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California Attorney General Rob Bonta
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By Lee Williams

On Monday, California Attorney General Rob Bonta posted the names and addresses of concealed-carry permit holders on a California Department of Justice website. At least for a time.

In a press release, Bonta claimed the move was to “improve transparency and information sharing for firearms-related data and includes broad enhancements to the platform to help the public access data on firearms in California, including information about the issuance of Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permits and Gun Violence Restraining Orders (GVROs).”

He also claimed it will help promote “gun violence” research, and foster “trust between law enforcement and the communities we serve.”

Make no mistake, this is all bunk.

Bonta’s move was clearly retaliation for the Supreme Court’s decision in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen, which affirmed the right to bear arms outside the home.

Bonta’s true intent was to put Californians on notice that if they want to exercise this right, they will pay a price, and the price will be their privacy, safety and security.

You see, Bonta has created a handy reference guide for burglars, home invaders and other criminals. Now, they’ve got a searchable database of firearm owners and homes where guns are kept. Guns have always been the third most sought-after item by burglars, after prescription meds and cash.

What’s not included in Bonta’s press release, tweets or media interviews is the chilling effect this will have on the Second Amendment in the Golden State. Anyone who wants to carry a defensive firearm must now risk a complete loss of their privacy and the increased likelihood they and their family will be targeted by criminals.

I’m sure California’s booming gun-ban industry, which likely played a significant role in developing this idea, has already made plans on how to use the database to their advantage. Look for massive doxing, which will include false red-flag complaints, cyber-crimes, SWATing and other harassment.

At one time California led the nation in online data security.

The California Database Security Breach Notification Act (Cal. Civ. Code 1798.29), which became effective in 2003, requires “any person or company conducting business in California that owns, licenses, or stores certain types of computerized personal information to disclose any breach of the security of the system by notifying California residents whose information was, or is reasonably believed to have been, accessed by an unauthorized person.”

I wonder if Bonta will notify the state’s CCW permit holders that their data has been now breached.

I’m guessing he won’t.

Doxing isn’t doxing when the government does it. In California, it’s “law enforcement.”


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    • democRats like publishing the addresses of people they despise. Because they are cowards they hope to themselves one of their useful idiots will do their dirty work. Should that happen and it’s linked to mr. bonta’s actions he may find himself in the crossbar hotel and facing a huge civil suit.

      • Folks, isn’t this a form of discrimination? I mean to say if the man is going to post the names of all LEGAL gun owners then he has to also post all the ILLEGAL gun owners as well. You know who I’m talking about, all the illegals, all the gang members, everyone that has a gun in the state of California should be on his list and exposed, even his security detail along with the other members of government, I SEE LAWSUITS IN THE MAKING !!!

    • Whew! Dodged that bullet (pardon the pun). I still haven’t received my long-overdue CA permit, so I guess I’m still Gray Man for now and still off the radar, huh?

      CA will never reinstate open carry, IMHO, because that allows the plebes to strap iron without asking permission. But if they comply with Bruen without much complaining on the surface, it just means Bonta will relish the idea of requiring all gun carriers to subject all our personal data (and fees) so he can know where we are and exactly what gunns we’re carrying.

      These people are power hungry.

    • Why not? They have nothing to hide do they? Automobile registrations are available are the not.? The authorities have always had access to all licensing anyway if nessessary. Surely by advertising the wherabouts of GUN OWNERS it will give the bad guys and gals the very information about avoiding certain places premises and people in the first place so AVOID-AVOID. Why not put your own warning poster outside anyway.? Or is that you are just crying out for the opportunity to slot somebody? After all a bloody lot of people put out DOG WARNING signs. But HEy ! Why should FIIDO get all the fun?.
      Just imagine WARNING MY DOG is a CARNIVORE next to it ‘ KNOCK BEFORE ENTERING OR I AM GONNA SLOT YOU’. If not why not??

      • Albert, kindly post your bank account number and routing information, along with your NIN, address and a signature sample to your fellow posters here. Or, kindly shut the hell up and ” do bugger off now”

      • Is this a serious comment Albert? You think a homeowner putting up a warning sign for a dog is the same thing as a State AG doxing an entire community for a political vendetta?!?!

        You brag constantly about all your life experiences as though you’re somehow more qualified to speak on guns.

        But the truth is that you are a clown. You are a fool. You are out here advocating for a complete lack of privacy and a move that increases the likelihood of violence. And your justification is that some people put out Warning Dog Signs!!!

        • I think someone should hack the home address of every Ca Politician DA & ADA and see how that works out for them.

      • Better yet, give me your address and we will post the fact that you and yours don’t have guns and are an easy target. I think I will do that with my liberal neighbors. Put a sign up in my yard with arrows pointing to their homes and saying they are anti gun and are easy targets.
        C’mon Albert, you have nothing to hide and I know the police will get there in time for you to be saved from the home invading thugs. Hope your wife wont’ be home though.

