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It has been one of the most popular examples of personal defense weapon (PDW) released to date. Now, in addition to being chambered in 7.62×39 (which happened a few months ago), it’s available in a grey color scheme: it’s the Maxim Defense PDX Urban. 

Here’s some of the info we’ve received so far:

The PDX is now available in Urban Grey. The PDX PDW, which had its genesis in USSOCOM, was originally born of the SOCOM PDW solicitation, and it continues to dominate CQB encounters and puts maximum energy on target.

The PDX – which is just 18.75 in. OAL is available in both pistol and SBR configurations. Utilization of the patent-pending Maxim SCWTM system reduces stock length to 4 in., while an integrated BCG with interchangeable buffer weights provides maximum performance and versatility without sacrificing functionality (and, for the aesthetically minded, form).

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The PDX™ is also equipped with a newly invented Maxim HATEBRAKE™ muzzle booster. This patent-pending device significantly reduces recoil, decreases the flash signature, pushes gasses and concussion waves downrange away from the operator, and improves overall performance in short barrel pistols and rifles. 

  •  HATEBRAKE™ installed under the handguard
  •  2 MOA accurate
  •  M-Slot compatible handguard
  •  Military-grade materials [17-4 Stainless Steel, 7075 and 6061 Aluminum]
  •  SCW buffer-carrier
  •  HK height rail for a more rigid upper receiver
  •  Optimized Personal Defense Weapon.
  •  Increased reliability due to included HATEBRAKE™
  •  Optimized for low flash signature
  •  Military tested Rapid Deploying PDW stock

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  • CALIBERS 5.56 NATO, .300 BLK, 7.62x39mm
  • BARREL LENGTH 5.5” / 139.7 mm
  • MUZZLE VELOCITY 5.56 NATO, 62gr: 1965 FPS avg. 7.62×39, 124gr: 1675 FPS avg.
  • FINISH Urban Grey Hard Anodizing
  • OVERALL LENGTH 18.75” / 476.25 mm
  • WEIGHT (EMPTY) 5.9 lbs / 2.68 kg
  • MUZZLE DEVICE Maxim Defense HATEBRAKE™ Muzzle Booster
  • CONFIGURATIONS SCW™ stock system, SCW Pistol
  • TRIGGER ALG Combat Trigger (ACT)
  • MSRP = $2295

Magazines: Each PDX ships with one 20rd magazine (7.62x39mm 20rd CPD mags, 5.56NATO 20rd DHL, .300BLK 20 rd Lancer Systems)

Learn more here.

Always Be Prepared from MAXIM DEFENSE on Vimeo.

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  1. That’s an awfully short barrel for a rifle caliber. I personally have a 5.56 AK with a 10.5” barrel and I like it, but only 5 inches for 5.56 and 7.62?

      • 5.56 NATO, 62gr: 1965 FPS avg

        Exactly, that’s pretty wimpy, just like a rimfire .22 Magnum. At that low velocity, 5.56 bullets don’t tumble or fragment, they just go right through and make a tiny icepick hole, just like a regular .22 rimfire. Not that anyone would volunteer to be shot by one, it’s just that with a 5″ short barrel, it makes no sense to chamber it in .223 (which is designed for a 24″ barrel) or 5.56 (which is designed for a 20″ barrel), would make much more sense to get it in 300 BLK (designed for 16″ but does well in barrels as short as 7″) or better yet, chamber in a pistol caliber such as .45 ACP, 10mm, .40 S&W, or 9mm. With 5.56 mm, designed for a 20″ barrel and shooting it out of a 5″ barrel, you’re spitting out a lot of unburned powder along with a beachball-sized ball of flame just to get the equivalent of a rimfire .22 Magnum and punching a tiny .22 caliber hole. Go with .45 ACP instead with a barrel that short, only 5″. Although men with small dicks prefer to deny it, size does matter, and 5″ just doesn’t measure up, either in the bedroom or with rifle calibers.

        • “…they just go right through and make a tiny icepick hole, just like a regular .22 rimfire.”

          When’s the last time you bought .22 rimfire?

          A very sizable percentage of it, even bulk pack, is + pressure hollowpoint ammo…

        • @Stuck,

          Came back to read your comment again. Here’s a correction to something you said:

          .300 Blackout was developed by Advanced Armament Corp. for optimum performance and powder burn in a 10″ barrel, not 16″. You’re correct about 5.56 being designed for 20″ barrels, but the BLK was purpose-designed for shorter lengths specifically to allow the addition of a suppressor.

      • Standard 62gr (not M855A1) is intended for 18-20 inch barrels. Short of 14.5″, the M855 has a lot of trouble fragmenting, and then you’re relying on yawing only, which isn’t exactly the most reliable stopping mechanism. The market arrived at 7.5″ as the most common really-short 5.56 barrel, and even then it’s mostly flash and noise. Making a version in 9×39 or .350 Legend, or 10mm or .44 AMP, might be interesting though.

