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Gotta switch to the middle finger after a couple mags. Four sets of 30 reps should do it.


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  1. *Tests Scorp trigger to ensure it’s remembered correctly* *Tests other as well*

    Uh, wut? Usually amusing memes are supposed to contain a grain of truth. This one just makes whoever made it look like they need a gripper and some cheese to go with that whine.

    Belongs on r/sadcringe

  2. I had CZ Custom tune my trigger, so it’s been several years since I pulled the factory trigger. Even still, I don’t remember it being that bad. It was nowhere near the level of a Tavor or H&K USC (both of which I checked the safety on multiple times, thinking that was why the trigger wouldn’t move).

    • I dunno if it’s bad, but lord knows it’s not good.

      A friend of mine has an MPX with a Timney in it. If I’d shot that first, CZ might have lost a sale…

  3. I remember reading something about NYC’s requirement for a 10 or 12 lb. trigger pull on their LEO handguns at the time (Glock 17’s?). I believe the bureaucrat / bean counter logic was that it was cheaper to skip all that expensive and time consuming officer training, and just mandate really hard stiff trigger pulls to ensure that nobody fires off a round by accident. That’ll fix that accidental / negligent discharge issue! Of course, having to squeeze the trigger so damn hard to fire the handgun makes the big sides of barns kind of hard to hit, except maybe at fairly close range, so it was probably a good thing that only crowded big city areas full of innocent bystanders were in danger from all the resulting missed police shots, and not those lovely big barns.

    Tie one end of a piece of string to your trigger finger, and tie the other end to a 10 or 12 lb. barbell weight, and start doing those high rep trigger finger curls! No pain no gain!

    • It’s called the “New York Trigger” in the Glock community. It was an incremental increase by the TPTB for the city police.

  4. I’ve never fired a CZ Scorpion, but I own a CZ70, and the DA trigger on that lil guy is HEAVY.

    Still not as annoying as the trigger on my Taurus Spectrum, though. I am filled with wrath (well, maybe not wrath, but definitely annoyance) just thinking about it.

    “Hey, let’s make a trigger that feels just like squeezing a hand grip exerciser!”

  5. The trigger isn’t the problem, it’s not great, but it’s better than say, the PS90.

    The real issue, and the reason this meme exists, is the safety lever that digs into the back of your trigger finger.


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