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This scenario has happened at this house many, many times LOL


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  1. I remember carrying a crate of HXP .303 to my car parked several blocks from the store. Weighed 40+ kg, or near 90 lb.

    • Ammo detail. Chicken wire and rough slat wrapped 4 boxes of 5.56. Had to wear gloves for that mess. I don’t remember the weight but we hauled for hours. Cans of 7.62×51 linked belts. Again, don’t remember the weight but it was a job.

  2. My daughter says the people in her office always knew when the UPS guy would deliver her a box of ammo from dad due to the weight. But I never shipped her THAT much! Back when I could still have ammo shipped to my door, I tried to keep it between 500 and 1000 rounds at a time.

    • My poor wife has to drag the ammo box into the house from the porch while I’m at work. The joy of being a full time homemaker 😁

    • “Back when I could still have ammo shipped to my door,…”

      Hopefully, lawsuits are in process to cure that crap… 🙁

  3. OK, someone still has an inventory of trebuchets in inventory? I mean, that’s too damned big for a potato cannon.

  4. Back during the Obama Regime and the threat of Hildabeast being elected. I was buying quantities of ammo. The UPS guy that delivered it every other week worked his ass off carrying case after case up to our deck. So much so that I gave him $50 for a Christmas present.

  5. UPS here texts me when they have a delivery. Meet them at the gate with the tractor or pick up truck. Heaviest package delivered UPS was 48lbs. Freight delivery was several hundred lbs. Unloaded with the fork lift attachment on the loader tractor off the back of the semi frailer.
    Ran across a good price on ammo just before the current pResident took office and bought several cases of several sizes.

  6. I found 3 .22Wildcat LR’s in the bottom of a washing machine at the laundromat.
    One didnt work and I’m afraid to try the other two because then I’ll be out of emu

  7. Senator exposes ATF hypocrisy, refusal/failure and abandoning program to go after criminals and cartel gun running operations in US to mexico, to instead focus on law abiding Americans and infringing/removing constitutional right.

    • .40 – I suspect you know as well as the majority of us the the bats are merely reflecting the views and desires of the commissariat oops regime, er um the ‘fairly’ elected bureaucracy. It’s all about every thing EXCEPT American Citizens.

  8. U.S. special forces enter Gaza and Israel.

    Critical Move From U.S Elite Army! Israel Has Won the Biggest Attack in History!

    • Gaza city should be turned into Dresden during WWII. Then returned to the desert from which it came. Never to be allowed for human occupation again.

  9. Media spin is in….Leaked emails show media outlet telling reporters not to use ‘terrorist’ term. (at 2:15 in video)

  10. This is an example of what dacian and Miner49er and their anti-gun and liberals and left wing Biden monsters want for the US, a defenseless population vulnerable to the terrorist that Biden is inviting into our country by his insecure border…

    Israeli forces discover bodies of 40 babies murdered by Hamas.

  11. Biden racism disguised: “In the Far Future, White People Won’t Exist”: Biden Says White People Will Soon Be a Minority in America …. Biden has boldly claimed that the United States will soon become “a minority-White European country.” >

    (just a note for context: Biden doesn’t consider the invaders crossing our southern border to be ‘white people’. His definition of white people is White European ancestry.)

    • This isn’t the first time Biden has made comments like this. In 2015, he said: “Persistent immigration will soon make White individuals a relative minority in the country.”

      and he is trying to make that happen by letting just anyone cross our border. In other words he has been planning this invasion for a long time.

      • an ‘immigrant’ population is more easily subjugated than an indigenous population if the immigrants are more beholding to the ones that let them enter the country than the ideals of freedom upon with the country is based. So now you see the goal of the Democrat party, conquer the U.S. by flooding it with illegal immigrants while weakening the economy and increasing the violent threats from crime and terrorism to impose an anacro-tyranny environment such that the people say ‘government save us’ then claim ‘the majority of American citizens’ are all for it when in reality its the subjugated immigrants in numbers while edging out the indigenous population of white, black, asian, hispanic to marginalize them in numbers by increasing illegal immigration. And you end up with a subjugated immigrant population you can control, with the indigenous being the bad guys in the governments eyes and that of the illegal immigrants.

        Its how the roman empire subjugated indigenous populations in smaller areas – flooding their country with roman immigrants to outnumber the indigenous population, destabilized their economy, let ‘crime violence’ run rampant then when the people cried ‘rome, help us’ it was all over and the country is subjugated to tyranny and the ‘government’ occupation becomes permanent.

    • 5, double barreled, so what di you do with the odd number out shell after you’ve fired your two blast.
      I’m sure it must bring much confusion. Do you have a bureau of grifters set up to figure out how many boxes of 5 you need to buy before you do not have odd shell out. Money well spent Mr.President.

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