        I ran the numbers and while *energy doesn’t wound*, 10mm from a handgun does have more energy than 5.56 from a 5.5″ barrel, and .357 SIG comes pretty close.

      • “…my 7” is obnoxious especially inside”

        How about with subsonics and a can?

        • …but but…
          I wanna pistol that looks like an AR to go with my rifle and shotgun that looks like an AR.

        • Nah it was an experiment to see. It fits a bill but certainly not my favorite. I’d only use subs with a van but I’ve zero intentions for now.

        • Sometimes I do things to have things just for fun. Ya know that used to be ok and even encouraged.
          Now there is some beard oiled tatted guy telling me everything that’s wrong with xyz or some liberal whining about it all.
          Sure am glad folks like Elmer Keith didn’t listen to the noise

  2. How to turn an effective rifle into a so-so (unconcealable) pistol. They’ll get the Instagram tacticool wienies to buy it, but I’ll stick with the 16″ barrel on my Colt M4, thanks.

  3. If we manage to stop the brace crapola, this looks real interesting as a host for the CGS Hyperion .30 cal. can I have my eye on.

    That would make a dandy home-defense boom-stick, with possibly a hearing-safe ‘boom’…

  4. It seems the niche gimmick of fitting rifle rounds into smaller and smaller pistols is getting long in the tooth and more expensive. Many of us realize the main benefit of a FMJ round in a hi-cap pistol is firepower and penetration that doesn’t limit us to a lower capacity Magnum revolver, but at some point there’s a price to pay, figuratively and literally.
    There’s a reason why the Heizer Defense “pocket AR” never really became popular. It’s called being borderline ridiculous.

    • “There’s a reason why the Heizer Defense “pocket AR” never really became popular.”

      Yeah, ‘genius’, it’s called having 1 round compared to a 20 or 30 round capacity.

      Sheesh… 🙁

      • Gee, I thought I mentioned the firepower angle.
        I’d rather have a cheaper 5.7×28 CMMG Banshee. Cheaper, threaded for a suppressor, and gives you FMJ kevlar penetration at contact range without potentially deafening or blinding you. Still good at 100m and better than 2MOA without notifying everyone within a city block you’re around.
        There are better options out there, but if you have an assload of 5.56 around and money to waste, go for it.

  5. How to reduce your rifle caliber cartridge to that of a pistol. Chop the barrel back.
    The 5.56’s claim to fame is is speed, take that away and it ain’t much more then a .22 winmag.
    124gr 30caliber @ 1656fps, and the .357 says uh huh nice. But I can do that too.

    • It’s also chambered in .300 BLK, Marsupial One.

      .30 cal in a pistol, especially considering you work up a custom load for that barrel length, makes that an attractive proposition.

      …provided we don’t get fornicated with no lube on the arm-brace crapola brewing…

      • Gunm laws are dumb.
        I see no reason a pistol cannot have a shoulder stock. I guess it suddenly transforms it into a “violent gunm” .
        Well, as theBiden says, gunms that are to accurate need to be banned and gunms that aren’t accurate need to be banned also.
        Get a shotgunm???

  6. Too expensive for me especially the way gun control is playing right now. For that cash you can do a really nice bolt action with a NightForce. I have several ARs but this one can’t make up it’s mind on what it’s purpose is.

  7. For that price it needs to have a 7.5″ or 9″ barrel and suppressor. It was poor choice what they named the muzzle booster, it does seem like they are instigating a potential lawsuit. PDWs are supposed to be marketed towards self defense not fueling hate.

  8. i can build a 10.5 in 5.56 or 7.62×39 thats 90 percent as good for less than half including the optic and some sights and some nice furniture and a nice trigger and some nice rail covers and a thousand lumen light and a sling and 6 magazines and a soft case
    and it will be 10 inch steel plate capable and lethal lethal lethal at 300 yards with tula ammo

  9. I don’t understand why all the hate. I have one (556) and I love it. It is just a blast to shoot. A buddy of mine (ex Ranger and operator) has 2, one in 556 and one in 762. Both with the 5″ barrel. He is convinced that at anything under 300 meters, it will get the job done, and that’s good enough for me. It is not designed to be a sniper rifle, but at 100 meters, it is a tac driver. Quieter, softer shooting and more accurate than my Colt LE6920, which is pretty dammed accurate. Don’t ask me why. This thing shoots nice and hits hard. With just about 2,000 FPS out of the tube, it will ruin anyone’s day short of someone with body armor. It is now, my favorite gun and sits by the nightstand.

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