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All you need to prevent criminals from breaking the law is more laws.


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    • “Somebody do something!”

      “Doing something” is historically only successful at the surface level. ‘Really doing something’ is always harder and in this case the demographics aren’t convenient.

  1. Open thread!

    I like the meme. I’m steal– err, borrowing it.

    My Fascistbook friends are gonna get real tired of seeing it. Heh.

  2. Apparently Dacian and miner both think more laws will stop them.
    🤔 Hogg thinks so too.
    David Hogg for president!
    Silly me. Lol

    • Brian,

      Yeah, but that senile old fool is probably going to kick off, soon (and GOD KNOWS we don’t want that babbling idiot, Kamal-toe, to take his place!!), so . . . the Leftist/fascists will have to find somebody to take his place. Camera-Hogg is too young, but there’s always America’s Dumbest Bartender. Maybe Camera-Hogg for VP??

  3. Say little man…I hate to rain on your parade but today you and your pal void catered to those 7 Gun Control Cones only to confirm your Gun Control ignorance is bliss.

    • Aww gonna go to the manager there Karen. How about going to do something useful like funding a lawsuit against one of those cones or do your magic words uninfringe people’s rights. But points for doing more than ctr v for once.

      • Void, I’m trying to figure out who’s your companion “little man.”

        Is Debbie talking to imaginary people — again? Isn’t that a “red flag” indicator?

        • Eh she is a bit slow but wouldn’t wish a red flag on her odd self. Seems any disagreement with her routine throws her into bot scrip freakout to the point that our trolls do better with responses so kinda feel bad but ultimately she does it to herself with whatever imaginary perception she has.

    • Debbie,

      Perhaps (and this is just a wild thought) you should think about NOT ALIENATING people who are, for the most part, on your side, just because they don’t parse their position in exactly the same language you would like them to use.

      Yeah, we get it (and have for decades) that gun control has it’s roots in slavery and Jim Crow. Guess what? These days, it’s playing out again, since the gun control zealots all have their panties in a wad over the large number of black, hispanic, and women first time buyers. Yeah, the Dimocrats are fascist, racist, misogynistic authoritarians.

      And in other news, water is wet, the sun rises in the east, and Joe Biden is a senile, babbling idiot.

      Tell me – EXACTLY what is it you are trying to accomplish by your repetitive (usually off-topic), cut-and-paste rant?? Whatever the “motives” behind gun control, that is in the past. We have to deal with the “now”. The ATF and Senile Joe trying to deprive me of my AR-15 has nothing to do with race (I’m Scottish/Irish, and whiter than a Wal-Mart turkey). At its root, gun control is just another flavor of authoritarianism/fascism. The whole “racist” thing is reality, but historical. Now, it’s just straight-out fascism and authoritarianism.

      Quit flogging that expired equine.

    • Debbie Debbie Debbie, always quick to talk about a man’s pearls. Sometimes i think you may have a bit of an affinity for pearls.

      (I got moderated last time i typed b a l l s)

  4. Didn’t you see the Shawshank Redemption?

    Criminals are just great and kind humans who had a bad day

    • Well, if you DID watch the movie (and it seems you didn’t), “Andy Dufresne” was convicted of a murder he didn’t commit, and “Red” fully admitted his guilt, so . . . what’s your point?

      While I am all in favor of locking up actual criminals, only an idiot would argue that no one is unfairly convicted (most aren’t, I agree, but some are). However “good” the design of the justice system is, it is administered and carried out by humans, and . . . people f*** up, by the numbers, all the time.

      Theoretically, you could fix any flaws in the justice system . . . and it would still be run by people. If you don’t “get that”, I can’t help you.

    • my porko reeky pal peapod referenced that film as “scrimshaw crustacean” once and has never heard the end of it.
      he is the reason we call the morelia mercado “malaria.”

  5. Hmm, first FJB says to a college graduating class that wyte sipremmissits are the graetest danger to merica, then 30T of ummoneeum nytrayt goes missin. Can you say fallse phlag event?

    • Well grab the tinfoil and satellite phones we are going to see the glow from miles away. Wild thing is the compound was in a traincar that disappeared months ago and only got noticed recently……….seems legit. Didn’t we have some whistle blowers who showed how “white supremacists” as terrorists/criminals was wildly overblown? I remember before the FBI sorted out white hispanic vs non hispanic as well as arabs persians and packistanis all being considered white and having to separate each group for subgroup crime rates. Totally had nothing to do with white terrorism stats I am sure.

  6. The irony of this meme…

    In case you didn’t know: We are all criminals. Every. Single. Gun. Owner.

    “We’ve had enough… this time for real tho ok plz no more step on nek”.
    But by all means all you fudders here, put that thin blue line bumper sticker on your rust bucket with truck nuts and roal coal to show the man who’s boss!

        • Wassamatta, fake superhero? Did I say something that put your panties in a bunch?

          Well, good.

      • You’re just another punk snowflake living vicariously out of your Mommy’s basement. while sponging off her SSI.

        • lol. But he’s a “man”.

          Clearly he took the comment personal. He probably even put another bumper sticker on his truck.

        • ShadyWoman, if you’re employed (a bold assumption), then you’re paying me not to work, since I’m retired and drawing SS. My boomer friends and I plan to spend it all so that there won’t be any left when it’s time for you to retire. Suck on that, fuckface!

