Merry Christmas From The Truth About Guns

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revolver gun pistol Christmas tree ornament
Courtesy Walmart

Here’s hoping you managed to wind up on the ‘nice’ list this year and found something fun (read: gun-related) under the tree. If you were really nice, maybe the jolly old elf even left some ammo with your name on it.

Whether there was case of 9mm FMJ under the tannenbaum this morning or just a lump of anthracite, here’s hoping you have yourself a very merry Christmas. From all of us at The Truth About Guns to all of you, thanks for reading and enjoy your holiday.

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  1. ‘…case of 9mm FMJ…’ – I’d settle for a brick of small pistol primers.

    Merry Christmas.

      • Thanks. That would be nice under the tree, but if I’m buying I’ll settle for 1000. By the time I use those up the price will hopefully be closer to normal. (I should probably get to the range more.)

        • It is a larger increment than I am looking for as well (or in large pistol or small rifle) but I think they skip the hazmat fee that midway tacks on. Not for me for now but good luck to anyone looking to reload thousands πŸ™‚

        • I just started loading a few months ago. I’ve got the .357 mag and .45 Colt covered. All I need is primers for the 9mm. Probably break down and blow $150+ for 1000 on GunBroker. In a couple years they’ll be 5 cents a piece.

        • You read manuals closely to see if/how much you need to reduce the powder charge and whether it would be an issue for your pistol………..then you buy the small pistol primers ;). You can probably find a way but you can also find a way to reload primers its just if it is worth it.

        • If you use magnum primers cut back your starting load by a little more than 10%.
          Not sure about pressure but magnum primers seem to add about 20 fps.

        • Thanks. I need the magnum primers for the .357 anyway but it’s nice to know in a pinch.

        • @Gov. William J Le Petomane

          The primer is matched more to the powder you use…and not so much to the actual cartridge.

          I’ve loaded thousands of .357 with standard primers with no issues. When I load H-110 or HS-6 I use Mag primers. 2400 and Unique I have better results with standard primers.

        • OGinMT, I suspected that might be the case. So far I’ve loaded some 125gr XTPs with Win 296 and some 125gr hardcast in a lighter load with V340 with no issues (both with magnum primers), although the Win 296 is quite a flame thrower (especially in my 3″ GP100). I’ve read that I can get those magnum results without the excessive flash with V110. Anyway, the Win296 load uses more than twice the powder as the V340 but it doesn’t blow up the gun because it’s slower burning. Makes sense that you’d want more flash for a full case of the slower powder.

        • @Gov. William J Le Petomane

          Powders are interesting. My somewhat OCD nature has required me to try a variety of powders through the years. Always searching for the PERFECT powder (knowing that there is no such beast). I have a fair number of half-filled cans that I really need to use up just to get them out of the way. My go-to powders for 50 years have been 2400, Bullseye, Blue Dot and Unique. In the last few years I tried Power Pistol and AutoComp – didn’t like either of them. I’ve been using Sport Pistol for 9mm with a standard primer for the past three years and like it very much…but, it’s hard to find right now. For plinking and range use I’ve been ordering the Xtreme plated bullets from Idaho (just a hop, skip and jump from me) and like them. They can be pushed to a higher velocity than a straight lead bullet without leading the barrels.

          You will discover (if you haven’t already) that reloading is part science and part voo doo magic. You will also find that different loading manuals can have very different loads for the same weight bullet with the same powders…WTF? I’ve had good luck with the Lyman Cast Bullet book and the Lee loading manual for general purpose loads. I also have the Speer and Hornady books (I try to use the bullet manufacturer’s data where I can) for my preferred hunting and competition loads.

          Be wary of using or trying out someone else’s loads unless you know them well and trust them with both your firearm and fingers.

          G’nite and best wishes,

          *the powders I mention above are just some of those I use for handgun loads…rifles get even more involved.

  2. Merry Christmas to everyone. And if you don’t have a sword sell your cloak and buy one. Or two, or three, or more.

    • Nobody needs a two handed sword. Or a Katana. These are weapons of war.

      All a law abiding citizen needs is a gladius. Welded into its scabbard.

      We don’t always agree, Chris T. But merry christmas to you and yours.

  3. I’m recovering from open heart surgery so, I’m stuck at home. My wife gifted me with range time, ammo money, support for 27 years. A merry Christmas indeed.

    • Mrs. Haz has (haz?) given me everything I definitely don’t deserve for 30+ years. She’s amazing.

      All the best to you during your recovery, and Merry Christmas to everyone at TTAG!

      (except you-know-who)

    • dacian the nazi would gladly, gleefully, load you and yours onto cattle cars and man the showers for you.

      I wish a pox upon him and his house. But then, I never said I was a nice guy.

      • Sadly the Christian in me disagrees but the realist says otherwise.

        Merry Christmas to All and theirs!

    • Happy Christmas to everyone at TTAG! Nothing gun related under the tree. I got ammo deals myself weeks ago.

    • @jwm

      Pretty sure it involves rice, gravy and erotic spices…

      A safe and happy Christmas to all.

    • “Anybody know a good recipe for roasted and stuffed possum?”

      I kinda prefer the ‘Marsupial One’ the way he is now, rather than toes-up and curled on the supper table.

      But that’s just me.

      A joyous Christmas to all, except the trolls and Leftist Scum that infest this fine forum like the fleas in an irritated camel’s crotch… πŸ˜‰

    • Get a very large pot , fill it with water, bring to a rapid boil. Test the water by sticking your head in the pot. When you pull it back out and your ears and nose fall off then the water is hot enough to boil the possum.
      God Bless

  4. Merry Christmas!

    Thank you TTAG for allowing me to troll and not banning me. It has greatly helped me. I have serious mental illness, and trolling online gives me an outlet so I don’t say the crazy things to my family.

    Thanks TTAG. You guys help me a lot. Like srs.

  5. No tree put up so nothing to put anything under. The Sig Romeo 7 I ordered came in with a box of ammo a few days ago though.

    The greatest gift of all is that all those closest to me made it this far. I could not ask for more.

    Merry Christmas to all.

  6. I sincerely wish everyone a very Merry Christmas/Happy Hanuka/Kick butt Kwannza/Joyous Yule, or a very happy holiday. Wish everyone well for the new year and hope those who are frightened by guns, or those who own them come to realize the overwhelming majority of folks who legally own and carry guns are not out to shoot anyone, or cause anyone any harm.
    And, yes, I even hope our resident trolls/anti gun folks well. If they hang around long enough, perhaps even they can learn it ain’t the hardware, but the person using it.

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