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New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
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“Day after day, members of our New Jersey family are being shot and killed,” Murphy said during an event at Saint Luke Baptist Church, attending by a number of other Democratic officials. “It’s outrageous their state government in Trenton is not doing everything they can to stem this violence.”

This is the third package of gun bills Murphy has pushed since taking office in 2018. It is one of the focuses of his second term after he was re-elected in November.

The proposals would change how firearm owners in the state are required to store their guns, ban the future sales of .50 caliber guns in the state, increase the age people can buy shotguns and rifles in the state from 18 to 21, mandate gun dealers in the state keep logs of ammunition sales, among other moves. …

Murphy said the bills are “basic measures” that would “keep guns out of the wrong hands,” help authorities arrest those who cause gun violence, and hold the “gun industry accountable.” He said it’s critical to enact them now because gun crime statistically increases in the summer.

“These bills, with all due respect, the definition of common sense,” Murphy said. “The time for excuses is over. Everyone of these bills deserves a vote.”

— Brent Johnson in Murphy Renews Push for Even Tougher N.j. Gun Laws After Proposals Stalled. ‘It’s Outrageous.’

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  1. Tell us again about your opinions on law enforcement and perhaps even capital punishment! Get back to us.

  2. New Jersey: what life would be like for the rest of us had we lost the American Revolution, or the Cold War

  3. Pencilneck murphy is to the 2A what putin is to Ukraine. Two mentally ill self serving worthless azzhats the world can do without.

  4. More of this “18 year olds cant be trusted” stuff from the party that says 8 year olds can consent to medical procedures which, within a few years time, will morph into “8 year olds can consent to sex.”

    • Drag queen story hour at the library for ages 3-8 woke a few up but still not getting it’s in the school as well.

    • Remember they want 16 year olds to be able to vote as well as illegal aliens and other non-citizens. I guess Gov. Murphy is confident that he has enough blank absentee ballots on hand, in case he pisses off these “New Voters”, LOL.

      I was born n the Garden State but left as an infant, as my parents way back in 1963, could see what was happening and what had already happened to the North East. We moved to California and it was mostly a good place to live until the 1980’s. I moved to AZ in 2012 and my kids have a good life. Today our real estate prices are through the roof and freeways are getting more crowded as tons of Californians move to AZ, sell their house and use the profits to pay cash for a new house in AZ. The only real problem, is they continue to vote for DemoRats like they did in California. Guess its time to move again???

      • Mauser6863,

        May I recommend “flyover country” as your final moving destination?

        For whatever reason many Far Left advocates are not interested in living in flyover country. With the exception of a few select areas, home prices are reasonable and there isn’t much in the way of natural disasters to worry about other than an occasional tornado. (No volcanoes, no earthquakes, no forest fires, no hurricanes.) While there can be flooding, the simple answer to that is to buy a home that is not in a flood zone.

        On the down side the weather in flyover country can be cold and dreary at times. Like pretty much everything else in life, you have to “pick your poison”.

        • Fly over country is no place to live. Californians would hate it.
          Best to stay where your at.
          Dorothy only wanted to go back to Ks because she was knocked in the head and wasn’t thinking right.

      • “Remember they want 16 year olds to be able to vote as well as illegal aliens and other non-citizens.”

        Let’s call their bluff.

        They apparently believe adulthood happens at age 16.

        OK then, 16 year-olds can vote, and also buy and carry concealed handguns.

        Watch how fast they back-pedal from that one! 😉

      • I recommend Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, S. Dakota and N Dakota in no particular order. I am from Texas and prepared to move north when the state turns blue.

    • After the age restriction becomes law, how long before a handful of 18 year olds will file a federal level lawsuit demanding their constitutinally protected right to arms, now they are fully adults? File it in Federal court, never mind the state racketeers. They should each go to a gun store and try to purchase a shotgun, then document the denial. THey thus will have been “harmed” by the denial of their right under Federal law, and thus have “standing”.

      • Firearms Policy Coalition seems to be working on lawsuits in numerous states on that very issue, right now.

  5. I do not agree with the ammunition log requirements but keeping guns out of the hands of 18 year olds is certainly the right move.

