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That’s fair.


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  1. Federal ammo is in half its production capacity. Why is that? Government control i here.

      • I read that the imported tin supply chain (used to make brass) from Central America has been seriously hampered due to those countries’ severe COVID shutdowns. If true, that would push back the timeline for full ammo shelves back a bit.

        • Tin is used to make bronze.

          Granted, some “bronzes” have no tin, and the titles of some of both classes of alloy is dictated more by tradition than chemical composition, but cartridge brass is typically 70% copper / 30% zinc.

        • Ugh…(facepalm)

          You’re correct. I meant to write “zinc”. Don’t know what made me think of “tin”. Probably the article I read earlier today about the problems plaguing the imported metals industry serving automobiles.

          Well, at least I know one person is reading my comments, lol…

        • Oh, OK. I always find your comments interesting and informative. Even if I didn’t read them, you always have your little troll to keep you company!

        • I also always find your comments interesting and informative. You’re one my short list of favorite commentators here. On the tin/zinc thing don’t fret it. For many years I regularly worked (for a staffing agency) at a hospital in a town that was based around a mine for one of them. I still get mixed up about which one it was, but the locals sure as hell knew and would let me know every time I said the wrong one.

    • They need to be at 100% production on primers, I have literal buckets of once fired brass and about 180 lbs of lead sailboat ballast. I only reloaded shotgun in the times before but I’m sure I could figure out how to ease the ammo crunch if primers weren’t at a premium. Luckily, I still have plenty of factory made ammo to do mag dumps into broken appliances and piles of garbage when I want.

    • What makes you think that Federal is down on their production? Their president said they made more hunting ammo in 2020 than any year in their history.

  2. I have plenty of ammo, it none of it is approved by the state of California to be condor-friendly enough for the wildlife…. and I’m too lazy to chase those scrawny CA deers anymore.

    • Just wait until they require condor friendly ammo for the range. Manufacturers will have to find something that is heavy enough but not as expensive as copper.

      • Look at elements to the left of lead (symbol PB) on the same row of the periodic table of elements and let me know which ones are cost effective.

        Note that lead is on the bottom row of the main table and near the right corner.

      • Just passed two condors on the way home from work this evening. Sitting on the ground looking over a rabbit carcass. The ravens and condors see our little stretch of hillside semi-rural road as a buffet line.

  3. So far, I’ve shot over 3,000 rounds and haven’t killed anything.

    What an I doing wrong ???

  4. Indeed Miss Deer , and with gas prices rising hopefully the humans will stay off the road.
    Oh them electric cars are going to be real possum killers. At least you can hear the Ford motor knocking long before you see the pickup.

    • If they hit a scruffy old possum like you in a Tesla the Tesla will lose.

      I will, on occasion, rent a Ford truck just to cruise country roads. It ain’t hunting but its fun.

        • That Marsupial is crafty… 😉

      • Hosted a foreign exchange student years ago.
        He and his friends would go “possum bashing” at night with bats and headlights.
        There is a f**k load of those big rats around here.

        • I was just kidding about cruising in a rental. But I had a 4runner that was an absolute magnet for suicidal animals. That truck killed almost as many critters as my hunting guns and none of them was on purpose.

          Nearly wrecked myself one dark morning on my way to hunt. Still before sunrise and a huge owl landed on my windshield. Felt like somebody heaved a brick.

          I think that rig had a pact with the devil. But it probably worked. That Toyota was 23 years old and had 300K on it when I got rid of it.

  5. I just use a rental car to hunt. The deer always have a surprised look on them when I bag them.

  6. With several million brand new gun ownersout there. There are going to be ammo shortages. For the foreseeable future.

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