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Guilty as charged.


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  1. What is normal? One of rant7’s and dacian the nazi’s goosestepping buddies?

    Normal is like average. Who wants to be either?

      • Being abnormal is something my mentally-ill demented troll has vast personal experience in… 😉

        • Well you’re fully vaccinated (and proud of it), which itself proves you’re mentally ill and deficient. Have you waddled down to the clinic to get your booster yet, 🤡? What a clown and idiot you are.

  2. She should not have been convicted of anything. This was a tragic accident with only simple negligence involved. If anyone should be convicted of a crime, it should be the City of Brooklyn for not providing adequate up to day training in the use of tasers and firearms. Civil liability, yes. Criminal liability, NO! The charge Manslaughter in the 1st Degree requires a misdemeanor to have been committed. There was no misdemeanor charged or even alleged.

  3. Competent use and proper maintenance of firearms used to be part of the knowledge base of normal adulthood.

    We need to get back to those days.

  4. Normal…..A setting on a Maytag Dryer.
    I consider myself to be a fairly well adjusted, intellegent adult. Never claimed to be normal or average.
    Knowledge of the care, use and maintenance of firearms is just an everyday skill required out here next door to the middle of no where.
    Color it green and the back pack would look like what we used on patrol back in the day. Or at least it felt that way. Tote the standard combat load all day and it felt like you had a small herd of elephants in there. Never needed traction soles on the boots. You sunk a foot into the ground on hard earth and 2 inches on solid granite.

  5. The Body Disposal Backpack, for inconspicuously carrying out inconvenient dead bodies, and probably getting smiles, laughs and comments about the size of your humorously large backpack in the process. Professionally execute your target, expertly pack said target in leakproof wrapping into backpack, and then smile and look harmless and funny as you walk away with all the evidence intact. (There was no “murder” if they can never find the body. Just ask Jimmy Hoffa!) Caution: Never accept any contracts on seriously large / obese people if you need to manually transport them this way. You may able to mostly sort of fit them in there if you have some butchering experience, but picking up and trying to appear casual while wearing 350 – 400lbs or more on your back could be a real problem for most hitmen / hitwomen, or whatever nonbinary / gender fluid hit-persons as there may be out there. On the other hand, you could probably fit several smaller / skinnier bodies in there no problem, depending on your size and physical condition. Maybe specialize your “cleaning service” on making petite little models and dancers and such forever disappear because they would be so much easier to carry. You know, those usually very thin, sexy flirty young ladies with the suspiciously large silicone enhanced breasts (and maybe buttocks), who often prefer to cheat with much older wealthy married men for ridiculous amounts of money, and then foolishly become a “problem” when they start greedily demanding / blackmailing more than even the richest of men can – or are willing to – afford. (Attention professional rich-man / finance-devouring ladies of the night: Never cost your suckers more than what hiring a “professional cleaner” hitman would cost them! Just a friendly tip!)

    The Body Disposal Backpack. Made impossibly cheap via slave labor in communist China, and on sale now at your nearest local Walmart!

  6. Even now, in my old age, I have yet to run into this “normal adult” everyone believes is out here.

    • The Left is more than happy to redefine it for everyone…. definitely NOT the way we remember it.

      • Which of the 3, average, normal or special would you rather be?
        Average is just enough to qualify.
        Normal is a boring average.
        Special, that’s the better of the 3!

        Merry Christmas All

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