    Psychological studies backed up by Insurance Industry studies prove that young men do not reach the full age of mental maturity until at least age 25 therefore they do not realize both the short and long term consequences of their actions. The Insurance studies prove most auto accidents are caused by people under age 25.

    Safe storage laws are also a must as most gun robberies are quickie smash and grab break ins. All civilized countries require safe storage of deadly weapons that also prevent needless child deaths which amount to 1,300 child deaths a year in the U.S. as well as almost 4,000 crippling’s because of irresponsible, lazy and paranoid parents.

    • I guess then the military shouldn’t take anyone below the age of 25? At the age of 22 I was a platoon leader and at 26, a company commander. I guess the brass wanted those units to be ineffectual by putting a “youngster” in command? I just realized that you’re the stupid troll who always post idiotic comments here. Why don’t you just go away? Mommy said your oatmeal’s ready.

      • As much as we rip on bootenants they are as capable of leading as the 17 year olds are of figuring out how to use their weapons including pistols and actual assault rifles and more. With that said they were having a lot of trouble with recruiting over a decade ago and I doubt it’s gotten better.

    • Go check the deaths caused by pools compared to firearms in children under 15. More kids die in swimming pool accidents than by accidental gunshot injuries. or so the CDC says.
      Do a check on where the shootings happen and who does the shooting. Again, the numbers provided by the government belie the political narratives.
      Rather than persecute the law abiding, why not hold those who commit the crimes responsible?

    • “…young men do not reach the full age of mental maturity until at least age 25…”

      Leads us to wonder just how old you actually are…

      Just saying…

      • Insurance companies DO know what their statistics are…and Males don’t really mature until 26 or later. That’s why their auto insurance premiums are exorbitant. There ARE exceptions for sooner and later than 26.

        • Tickman, SO WHAT? Those under 26 are serving in the Armed Forces and using all kinds of firearms. There are few incidents where a soldier, sailor, Marine or airman has been arrested for illegal use of a firearm.

    • At 17 I was a gunner in an Abrams tank and in a single engagement destroyed 21 tanks/armored vehicles. I was hoping for more but I ran out of functional targets to hit. I earned a bronze star during that engagement. Please tell me again how I wasn’t fully mature at 17 or how I wasn’t old enough to be trusted with weapons.

      • BOOM BOOM Dackie Boy a smoking pile of scrap iron.

        My Dad got his driving license at twelve, and at fourteen was THE school bus driver for the school district where they lived. I started driving at 15.5, have yet to be in =volved in an At Fault accident with some three million miles under my belt. Driven everything from a Honda Fifty up to a Kenwirth and dryvan. And nearly everything in between, both on and off road. Was sailing singlehand at thirteen, too, never had an accident on the wate,r either.

        A LOT depends on who your Daddy is. Yes I know forty year olds I’d never ride in the car with, too. State and federal laws place “adulthood’ at 18. NJ have a hard row to hoe trying to make 20 year olds out to be infants. I smell a nice big fat lawsuit in the offing.

        • Be fair; NJ likes to treat citizens a lot older than 21 like infants, too. Full disclosure: I am one of those citizens.

    • dacian, the Dunderhead What “studies”? by any chance did these “studies” start out with a certain premise and then go about finding “evidence” to prove it? That is normally what your “studies” do. What criteria did these “studies” use?

      And yet we have 18 yr old men and women serving in the Armed Forces. Hmm. Sounds kind of like your studies are as bogus as your Leftist agenda.

    • “Psychological studies backed up by Insurance Industry studies prove that young men do not reach the full age of mental maturity until at least age 25 therefore they do not realize both the short and long term consequences of their actions. ”

      My Granddaughter was 3 when she got her BB gun. She wanted it kept in the safe with Grandpas guns. She took to the lessons really well especially the lesson she could not use it without an adult and told her father she had to wait for grandpa because her Dad was my son and not an adult. She learned the basics of safety and responsibility with that little pink Red Ryder BB gun. She is 15 now, and very safe and capable with a full range of firearms. My children also learned the same lessons from early ages. I learned the same way.

      So explain why my children and grandchild were capable of learning? Are they outliers? Or is something about raising children properly?

      “I do not agree with the ammunition log requirements ..”