    • But but KKKallifornucate cares abut children. See the new bill they are trying to get passed?
      AB2273, known as The California Age-Appropriate Design Code Act, would require websites to verify the ages of visitors. That means lots of data needed to prove who you are.
      Even more stuff to DOX with there.
      Since most tech companies and many internet portals and host are based in KKKalfornicate this would affect just about anyone who goes online. Want to post here? Sorry you need to prove your identity because we can’t tell if you are one of those folks from behind the golden wall or not.

      But since it is for the children that makes it all OK. I guess it is lucky for them that the kids can’t get CWP’s so they did not accidentally on purpose DOX them.

  1. Class-action lawsuit: deprivation of rights under color of law. I mean, since the left are so in love with the constitutionally protected right to privacy, and all…

      • The digital privacy activist in me wants to see this guy run out of town (preferably to china where he would fit in) the cynic/statistician in me wants to see the percentage breakdown of judges, law enforcement, politicians, and high income/celebrities along with the few “normal” people like Haz

        • If the chans are any indication it wasn’t much if at all surprisingly. But that would be my first thought otherwise.

        • Haz while you are surely atypical I doubt you would compare to Hollyweird and friends and would seem perfectly normal in comparison.

    • I said it in 2020 when groups started organizing and the friends I knew and their friends so on and so forth either got silent or said they were “above” doxing people. The fact is, they will do it to us, and they are in powerful positions where nothing short of doxing and threatening their positions will stop them from doing what they are doing. Don’t want to get your hands dirty? Don’t sign up for war and stay the fuck home. Stop LARPing and do something. These people will throw you to the wolves and you trying to be a “decent law abiding citizen” will get you killed and others enslaved.

    • what civil rights? There’s a gross, intentional mismanagement of info that should be private but how is this a civil right’s violation?

      • my right “to be secure in my person, house, papers, and effects”, that’s what.

        This dirtbag has made public information that seriously compromises my security in the four above categories.

        Next question?

  2. It would seem the appropriate response would be to post California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s home address and phone number online. Sauce for the goose being sauce for the gander, and whatnot.

    • And his wife,kids and relatives. And other appropriate data. Like bank records & his boyfriends…

    • Hi gun idiots! Just wanted to share an ironic thought that occurred to me with all of you: I think it’s fair to say that the reason you want to carry is because you don’t trust your fellow man to have your best interests at heart. Nor do I, actually, which brings me to my core point–why would you dummies want everyone and their mothers out there packing if you have such little faith in your fellow humans? This is the reason I am against C&C 95% of the time. I don’t trust any of you dumbasses, especially with a firearm. I have no idea what you are thinking or what you’re going to do. So, again… why the hell are you gun loonies insisting that every dumbass should be packing?

      P.S. Sorry I chose you to reply to sepcifically. It has nothing to do with anything you said. I am just too lazy to figure out how to start a new comment. Much easier to just hit “reply”. You were just landed on at random.

      • Chris. You are our fellow man. And like most fascists you are uncomfortable with us exercising our human and civil rights. We don’t insist anybody pack. We just insist on our rights being respected.

        So, if we don’t trust our fellow man look in the mirror for the reason. Dumbass.

      • Because the dumb idiots are all readily well armed.
        Its law abiding citizens who suffer gunm laws.
        Perhaps the courts are giving the law abiding the right to defend themselves against those who disregard the law.
        The people hurt by gunm laws and restrictions are the law abiding citizens.
        Outlaws dont give a fck about no stinking laws or badges .
        Banning assault rifles from Sam Straightlaces does not take away 50Smackvoodo’s machine pistol.

      • “I think it’s fair to say that the reason you want to carry is because you don’t trust your fellow man to have your best interests at heart. Nor do I, actually, which brings me to my core point–why would you dummies want everyone and their mothers out there packing if you have such little faith in your fellow humans? This is the reason I am against C&C 95% of the time. I don’t trust any of you dumbasses, especially with a firearm.”

        You’re confused because you’re exhibiting psychological projection. I have never said that I carry because I don’t trust my fellow man, nor have I ever seen that presented as a mainstream narrative by prominent 2A-side figures.

        Indeed, I would argue the opposite. 2A advocates (or the right in general) are largely uncynical and optimistic about their fellow man. We believe that most people are capable and responsible adults who don’t desire to do evil or harm others. Most people just want to live their life comfortably and in peace with their neighbors.

        But we are also realists. We acknowledge that there is a nefarious minority who will seek to better themselves by wronging others, whether it be by theft, violence, or tyrannical power. If you paid any attention to common self defense doctrine you would notice that a significant amount of it is dedicated to conflict avoidance, but in a small number of cases conflict is simply unavoidable; i.e., the other guy is determined and persistent. In those cases, a firearm is the great equalizer. Moreover, conflict avoidance works better for everyone when those who would harm others perceive their odds of winning a conflict less to their favor. Or to put it another way, evil preys upon the weak, and as concealed carry increases, the perception of the populace as a soft, weak target decreases. As the old saying goes, “an armed society is a polite society.”

        Also, I shoot as a hobby, and I keep my gun with me simply because I enjoy having it. I am a free man, and you don’t get to tell me what I can or can’t have. I’m sorry that you live in fear of those around you, but you will have to find a way to come to terms with that. I suggest some form of professional counseling.

