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Nah, just play it cool. They probably assume they bumped your phone.


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    • Agreed!

      My personal space is not shared with newbies or casual acquaintances.

      • The only exception to this is if you run into someone you haven’t seen in say 20 years.
        I’ll answer honestly, “It’s a gun” and leave it at that.
        In general I’m not much of a hugging type person, even the opposite sex usually gives me a light punch on the arm if we are friendly.
        I guess it’s just me but someone hugging you puts you in a compromised position.
        Like Old Guy in Montana wrote, “personal space”.

    • If someone knows me well enough to hug me and they feel my piece… They’ll likely just ask me which one I’m wearing today. My answer will likely be “one? No… Two.”

  1. Hmmpth. Church Security can be awkward like that. We carry because we’re worthless against a potential shooter if we’re not. On the other hand, we don’t want to alarm anyone by carrying openly. There are also a lot of huggers in the congregation we have to politely avoid.

    • As one sheepdog to another, I suggest the “watcher on the wall” strategy. While re-building the 2nd Temple, the workers carried swords. I simply say, “hug high, I’m a watcher.” I instinctively practice arms retention, and my right elbow goes down on my pistol if it’s touched.

      If they happen to touch steel, I say “peace brother (sister) in Christ! You are currently the most-protected person on the planet.” They get the idea almost immediately.


  2. I’ve seen humans do that, I thought they was trying to squeeze poop out so they wouldn’t be so much like a Texican.
    Not that Texicans are full of sht or nothing. But the smart mountain lions have figured out if your going to eat a Texican it’s best not to roar . Once you scare all the crap out of them there’s nothing left to eat.

    • Your insights never cease to bring some much needed amusement to this forum. Glad to be able to see things from a marsupial perspective.

  3. What is this “hugging” thing? I can’t stand people touching me. Or my stuff. Or calling me Francis.

  4. Where the hell did all this new age “hugging” BS come from anyhow? I don’t recall any such in the 80s/90s.

    Watched the grad ceremony at West Point 2 weeks ago. After they threw their cover into the air, the new boot louies are all hugging. Males and lesbians alike. WTF – THERES NO HUGGING IN THE FREAKING ARMY!

    This is the US NOT France.

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