      I am surprised that you said this. How else will you know how much ammo right wing jackbooted hillbillies are amassing?

      “All civilized countries require safe storage of deadly weapons that also prevent needless child deaths which amount to 1,300 child deaths a year in the U.S. as well as almost 4,000 crippling’s because of irresponsible, lazy and paranoid parents.”

      How many of these children were participating in gang or criminal activity. What ages are included? 0-15, 0-19 or 0-25? What is the reference age?

      For those children who were not participating in the activity, how many were affected by others who were?

      Just how many children outside of criminal actions were killed or injured with a firearm? This number is the important number for determining what needs done safety wise. Face it, criminal activity will not be changed because of safety practices, they don’t worry about safety.

      • nor do they worry about any laws, or the keeping of them. Lawbreakers are well known for.. ready? Get this: BREAKING LAWS Big fat DUHHHH goes right here.
        This post gives great insight to the maturity, characgter, and nature of our resident goombah Dackie Boy. I smell a LO of projection oozing out of this fetid creature.

      • to Storm Trooper

        quote————-How many of these children were participating in gang or criminal activity. What ages are included? 0-15, 0-19 or 0-25? What is the reference age?————quote

        I sometimes wonder if demented people like you even realize the sickness of your post. Now your arguing over the dead body count just as Hitler once did when he said “Losses can never be too high”. Like Hitler you are as insane as he was as you were both cut from the same cloth. Tell the hundreds of grieving parents that THEIR CHILD DOES NOT COUNT BEAUSE THEY WERE UNDER THE QUOTA OF DEAD BODIES.

        Man you are one sick dude.

        Of course T Tag will not print my post because its not only the horrid truth its the sickening and depraved truth about the Far Right.

    • So, then we don’t let them vote until 21, amirite??

      And CERTAINLY they can’t consent to sex, medical procedures (like “trans” surgery or abortion), correct?? What about drivers licenses, dacian the idiot??? Not until 21????

      You are too f***ing stupid to breathe, dacian the stupid. And too inconsistent, illogical, and hypocritical to be commenting on ANYTHING. P*** right the hell off, clown. Just go back to your circle jerk, and leave the adults alone.

    • Hmm. But as observed elsewhere, kids at the age of 6 or so have sufficient mental maturity to select their gender and agree to medications and procedures to alter it?

      That’s one of the biggest issues with liberalism – inconsistency.

      I also have to wonder how many .50 cal shootings that NJ has on record? Considering that 50BMG ammo is up to around $8/round, if you can find it, I’m not thinking this has been an issue in any state, except perhaps in Afghanistan provinces where our Dear Leader abandoned crates of the stuff.

      • NO worries. I am quite confident that the new California approved BMG almost Fifty will find plenty of homes in Joisey. Some say the .416 variant of the BMG Fifty shoots slightly flatter, though it lacks a touch of the downrange energy of t=its bigger brother. Maybe Dackie Boy would volunteer to take up a downrange position to record personal observations about the relative efficacy of the two rounds.

    • Dacian,
      FYI, New Jersey already has a law mandating safe storage of firearms. It is already a crime in NJ to leave a loaded gun unlocked if there are minors in the house. If there are no minors in the house, then homeowners should be allowed to keep a gun in their nightstand in case of a home invasion. Now Murphy simply wants to criminalize home defense. Murphy wants to punish homeowners and make it easier for criminals and home invaders to kill innocent people!

      Have you ever noticed how not a single one of Murphy’s proposals would do anything to reduce crime or stop criminals? All of his gun control proposals — including the ones he passed last year, and the year before that — only target law-abiding citizens. His laws are purely designed to harass law-abiding people into leaving the state. Murphy wants to disarm all law-abiding citizens for the convenience of the criminals. I can’t wait to leave this godforsaken state (but I can’t afford to leave until retirement age).

        • Heller held that an ordinance that required the pistol to be locked up, unloaded, and disassembled in a room other than the room in which ammo (also to be kept under lock and key) was unconstitutional. Since then, a number of municipalities (including San Francisco and Los Angeles as only two of them) have passed safe storage ordinances. The SF ordinance, which requires firearms to be locked up unless being carried on your person, went right up to the line drawn by Heller, and was upheld by the Ninth Circuit as constitutional.

