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There’s always next year.


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  1. Oh ye of little faith…maybe it is a “de-constructed” AR and you get the fun and experience of putting it together…just like an Ikea box…about the only difference is that a torque wrench is helpful with the AR.

    A buddy has a Coonan .357 that I wish was under my Christmas tree…*sigh*

    • Yes, that box looks plenty big to hold a stripped lower, which according to our overlords in DC is the AR15. The rest is just attachments.

      • “Yes, that box looks plenty big to hold a stripped lower,…”

        Or 3 loaded magazines.

        90 rounds of 5.56 is nothing to sneeze at, these days…

        • I’d be happy with a nice-boron bolt carrier.

          Which my son was nice enough to get me for Christmas !!!

          I’m in my 60’s and I guess there’s a Santa Claus after all.

    • Possum, for kids and the immature it is about getting. Once you get to the age of knowing you are the only one that can get you exactly what you want, the only thing in your way is your wallet. Christmas is about finding fun stuff or something that will make life better for the people I care about.


    • Does it count if I give myself a gift? A few years back, it was an AR15. A few years later, it was a RAR in .308.

      My family doesn’t know what I want, it just isn’t fair to expect them to.

  2. Hey with a cutiepie like that snuggling up to deliver a big smooch, HOW can this guy be disappointed? He can always go find the gun he wants. Be thankful for what yuo DO have, dude.

    • “…with a cutiepie like that snuggling up to deliver a big smooch, HOW can this guy be disappointed?”

      A man who knows his priorities, indeed… πŸ˜‰

  3. I Might get a small envelope with a piece of rigid plastic in it with Sportsmans’ Warehouse emblazoned across the top

  4. My Christmas Present to myself this year was a Q Trash Panda from Silencer Shop, just in time for the E form 4 to work. I should get it before my birthday in Early April.
    It’s going to look bitchen on my .300 blk AR pistol.

  5. Too small to be an AR, and judging how he’s holding the box, too light to be much in the way of ammo. A lower reciever maybe? A new handgun? A 10 pack of magazines?
    One can hope.
    Usually all I get for Christmas is the bills.

  6. We have a ledger. One side is Guns, and the other is Jewels. Pretty much so long it as remains balanced, or maybe a fraction heavier on her side, we’re good.

    Me: “Honey, touch this purchase button on this page.”

    Her: “What is it?”

    Me: “A Christmas gift from you.”

    Then, vice versa. This year I’m getting the makings for an AR pistol. She’s getting a set of flowery dishes, & a box from the Verizon store that she hinted at a while ago but doesn’t know about yet.

    Merry Christmas TTAG folks, and remember the reason for the season.

  7. Not sure if this counts, but I got my wife a CZ ladies Southpaw 12 gauge and a case for Christmas. A really nice shotgun (I have the Men’s Southpaw), but the ladies stock necessitates a huge full length CZ case.

  8. Al’s “Hardware Store” once called and when my wife answered, they told her that the “item” that I had ordered had arrived. My wife excitedly exclaimed, “his Barrett Fifty caliber is in.”. Since I was out of town, she drove to Verbort to pick it up. She even paid the balance due. As the proprietor was loading the rifle in my wife’s minivan, he asked her, “would you marry me?”

    Merry Christmas!

  9. HOPE spring eternally there pardner…..could be upper and lower parts kits, Geissle trigger, and more than enough Benjamins to cover the “big” parts of your preference. Very thoughtful significant other….possibly.

  10. That Christmas box would be just about the right size for me…. especially if it had a new beautiful Kimber Rapid (Black Ice) .45 ACP….MSRP: $1,645.00. That’s just me though dreaming!

    • And after posting my above piece, it just dawned on me that I paid out of pocket 3 days ago for a crown to be put on my bottom molar tooth for around $1400 bucks… that really stings! I guess there are priorities and dreams.

  11. The box size does not always indicate the contents.

    In 1976 when I was primarily a trap shooter, my wife wrapped up a small box, about 2″ x 3 1/2″ x 9″. No idea what it was, Opened it up and it was the fore end for a then new-on-the-market Winchester 101 Pigeon Grade trap gun. Huge surprise!

    I think, for her, the biggest disappointment was that at the time she figured that’d be the last gun I’d ever want… Still, greatest Christmas present ever.

  12. I got the biggest box – with an 85″ 4K TV in it. Got lotsa gunms, no room in the safe for more guns *or* jewelry, gotta buy something, right?

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