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LOL. Okay. Pretty, pretty Gavin Newsolini is his own meme. To be fair, though, it was an early dinner.


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  1. You can insert your Amendment directly into your fourth point of contactwith a cactus.

    • Former, I was thinking rat tail file, but yeah, a prickly pear would work. Sometimes I miss those 130s.

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      • Whenever a 130 flys over, I get the itch to rig up. Been almost 30 years and I can still smell the fuel.

  2. Newsolini should remember what happened to the OG Fascist, Mussolini, when The People finally got tired of his $#it…maybe that is why he is so dedicated to destroying private firearm ownership in the USA. Fear can be a motivator…especially to Elites who know exactly what they will lose.

  3. 28th should be have while prohibited mandatory time, use violently in crime mandatory ~big~ time.
    get two thirds on that? he won’t on this.

    • The 28th Amendment should provide a clear and speedy way to remove any politician regardless of political position and/or any government employee at any level from office when they violate the oath of office.
      A violation of the oath of office clearly demonstrates that the employee is a liar.

  4. So going through the Amendment process is fascist now? Oh how they patriots turn in their grave.

    • Following the amendment process neither makes one fascist nor absolves one of it. The worst fascist in history was elected in a democratic process.

      What IS fascist here is how Newsom is trying to turn American model of government on its head. Rather than the power resting in the people and the Constitution prohibiting the government from infringing the people’s rights, he wants a government where all power rests in the government and the people can only have whatever rights the government deigns to give them. This ultra-authoritarian political philosophy is the fascist aspect.

  5. Not a chance in Hell. The last failed attempt at adding an Amendment to the Constitution was the ERA, Equal Rights Amendment. First proposed by Democrats in 1923. It wasn’t Ratified by Congress until 1973 and failed state ratification 10 years later. When 15 states refused to ratify it. The 15 states whose legislatures did not ratify the Equal Rights Amendment by the 1982 deadline are: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, and Virginia. The nation was far less divided then, than it is now on issues of Constitutional Rights.

  6. His four main points are the usual Progressive / Democrat debunked lies:

    * Raising the federal minimum age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21;

    * Mandating universal background checks to prevent truly dangerous people from purchasing a gun that could be used in a crime;

    * Instituting a reasonable waiting period for all gun purchases;

    * Barring civilian purchase of assault weapons that serve no other purpose than to kill as many people as possible in a short amount of time – weapons of war our nation’s founders never foresaw.

    Same old – same old proposals ad infinitum.

    However, the following phrase in his proposal is the most bothersome to me:

    “The 28th Amendment will affirm Congress, states, and local governments can enact additional common-sense gun safety regulations that save lives.” This is particularly disturbing because it does away with State Preemption laws thereby allowing (encouraging) a confusing, illogical mish-mash of conflicting firearm laws within States and local governments. You could become a felon merely driving across town.

    • The wording of the Newsom amendment would be quite simple:

      The definition of “infringed” as used in the Second Amendment means; unless the government thinks it is necessary.

    • The agenda of the left is to either confiscate/steal guns from honest citizens or create so many nuisance laws to discourage good citizens, all the while they will shout that they support the 2A and that they aren’t going to take anyone’s guns. Either direct or indirect the end results are the same.
      All this foolishness per a 28th A is ridiculous, when a simple reading and understanding of the 2A would solve the created pseudo problems. The 2A doesn’t align with their agenda hence they ignore it or attempt to discredit it with baseless arguments. The left shows respect for the victums of the shootings while totally ignoring the rights and value of life relative to the living. In short…..the left doesn’t care!

  7. It’s a publicity stunt designed for attention. He knows it will go no where. Takes 34 states or 2/3rds of both houses to propose it and then 38 or 3/4ths of the states to ratify it.

  8. On the bright side, his proposing this amendment is a tacit admission that the current constitution does not allow his state’s current gun laws on these issues. I hope the various lawyers fighting his gun control scheme are preparing supplemental drafts for the current lawsuits.

  9. Just curious how well that anti gun agenda has worked on making California any safer.
    Seems U-Haul is the only business thriving. One way out of state.

    • The Leftist leaders have no interest in the safety of the citizens- only for themselves. Hard to rebel or restore rights without any real means. Votes mean nothing without the means to assert the winning outcome or the ability to insure a fair and honest election.

      • “Votes mean nothing without the means to assert the winning outcome or the ability to insure a fair and honest election.”

        When the system hits the point that such is necessary then trust in said system has eroded to the point that the system, essentially, no longer exists.

        • “Votes mean nothing without the means to assert the winning outcome or the ability to insure a fair and honest election.”

          The only thing that matters is, who counts the votes…

      • Why they ally themselves with criminals to act as their street level enforcers, err, comminity organizers.

  10. Politicians like Newsome couldn’t care less about crime, safety for the citizens or the wellbeing of those citizens. So long as they can play emotions and fear for votes, they will allow the same criminals to continue their criminal activities. Hell even so called conservative politicians play the same tune.
    Unless and until the voters make it abundantly clear the loss of rights, and the continued demonization of the police and courts are no longer to be tolerated, and those actually committing the crimes mist be held accountable, nothing will change. Unfortunately too many voters in democrat controlled cities have become indoctrinated into the Marxist and overly permissive and perverted mindset of the current Democrat party. Instead of being willing to help themselves and their neighbors, they demand government carry the load. Personal responsibility for their actions, accountability for those actions, and self reliance for day to day issues has been handed off to bureaucrats and political power brokers.
    Sadly I don’t see anything changing in those cities or states until things get so miserable that even the limousine liberals and entitlement class start to feel the pain.