        • Mark N, Just because the 9th upheld the law does not mean that it is constitutional. The 9th is THE MOST OVERTURNED circuit in the US.

        • Walt very true but it is also what we are stuck with as precedent in the 9th and able to be referenced elsewhere until it is overturned.

    • So, you’re saying that kids can’t hunt and trap until they reach age 21? Moooo-ron.

  6. “The proposals would change how firearm owners in the state are required to store their guns, ban the future sales of .50 caliber guns in the state,…”

    It’s horrible the way the news is jam-packed with stories of Leftist Scum terrorizing the population of New Jersey with rifles chambered in .50 BMG on a daily basis…

    What? It isn’t?

    They bald-faced *LIED* to us?!?!?!

      • napresto, Please tell us where in the US has a 50.bmg ever been used in a crime ?

        • the ONLY Barrett Fifty I know of involved in any crime is one of them that Eric and the Holder Comapny exported, illegally, to the Sinaloa Cartel in northern Mexico It was used in an attempt to down a DEA helicopter that was making an arrest of their kingpin druglord. Two Fast and FUrious BMG Fifties were seized in that raid, along wiht their “person of GREAT interest”, a dirtbag druglord who never found a law he did not seek to disobey.

          So there, per my extensive database of such factoids, ONE Barrett BMG Fify has been used in a crime. AFTER our Grand Poohbahs deliberately put it into the hands of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel in Mexico. ‘And neither Holder nor his kinyun sidekick have ever faced prosecution for any of the crimes i they committed to put that BMG Fifty where it was used in those crimes.

  7. .50 BMG has never been used in a reported crime in the United States the only reason politicians want to ban those is they understand that they are an anti-material rifle that’s capable of bringing the pain to them in their armored vehicles from a long way out.

    • The one rifle the Leftist Scum have no problem with is the stereotypical “Grandpa’s deer rifle”, a single-shot, bolt action rifle. No magazine what so ever.

      Not once have they ever proposed ‘banning’ them. Perhaps they need to reconsider that, since in the trained hands of the right person, it has a different name – A sniper rifle…

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, would you please tell us what .50 bmg gun has EVER been used in a crime anywhere in the US?

        • have you any documentation where one of these was lawfully used in the taking of DEER? Or of anyone who fits the category of “grandpa” using one for hunting? Learn to read for content. Makes you appear to be just a tad less of an idiot.

        • You’re just too stupid to argue with – you can’t even keep up with the direction of a conversation. I’ll repeat the question already asked: Can you cite one single criminal use of a .50 BMG anywhere in the US in the past 50 years? No? Then just STFU.

      • Simple, Geoff . . . it’s because they are a bunch of ignorant, Leftist/fascist cretins, who know exactly F*** all about firearms (or anything else, for that matter), and love the sound of their own voices. Exhibits A, B, and C would be dacian the stupid, MinorIQ, and our nameless, brainless, d***less troll – they collectively have an IQ in single digits, know nothing about firearms, know nothing about history, know nothing about economics, and know nothing about policy. They are ignoranuses.

    • There has to be a lot of .50s being used in drivebys and other crime. They must all be ghost guns and disappeared never to be seen again. Murphy wouldn’t lie to us….. ?

    • Not true. Google it and you will find a number of incidents. Not many, but more than zero. Most reported cases involve seizures where the crime was mere possession as opposed to use.

      • Mark N, I did just as you asked. It seem that all of the 50 bmg incidents happened OUTSIDE of the United States. In read a :”report from the GAO, I note that none of the .50 bmg rifles were NOT used in a crime but were identified as “recovered”. No one was ever charged with the use of these weapons. Seems your claim is not accurate.

  8. Wonder when the last time a .50 BMG was used in a crime in NJ, or anywhere else for that matter.

  9. “Day after day, members of our New Jersey family are being shot and killed,” — New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy

    I utterly and totally despise this type of abomination of the English language where there is no proper subject, action, nor object. Of course the Far Left employs this sorry excuse for English language on purpose to muddy the waters.