  7. At one time I did some consulting for Coplay Cement, here in the Lehigh Valley. Eventually, they were purchased by a European cement maker: Il Italcemente.

    We had some good-natured fun with that.

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  9. Should private citizens own Body Armor? Massad Ayoob on the benefits of kevlar vests.

    • If I could buy still something in level 2 for the ultra thin would be the idea. Not as many magnums or shotguns floating around Albany/Schenectady/Troy and increasingly Saratoga to worry about. Ultimately comfort and ability to conceal win out over maximum pistol protection for what little I would need it for. Also not many underwood screwdriver rounds floating around the crack dens.

      • If you want body armor, buy it soon the Peepuls Republick of Kallyfornicadia has a bill in the hopper this summer to make buying (I don’t know if the bill is just buying or owning) body armor for non-privileged folks illegal. Of course, certain special groups may own body armor. If it flies in Kallyfornicadia, you can be sure other states who want to follow their leads — WA, OR, NJ Ny CT. MA, WD.C.,CO and the others will follow suit next legislative session.

        • If it comes down to it there are a few shops in PA and NH I could go to it is just a pain in the ass to get to. Hilariously the first time they only banned soft armor (not rifle plates) then they banned everything but the ban only covers purchase which of course only matters in New York state and ownership is fine so long as no other crimes are being committed. Shitty law by shitty people with shitty reasoning.

  10. Anti-gun people are outright ignorant on guns, period, especially the left wing politicians. I have been accused, by anti-gun people, so many times of owning and ‘automatic AR-15’ that I lost count. My AR platform rifles are semi-auto except the manual bolt operated rifles, and I even had an anti-gun person try to tell me one day one of my manual bolt operated AR platform rifles was ‘fully automatic’.

    New Mexico’s Governor Claims An AR-15 Is An Automatic Weapon That No One Should Own.

    • Yes, bit if you’ve enough Hanging Meat she’ll invite you to a tour of her office, while she plays with your gavel.

  11. Gun (gŭn) Free (frē) Zone (zōn):

    * Trap in which people congregate and are falsely promised safety by a make believe force field of a ‘No Guns” prohibition.

    * A place where people are disarmed and not permitted self-defense with firearms.

    * Hunting grounds for predator criminals and ‘mass shooters’ where defenseless prey is guaranteed by law.

    * Place where existing laws against violent crimes do not work to prevent violent crimes the laws are touted to be able to prevent.

    * Places designed to attract violently mentally ill predator killers.

    * Places where police forces cease to operate to protect before the fact of a violent crime as they are touted to be able to do by politicians implying.

    * Places where over 90% of mass shootings happen, and no one is able to stop it or defend against it because people in the zone are disarmed by law.

    *Place where police arrive, on average, several minutes after the mass shooter has shot all of the victims they can before police arrive.

    *Place where, if such a zone is not enforced by law and is simply a (place/company) policy or rule, facts and history prove an ordinary armed citizen engaging the mass shooter threat can stop the threat in ~15 seconds or less, or act in such a manner by defensive gun use to suppress or delay the ability of the mass shooter to continue, thus saving lives vs waiting for minimum police response time gives the mass shooter a minimum of ~3 minutes target zone dominance and a lot of people can be shot in 3 minutes by a mass shooter.

    (note: The term ‘mass shooter’ also encompasses ‘school shooter’. The difference between ‘mass shooting’ and ‘school shooting’ is that ‘mass school shootings’ are ‘mass shootings’ conducted at schools.)

  12. I’m sure the criminal element will obey any new laws just like they do the existing ones!

  13. More than 20,000 Gun Laws on the books (Local, State and Federal) and yet not a single law has actually prevented Criminal Misuse.
    Debbie does like to beat the Racism issue like a dead horse, but she is right. Gun Control has always been about keeping the peasantry disarmed. How dare we rise above our station and all. So, I won’t knock her for what’s obviously something she takes personally.

    Dacian, Minor 69er and Albert the NeoFeudalist, I will mock at every opportunity, when the mood strikes. Most of the time, They’re like Nasty Farts cut in a crowded room. I ignore them hoping the foul stench will dissipate.

  14. This is becoming crazy-nutsy-cookoo- clown world We have 20,000+ plus “gun control laws”, already – and the anguished cry from the Leftist/fascists is “pass THIS law, and it will make things better! It didn’t work, last time, but this time it will, I PROMISE!!.

    News flash, idiots – ANY criminal using a gun to commit ANY crime has already violated at least a couple of laws (more likely, dozens). So, . . . THIS law is going to work, THIS time, amirite? Just like “that wasn’t REAL socialism/communism/whatever. It will work THIS time, because we’re going to do it right, this time!”

    And the wind blew, and the s*** flew, and dacian and MajorLiar were gone for a day or two.

    Wake up and smell the coffee, Leftist/fascist idiots – criminals don’t obey laws (DUH!!!!). Mexico has stricter gun laws than just about anywhere in the U.S. – and their murder rate makes Baltimore and Chiraq look tame. Switzerland has MANDATORY gun ownership for much of it’s population – and has a remarkably low murder/gun crime rate.

    Perhaps (just spitballin’, here), we should start looking at OTHER causes of crime?? Nah, that’s just crazy talk.

    Y’all Leftist/fascists are too stupid to insult.

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