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Seems legit.


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      • As a matter of fact, I live in Cali, but I also have a healthy sense of humor, too, and I’m a regular reader of this site.

        When I say that I don’t get it, it’s not like I’m saying that I understand the joke but don’t get why it’s funny. I literally just don’t get the joke.

  1. Trans-morphic trans-gehnderism transforming the transmutation and trans-dressing of trigger-nometry.

    Regarding holiday gatherings, family and friends are so impressed with my ability to win any argument, they often avoid starting one. In fact, as a sign of their great respect, they often don’t even invite me.

  2. Believing oneself to be Transgendered is a mental illness. Deserved of being locked away from society. As is the case with progressive democrats that approve of said illness.

  3. The only tranny I’m interested in is the one I rebuilt for an old pick up truck.
    Sorry kids, body parts are not mix and match. A thousand years from now some archeologist will dig up what is a male skeleton with 2 silicone disks lying on the rib cage and wonder what this was.
    Gender dysphoria and related claims are diagnosed as mental disorders. Loading up on drugs, hormones and chopping off body parts are not legitimate treatments for mental disorders.
    The only ones who benefit are the so called doctors doing these experimental mutilations and the pharmaceutical companies selling the pills/drugs etc.

  4. All my high capacity, fully semi-automatic, assaulty, murder-death-kill firearms identify as single shot rimfire. Can everyone just leave me alone now?

    • Um, maybe. What kind of rimfire? (Attach image of latest purchase.) How long are the barrels?

      Now fill out this brief 118 page questionnaire and provide proof of insurance. And 13 references…


      • Up next – sensitive days of the week. Cross referenced to sensitive areas.

        Eg – Your backyard is sensitive (gunfree) Mon-Fri (to protect potential meter reader). Your front yard is gunfree on weekends, but you can carry there all week, because we support your 2A rights. But no loitering.



  5. My gun identifies as an elephant’s trunk, that’d be okay except I’m getting tired of having a bail of hay shoved up my ass

  6. H0m0sexu@ls have a problem they refuse to address. Pedophile.
    Most of them are s0ci@list pr0gressive in their p0litic@l 0rientati0n. And, also what is a woman???

    • Gays Against Groomers exists. And most homosexuals just want to live normal unnoticed lives. The people that show up to pride parades with kids are a minority of weirdos in the population and devout leftist cult supporters that often aren’t even gay. It is like saying Christians have a problem because Westboro Baptists keep having demonstrations.

      Also, why the leet speak? Are those words like Voldemort to you or something? Don’t give words too much power over you. Don’t let yourself be offended by words.

      Also, a woman is an adult female. But I have another question. When does a girl become a woman? 18? 21? Can a law change it, effectively changing the definition?

        • to possum
          I have posted the link to gays against groomers several times here on TTAG. The press refers to them as a “right wing” organization. Even the so called the “gay press” calls them that.

      • to Anonymous

        “Also, why the leet speak? Are those words like Voldemort to you or something? Don’t give words too much power over you. Don’t let yourself be offended by words.”

        Can you explain to me why h0m0sexuals insist on being called “gay”? Since they get angry when you call them a homosexual??
        Why not just call yourself a happy homosexual???
        But you certainly could be a sad homosexual or you could be a gay homosexual.

        As far as I can remember. It was h0m0sexuals, who began to police the speech of everyone in the 1970s. Because they are s0ci@list pr0gressive in their p0litical 0rientati0n.

        They helped to create the p0litic@lly correct world. That unfortunately, we find ourselves living in now. A world where you are required to be dishonest. Because telling the truth can get you an F on a test in school. Or fired from your job.

        Also, the algorithm I assume written by gays or the allies of gays. Have words that the speech police are looking for.

        It seems you don’t know this, but many of us on TTAG understand this. And we’ve talked about it previously. And complained about having to edit our speech.

        It’s why you get a message saying, “comment in moderation”.

      • “It is like saying Christians have a problem because Westboro Baptists keep having demonstrations.”

        As a christian, I think it’s wonderful that other christians can utilize their first amendment rights in this society. But if anyone has a problem with christians exercising their first amendment civil rights???

        I suggest they either move to another country.
        Or if they’re going to stay in the United States, they need to grow a thicker skin.

        Because I remember very well being told by the white S0ci@list pr0gressive, the libertarians liberals and the left, that it was a great and wonderful thing to have. The national s0ci@lists go into jewish hol0caust neighborhoods, and scream that, “they wanted to come back and finish the job, that adolf hitler had started.”

        They said, “It was a wonderful thing.” In the United States that we were such a tolerant society and a First Amendment haven to allow such speech.

        In fact, right now, you have Muslim americans waving swastika flags in new york city, protesting in support of the palestinian war on Israel.

        I’ve always found it fascinating. How these s0ci@list pr0gressives, are really big fans of the European version of swastikas.

        As far as the question, 18 or 21 years of age goes.
        For centuries in the West, it’s always been 21 years of age for an adult. But for some reason??? The s0ci@list pr0gressives want to lower it to 18, then to 16. Now, down to 12 years of age, from what I understand.

  7. Cast thr the anti-2a traitors out of your life. Just don’t have anything to do with them including gathering with them or even communicating with them. They are no family of mine. Jimmy is no uncle to me any more…

    • Eh cant pick family but anyone younger than I am owns guns and more than a few relatives do so for the most part it’s latest thing update that I simply dismiss with a “sorry I don’t support fascism” and move on to pie.

  8. Duncan v. Bonta California – today, 10 October 2023, is the day when the bogus en-banc panel will decide.

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