    Governor Murphy’s statement, in proper English, should read, “Day after day, violent criminals are shooting and killing members of our New Jersey family.” Of course that statement in proper English makes it clear that the root problem is violent criminals, not firearms.

    And if our journalists were actually acting as journalists rather than Democrat propagandists, our journalists would mention the extremely relevant context that violent criminals comprise about 80% of the perpetrators AND “VICTIMS”.

    • Passive voice is handy for avoiding responsibility (“something bad happened” instead of “I did something bad”) and for misdirecting blame (“people are being shot and killed” instead of “violent criminals shot and killed people”).

      The left loves its word games.

  10. Even before taxes, the crappy weather and the nonsensical COVID lockdowns the “common sense” firearms regulations drove me to leave NJ in he rearview mirror.

  11. “It’s outrageous … state government in Trenton is not doing everything they can to stem this violence.” — New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy

    I agree emphatically with Governor Murphy.

    As always, “The devil is in the details.”

    While there are many things that the New Jersey state government CAN do to reduce violent crime, they CANNOT interfere with the inalienable right of the good people of New Jersey to acquire and bear arms for effective self-defense. (Common decency and the United States Constitution do not allow the New Jersey state government to infringe on our inalienable right to effective self-defense.)

    It is indeed OUTRAGEOUS that New Jersey is promoting policy/laws for which they lack legitimate/righteous authority and failing to promote policy/laws for which they DO have legitimate/righteous authority.

  12. Politicians and government (New Jersey state government in this case) again (for the umpteen thousandth time) demonstrate unequivocally that they are advancing agendas which benefit themselves at the expense of the populace.

    God help us all.

  13. New Jersey is great. Certainly better than that clown show going on in Florida, for example. I was able to acquire my CHL very quickly and without complication.

    • Good for you. What about the other tens of millions who cannot?

      What about the people who accidentally travel into or through NJ with weapons that violate their unconstitutional prohibitions?

      Where is THEIR protection?

      • I know of a few stories of immoncents being FORCED to enter New Jersey then got royally fleeced because of their firerams laws they were involuntarily forced to “violate”. All in the interest of “keeping us “safe”. Just like the mug nappies and pokes in the arm are ONLY all about “keeping us safe”. And closing businesses, etc. NJ’s track record on both covid cases and firearms injuries is way out of proportion to pther states without those insane restrictions and mandates.

    • Oh, f*** off, nameless, brainless, d***less troll! Florida is better than New Jersey in every way . . . and you are a d***less troll.

      Go rejoin your circle jerk; dacian the stupid and MinorIQ need to feel superior to SOMEONE, and you are literally their only hope.

      Oh, and you are a f***ing liar – you’ve never fired a gun in your miserable life, lying turd of a lying liar.

    • This is the same guy that ragged on Haz for getting a permission slip from the .gov for carry. Something about real patriots don’t ask for permits, they just carry.

      Whiny little boi trying to talk tough.

      • Lol wrong again. This ‘New Jersey’ guy is just as big a bi*ch as Haz and you if you also submit to this government overreach. I’m an man, I’m gonna cancelled carry, and I’m gonna pull it off!

  14. As a candidate in 2017, Phil Murphy pledged that possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal and recreational use by adults would be legalized “in the first 100 days” of his Administration. He has a long history of supporting legalizing weed.

    People get the government that they voted for. And for those that are proud of not voting, they also get the government they didn’t vote for. And those people are usually proud Libertarians Liberals and Leftists. And the Democrats are their guys anyway.

    And what the Three L’s wanted was pot legalization. And now they have it. The pot legalization crowd put Governor Murphy in office. That is why he is as popular as he is. Even though he almost lost the election. It was the potheads who put him over the top to win being re-elected.

    Governor Murphy in New Jersey and Nikki Fried in Florida are two very popular politicians in the marijuana legalization community. Yes they are anti-civil rights but so what???
    They’re giving you legalized marijuana. And that is far more important to a lot of people in the drug legalization crowd, than their second amendment civil rights. “Pot rights” and gun rights are of equal value to these people. So not getting their gun civil rights is really no big deal to them.

    These politicians are simply providing the “bread and circuses” that’s so many in the drug legalization Community want.

    After all “if pot is made legal all the crime will go away”.

