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They’re quite majestic. When asked about my favorite bird, I just raise a finger and show ’em  ;⁠-⁠)


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    • “My favorite bird is quail.”

      Mine is the humble Tyson chicken.

      Extra-crispy, extra-tasty, dark meat only. Biscuit with butter. Tea with lemon, no sugar.

      Enjoy freezing your nuts off in that bitter cold blind at dawn.

      (Now I’m hungry. 🙁 Good thing the KFC drive-thru is open until 11… 🙂 )

      • Sigh. You don’t hunt quail from a blind. And KFC ain’t chicken. I don’t know what it is, but it ain’t chicken.

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      • Figures a POTUS DJT basher like you would gobble down chicken from Tyson one of the biggest supporters of democRats bill and hilliary clintoon.

        • Again, Debbie is not wrong here. Was you all asleep during the Clinton Administration, or just too taken aback with “ises there”, “theres there”, and blue dresses?

    • If I could have shot quail all winter and caught crappie all summer my wife wouldn’t have made me go to work.

      • Crappie (pronounced “crahpee” to rhyme with “blah pee”) is really some good-eatin’ pan-fish. More flavorful than bluegill, and a little bit bigger too. Sauteed in butter in a cast iron skillet, yum yum!

        Plus, they’re real fighters! Whether you catch ’em with a rod and reel or in your talons by dive-bombing ’em, you’re gonna be tired and hungry afterward!

  1. Your gun has “replica” written on the side while mine has “desert eagle point 5-0” written on the side. 😉

    • The whole ‘Kingsman’ series is great.

      No brain required, just a fun ride…

  2. Chicken, cause that is what is on the pizza that I just ordered!

    • yeah with artichoke hearts that’s a goody.
      not canadian bacon and onion but real good.

  3. Have never eaten quail, duck, pheasant, ostrich, or any other but chicken and turkey. Not that I am opposed but not interested, either. The Amish farmer I buy from has water buffalo, but they don’t fly.

    Makes a fine roast and a fine stew.

    • Never cared for duck. Quail and pheasant I like. Never tried ostrich.

      I bet we could make a water buffalo fly.

    • Them ain’t water buffalo, thems just Black Angus hanging out in the pond because they are hot.

    • I’m not a Duck/Goose Fan either. Too oily tasting for my peasant pallette.
      Pheasant, prepared right, is better than chicken, healthier too.
      Chukar, is a right pain in the ass to hunt. The first time you go is for sport. All subsequent Hunts are for Revenge. Wiley little buggers that will run for miles before ever taking to the wing.
      Haven’t hunted Quail or Grouse.
      Turkey, are a blast to hunt. Taste great too, though there’s more dark than light meat on the wild variety.
      Dove, I’ve never bothered with because I only owned 12 ga scatter guns, and 12 ga makes a an awful mess on smaller birds. I’ve eaten Dove, and they are tasty, but you need a smaller gauge gun to avoid turning it into Dove Burger.
      I’ve taken Ptarmigan in the higher elevations of the Rockies. In my area, they tend to be pretty tough chewing roasted, though stewed, they’re tender enough.
      I had to quit hunting due to mobility problems, but I really enjoyed Pheasant Hunting more than Big Game. I never failed to fill my limit with pheasants. I can remember every Elk Hunt where I never even ran across sign let alone see an animal.

      Now, I hunt the grocery aisle.

      • I’m old enough to question which season will be my last. Probably not more than 2-3 left in me.

        I use a 12 here in CA because we cannot use lead shot. The 20 with steel simply doesn’t have the oompah to get clean kills. 7 for dove and quail. 4-6 for pheasant. 2-4 for crow out of a 3 inch shell.

  4. All this talk about food, and I just came home after eating Chinese.

    I hope my Japanese wife doesn’t find out.

    • You should hope the Chinese never find out you have a Japanese wife.

      Unpleasantries at Nanjing, Unit 731 and all… 🙁

    • “…I just came home after eating Chinese.”


      That went over my head!

      I must say though, my Chinese girlfriend from years back was tasty… 🙂

  5. My favorite bird used to be the Bald Eagle but now it’s the DoDo.
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    President Biden is the best president America has or ever will have.
    President Biden is the best president America has or ever will have
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    • The Possum has an evil streak.

      Must be why I like him… 🙂

      • It’s a punishment throw back to the 3rd grade.
        “I will not throw spit wads.”
        100 times

    • “My favorite bird used to be the Bald Eagle…”

      Whooping Crane and Spotted Owl are less fishy-tasting than Bald Eagle…

    • Reminded me of Jack Nickalson in the shining-
      All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
      All work and no play makes jack a dull boy

    • Possums sneek into my yard,
      I smells dem all awound.
      Dey make stinkys eberyware,
      Leeb poopys on da gwound.

      Dis makes me all lots upset,
      I growl and skwach da gwass.
      If I sees a possum close,
      I gonna bite his bum!

  6. Quail, pheasant, grouse, wild turkey, SE Asian jungle fowl. Eaten them all. Never tried eagle. Is it anything like crow? Or more like owl?

      • That’s no lie. I moved to the High Plains of NE Colorado to be near my son in my dotage LOL. Wind Towers everywhere and the number of Bird Strikes has got to rival any Airport.
        The bigger birds, have it the worst.
        Lots of Hawks and Falcons, and the occasional Golden fall victim to Satan’s Scythe.

      • I suppose we need the electric they make but all them wind turbines certainly ruined the beauty of the flint hills.
        Makes me sad.
        I really dont like humans

  7. Hah
    If they’ve been living off duck ain’t too bad but if they’ve been eating nothing but fish they taste like a stringy Merganser.
    When I was young my dad had an injun friend, he shot and ate crows, called it black chick chik.

    • May have met him years ago. As a lad, I would stalk and shoot crows in the corn field, and set the carcasses out for the local possums to dine on.

      Anyhow, my favorite bird is the wood duck. Stuff with chopped apple, celery, onion, and a couple fresh sage leaves. Wrap with a couple rashers of bacon, then bake in a hot oven until the bacon is crispy. Oh my! One of Mom’s cousins owned a chunk of woods that had a river on it, that ran through a large stand of beech. Woodies like rivers and beech nuts. I like all three, and it didn’t take long for me to figure out that a load of #4s could get me a nice combo meal.

      • How much wood would a wood duck duck, if a wood duck could duck wood?

        Ospreys like bird humor.

        • As possums seldom travel to Limerick County, Ireland, nay would’na expect ye ken the limerick.

          AABBA, 1/2/5 in trimeter, 3/4 in dimeter, to be pedantic.

          Osprey employs a tongue-twister. My favorite:

          She split a sheet,
          A sheet she split,
          And upon a splitted sheet
          She sits.

  8. So I want a Desert Eagle…bucket list item for me. But that kind of a hand-cannon just hurts to shoot. So I might one day get the 9mm Baby Eagle version instead. Or maybe the .45.

  9. I’m surprised that nobody listed the dove. best tasting game bird that I have had.

    little salt, pepper, celery salt and put it on the grill till med rare.

    • Oh my God. People, learn about the place you’re going to, and avoid trying to eat their national animal or beloved sports mascots! Yeesh, that’s the height of dumb.

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