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At least the crunch is satisfying.


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  1. If Biden keeps up the good work, pretty soon you won’t be able to afford either one. Glad I grow my own carrots. ☺️

      • Look up the Wicket v. Filburn…Art’s carrots are subject to Interstate Commerce regulations as ordained by the Supremes in their “opinion” ruling in the case.

        Rephrasing Obama’s infamous words…”Art didn’t grow those carrots…”

        • And that’s why the commies don’t have to nationalize anything. They own companies through regulations. That’s a nice company you have there. I’d hate to see you lose it. Maybe you could do something for me…

  2. I just paid $1,600 to have the tube on my 646 fixed. That hurt. I will spread my pain via my nightly jihad against the pigs.

    • I’m ok with driving at night after cataract surgery🙄 Or why my gunz have lights mounted. Have fun with those hogs!

    • as i started reading that my brain lurched ahead to “i just made $1600 dollars from home” and twisted because it was mr. taylor’s avatar.

  3. In terms of Vitamin A in the diet, liver is a much better source than carrots. The digestive system has to go through some extra steps to turn the beto-carotene in carrots into useable vA. Organ meats like beef liver contain straight carotene, significantly easier for the body to digest and use.

  4. I ran across a thermal scope that I like for less than 2 grand. Ordered it today and will be happy to let anyone interested know if I would recommend it or not after it shows up and I try it out in the swamps hunting feral hogs. Until then it’s still up to an IR scope and spotlight.
    The IR scope works well enough, but I’m getting old and lazy. Don’t want to carry any more stuff around when dragging a carcass out or chasing pigs around the woods than I have too.

  5. The food at her college cafeteria was somewhat, but not much better than awful. My wife (I learned this from her roommate) ate so many carrots, her skin turned orange.

    I like carrots, but pizza is from God.

    • Recently, Biblical linguists have realized the ancient Hebrew word “manna” should actually be translated as ‘pepperoni pizza’.

      Every morning, God gave the ancient Hebrews pizza as they wandered through the Sinai peninsula. Why else would they have stayed there for 40 years?

      God is good.

      True. Look it up.

      • Seems to me there might have been something about that in Malachi. You know, the Italian prophet…

      • LifeSavor,

        And you, sir or ma’am, win the award for funniest comment on the Intertubez today!

        Well done!

  6. I couldn’t find the thingy that peels potatoes and carrots, so I asked my kids if they’d seen it.
    She left me two days ago..

  7. I have to admit, running $40K EOTechs is probably one of the more badass ways to show off your wealth/willingness to engage in conspicuous consumption.

    Unless you’re running them specifically so you can drive your supercar really, really, really fast in the dark, which is arguably more badass.

    Fuck you, GBRS. (Kidding!)

    • I wish I could find the scene from Cannonball Run where Jackie Chan is driving the Japanese high-tech import car with night vision!

      • A guy actually did this in Columbus, Ohio maybe 15-18 years back.

        Murdered out Ferrari and NVGs, drove around some of the unlighted but straight highways at night ~160mph. Took the cops a bit to catch him because at first they didn’t know what was going on. After a few times seeing a number in excess of 150 just pop up on radar they set up so that when it happened they’d set up a roadblock like 10 miles down the road.

        Guy who was doing it turned out to be some high-powered lawyer. He basically got a slap on the wrist. But he did stop doing it.

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  9. Carrots were purple before Dutch growers in the 1600s developed hybrid strains that were orange. True story.

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