    “Gov. Phil Murphy famously campaigned to legalize marijuana in New Jersey — but don’t expect him to be a customer when sales finally begin this week.”

      • Or perhaps it’s more accurate to call him a Libertarian leaning Democrat. Just as there are libertarian-leaning Republicans.

      • Libertarian, my posterior. He’s a Leftist. Libertarian is just another word for Leftist.

    • Well – pot never should have been made illegal. And, we shouldn’t have locked up millions of people – literally – for possession. I don’t like pot, have no use for it, but plenty of people I know use regularly. I can disapprove of pot all I want, but that doesn’t change their minds. And, you know what? Pot has never killed any of them.

      Pot laws are just like gun laws – total BS. Authoritarians everywhere demand that we live our lives to please them.

    • I’m curious, since “culture flipping” seems to be the approach you favor. What would you do to culture flip the progressive left in places like NY, NJ, CA, etc.? How would you go about convincing self-described socialists that they should embrace the 2A and get them to vote accordingly?

      • Engage with, and support, a local gun club? Doesn’t matter if you’re the matching demographic. If it’s a gay gun club, but you ain’t gay, get involved anyway. If it’s a women’s gun club, but you ain’t female, get involved anyway. If it’s a Latino gun club, but you ain’t Latino, get involved anyway. Introduce yourself, tell them how much you admire their involvement with the Second Amendment, and offer whatever support you can. Maybe monetary, maybe time, maybe training, whatever.

        It is a culture war, and we need to inform more people of their rights that are being trampled on by people like Murphy.

      • By starting small in borderline areas locally, and by peeling away demographics from their plantation. No, you aren’t going to take on NYC (or its NJ equivalent) single-handedly, and it’d be unreasonable to expect to do so outright. But certainly one could start by making converts among some Westchesterites/Rocklanders/Nassaunese/etc. (using NY terms here again), and peeling away shakier D demographics. It would have to be done systematically over time. There is no magic.

        Well, Paul beat me to it.

      • You won’t undo the long march through the institutions with one flying leap. Expect to invest at least as much time and effort repairing the culture as the leftilibtards did breaking it down.

  15. Wasn’t this article posted yesterday (with a different picture of Murphy)? I seem to remember commenting on it. anyway, the majority of these laws have been passed n California, including the infamous .50 BMG ban that led Barrett to stop servicing law enforcement weapons in the state and ultimately to move elsewhere. We have safe storage laws, as well as criminal statutes applicable to adults if a minor obtains possession of a firearm and the minor or others are injured. We have ammo tracking, where ammo must be purchased from a licensed vendor who must report the sale of each type, manufacturer, intended use, etc, to the CaDOJ, along with a mini-instant background check against a list of persons prohibited from possessing firearms (fee $1). You must be 21 to purchase a handgun, and all guns are limited to one purchase every thirty days. We have a requirement to obtain a firearm safety certificate which is renewed every two years testing knowledge of certain gun laws, and a mandatory function test at the time of change of possession demonstrating the same loading and unloading of the purchased firearm. There are no (legal) private sales of guns. 80% kits have to be purchased through a licensed vendor with a background check. 805receivers must be engraved with a state issued serial number before starting the build. And so forth an so on.

    Murphy is just playing catch up.

    What effect have all these laws had on criminal violence in California? None, apparently, not when the homicide rate follows that same trend as the rest of the country.

    • P.S. We haven’t banned .50 cal muzzle loaders yet, even though a *loaded* rifle or pistol is defined as a firearm under state law. Seems as if Murphy wants to ban those too.

  16. To many people are getting shot.
    Isn’t there a law against shooting someone?
    Common sense gunm laws.
    Most crimes involve the use of a vehicle. They should make it against the law to use a vehicle in the commission of a crime. It’s only common sense.

  17. Maybe I don’t understand the logic behind Murphy’s push for new laws. I thought criminals were called criminals because they don’t follow laws. More laws just mean more laws criminals will ignore.

    Isn’t that the definition of crazy? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

  18. I don’t take issue with the idea that they knew it was of value and decided to just take it instead of giving money for it. That IS theft. Even though it is someones time and effort turn a switch on and off in a particular sequence over a particular period of time.

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