  11. I for one would like to thank Mr. Newsome.

    His tireless efforts on behalf of “LGBTQIA+ kids”, and his state’s insane lack of oversight of the LAUSD has now brought Zoomers into the fight against modern Communism in large numbers thanks to ActiVision cancelling one of their top COD streamers over an “Anti-LGBTQ” comment that exposed the Commie’s direct targeting of children to a whole new generation.

    ActiVision’s comments on the whole thing via Twitter would appear to be a public admission that they desired to be Targeted and Bud Lighted into oblivion.

    There’s some obvious blowback for the 2A community here in losing one of the most popular advertising services in our favor, but overall it’s probably a very good thing as we move forward in time since the players are not going to lose their affinity for guns, but will start to see the “Woke” as a cultural enemy.

    So, on that count, thanks Gavin! Keep it up!

    • It’s heartening to see that so many people are sick of this cultural revolution. The only reason it got so far so fast is because most people are accepting and polite, contrary to what the commies say. They used that against us. It doesn’t have anywhere near the support they make it out to have. They use money as the proverbial gun to the head when people step out of line. We have to take that power from them.

      • The problem is that it didn’t get here fast.

        This has been going on, a bite at the apple at a time, for a century. The people who would be most prone to fight it (and also be targeted by it if this system ever attains full power) are the ones most prone to ignore it.

        Where were the Cons when these revolutionaries were combining Gramsci with Frieri with Foucault in openly published education journals with the openly stated goal to insert what you now call “PRIDE” into the schools to an absurd level specifically for the purpose of disrupting society and priming it for a revolution?

        Do you (generic “you”, not specific) even know these names? Probably not. The TL;DR crowd sure as shit hasn’t read anything they wrote, even the Spark’s Notes are too long for them. I mean, this was happening back in the 1960’s… you know, five minutes ago, lol! Which is why the Cons are constantly surprised, because they’ve spent 75 years NOT studying their enemy.

        These people talk openly of how they’d fully instituted this system and were bringing it online in 1992, building off their previous gains going back to the 1950’s. That’s the Marxist Educators speaking, not me, them. They’re looking back and laughing at how fucking stupid Conservatives are. Doubly so because Generational Warfare has been successful.

        They were worried that wouldn’t work. That maybe back in the 1960’s the education was a bit too good, that people from back then might catch the game.

        Now, they have no such worries because older people have proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the 1950’s takeover was more successful than the Marxists had hoped. Four generations, statistically dumbed down better than lead based paint chips in the school lunch would have done. And still they clamor for more.

        And they’re not wrong about any of this. Most people today think a Marxist theorist is an economist of some kind. LOL, no, not since like 1840, bud. Marxist theorists scheme on how to set up a revolution you can’t stop. And you’ve let them for over 100 years, pretty much entirely unopposed to boot.

        Still today, this fucking minute, go talk to a bunch of 50+ Conservatives about anything that actually matters and they’re 85% asleep within a couple of minutes. That’s by design. Boring, complicated acronyms to hide what’s really going on by getting the people most opposed to what’s really going on to tune it out. And how many decades has it been since Yuri Bezmenov defected and warned you about this in explicit detail on the goddamn Tell-A-Vision!?

        People right here have told me that ESG is so small that it doesn’t matter. LOL, OK bud, time for a juice box and nap while the adults talk.

        • Thanks for those references. I haven’t heard of them. I doubt 99% of conservatives have heard of them. When I was growing up, it was understood that communism was bad. Then we were told we beat the commies. I just discovered Yuri’s message five or so years ago on Youtube. The main focus of conservatives post-Carter and pre-Trump was making money in the private sector and building up the military. Meanwhile, the commies took control of all institutions, including the bureaucratic state, and even the military!

          I remember the Obama admin trying to push dudes in the women’s restroom. Most people thought that was silly, and the fight died down for awhile. I’m talking about the exponential growth they’ve had over the past few years. The 2020 Cultural Revolution seemed to help usher that in. Once the country experienced BLM fatigue (after politely playing along), the Regime needed a new fake civil rights fight. Thanks to the full backing of the government, ESG pushing corporations, bullying from the alphabet mafia, generally polite people who just want to get along, and social media, we have the perfect storm for “Pride” as a constant year round celebration extravaganza. That’s the new part. Young people will now think that’s normal. That’s the scary part.

    • “…it’s probably a very good thing as we move forward in time since the {Activision} players are not going to lose their affinity for guns, but will start to see the “Woke” as a cultural enemy.”

      Things are beginning to percolate… 🙂

      • If EA can avoid going stupid, which they seem to have if their Sims franchise is any sort of guide, the Battlefield series will be the primary beneficiary of this.

        ActiVision managed to set of GamerGate 2.0. It will almost certainly end poorly for them since, this time, they can’t backpedal without a ~22% selloff in their stock occurring instantly.

  12. The worst thing we can do to Gav….dismiss him as another crackpot. That’s the last thing he wants as he wants to be relevant.

  13. He’s a crybaby attention whore. It’s a shame he won’t go away if we just ignore him.

  14. Slightly off the gun subject, but on Newsome and the woke leftists.
    What strikes me is the nihilistic direction they are taking. Promoting the LGBT alphabet mafia agenda, career over family for the few women they still support, abortion, fear mongering over climate change etc. to discourage having children and allowing/promoting the violent crime committing thugs to have their way. Bringing the birth rate below simple replacement levels.
    Seems they have no plan for anything beyond the immediate and political power for right now.
    Most ideological agendas have some plan to perpetuate and continue the agenda. These idiots seem bent on self destruction and elimination of not just themselves, but of everyone else as well.

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