGs were not to be found during the covid stampede so I switched to Angstadt for the past 3 builds with no issues. The delivered price from Bauer remained the lowest found for an Angstadt.

      • DeSantis is running for a second gubernatorial term this fall and has said that he’s not running for President in 2024.

        Besides, President Trump would have to establish residency in another state if he wanted to choose DeSantis as his running mate or we’d lose Florida’s electoral votes.

  7. Although I disagree with DeSantis on other issues, I support him 100% on this one. Note that this is an example of why it’s bad strategy to tie gun rights to other issues. You don’t want a potential supporter of gun rights to ask himself which matters more to him, his gun rights or some other issue.

  8. “I Will Sign Constitutional Carry Into Law Before I’m Done as Governor”

    Which means “y’all can suck pond water until 2027.”

    • “Which means “y’all can suck pond water until 2027.””

      Things are a bit different this time, Ralph.

      The Leftist Scum ™ may have over-reached this time… 🙂

  9. Here’s hoping DeSantis get’s to sign off on Florida permit-less carry… and then signing it into law when he’s eventually president.

  10. With the millions of cwp holders here in Florida at however much they charge for a permit. I can’t see them giving up all that money.

  11. DeSantis is a lying, conniving sack of shit. He has been in a position of power, he’s had the votes in committees and the legislature for a long time. But no, he’s done nothing. Until now, because he wants to be President. He is playing a game to make himself a hero to gun owners. Not quite yet, he’s priming the pump that needs no priming. Building up the image that he’s on our side and working toward the win. A win he could easily have achieved already. The only reason to wait is to make the best possible campaign use of doing his actual job for a change.

    • DeSantis hasn’t been governor for 2 years. It’s Simpson who is the sack of shit. Someone needs to shut down his dream of being agriculture commissioner.

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