      • “Hi gun idiots!”
        “you dumbasses”
        “you gun loonies”
        “I am just too lazy to figure out how to start a new comment.”

    • “It would seem the appropriate response would be to post California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s home address and phone number online.”

      A better idea would be to doxx the name and address of every Leftist Scum ™ in Sacramento that voted to violate the civil rights of the California people.

      You put my safety at risk, we put your safety at risk.

      After all, Leftists are all about fairness and equity, aren’t they? 🙂

      • You mean, post the Sacramento phone book?? It’s already online. California USED to be a nice place – back about 40 years ago. Now it’s a socialist s***hole, and MOST (not all; apparently Haz is still stuck there. Haz, brother . . . GTFO, while you still can) of the libertarians/conservatives are di di mau. You can reliably bet that anyone remaining is probably a Leftist/fascist; you’ll only be wrong maybe one in ten times – and that’s if you stay out of LA, SF, and Sacto. In those regions, the percentage goes to 99%.

  3. I thought the progrressive democrats were all about “privacy”? I guess only when it suits their political agenda.

  4. Justice Thomas ended the right to privacy by striking down Roe v Wade. This is one on many unintended consequences of that.

    • Thomas did not make the decision, a 9 person court did. And it did not end the right to privacy. It merely said that any such right, if found to exist since it isn’t specifically enumerated, should be found under the due process protections of the 4th and 14th amendments and not under some non existent “penumbra of rights” idea promulgated by liberal courts since the cowards who caved in to Roosevelt. They had to invent this penumbra bull$hit because they wanted to undo a 1905 courts decision that relied on due process, and they could not overrule that while keeping various other cases the way they wanted without being complete and obvious hypocrites. You still have a right privacy protection against the federal government under the 4th amendment whichw as incorporated against the states in the 14th amendment.

      Moreover, this is a state issue, not a federal one. You have to look at CA law and see what it says about privacy and data in general and then about the privacy and data of carry license/permit holder specifically. Many states have laws specifically protecting the privacy of people who have a license/permit from that state.

    • The right to privacy was destroyed when the first back ground check on firearms purchases was mandated. 4473’s, permits are simply an invasion of privacy.

    • the “right to privacy” was never a foundational issue in the Roe decision, nor in the reversal of it.
      By WHATstretch of your wild imagination do you even think this?

      If that pregnant mother has a right to “the privacy of her womb” (newly discovered after couple hundred years in the “emanatiions and punumbras” of the Constiution, they that BABY growing in there ALSO has the same right, which Roe tossed onto the scrap heap, part of why it HAD to be overturned.

    • That would be Griswold, which was not overturned by Dobbs. Thomas is the only one interested in revisiting Griswold and decisions like it.

    • Izzy,

      Tell us you know nothing of Constitutional law, without saying you know nothing of Constitutional law . . . oh, that’s right, you just did. Are you the quiet partner in the dacian/MinorIQ/jled/nameless, brainless, d***less troll daily circle jerk???

      I would tell you to back and actually READ Roe, Casey, and the rest, but I doubt that’s within your ability. Oh, I got another one – go look up a concept called “conflicting rights”. IF you are capable of reading and comprehending it, it MIGHT open your eyes. Nah, that’s just crazy talk.

    • iZZY, i I have news for you. You still have the right to privacy. See the 4th and 5th Amendments.

  5. That’s what happens when you let a 13 year old girl be AG.
    Look for his “I hate you so much right now” TikTok dances soon.

  6. “including information about the issuance of Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) permits ”

    which in the other 49 states is just numbers issued and not personal information.

    It seems like, aside from acting like a 5 year old throwing a temper tantrum, one of the goals of Bonta is to provoke ‘confrontation’ either in the courts or by anti-gun paying visits to CCW permit holders or by ‘bullying’ intimidation tactics.

    At any rate, he has probably endangered some CCW permit holder lives with his antics and when those lives start reacting to the threat to save their lives from death or serious injury he will claim that gun violence increased in the state because of the SCOTUS decision.

  7. I live in California and I am a CCW holder. Last night on calguns I saw a thread about the DOJ releasing CCW holders personal information. I clicked on the link, and it took me to the DOJ web site. You can go to the county that you live in and download an excel spreadsheet of all the current CCW holders in that specific county. I can confirm that the information includes all CCW holders names, birth dates addresses as well as judges, reserve officers and retired law enforcement as listed.

    This morning I went back to the website and they have disabled the downloadable link. But unfortunately, the damage is done.

    I did not have time to look at some of the other information but some others on the forum said you could download DROS or (Dealer Record Of Sale) which I saw listed. This is the form you fill out when you buy a firearm it’s similar to the 4473 but California calls it a DROS. If you have record of DROS’s you can find out all the firearms that this person is bought as well. Some of the forum users went to the county where they lived in and we’re able to download all the firearms listed they owned.

    There were other links where you could look at each county that had so-called registered assault weapons as well. Based on what I saw and experienced all of this information is downloadable as a excel spreadsheet for what ever county you wanted.

    I believe this was part of the DOJ plan to release gun owners’ personal information for a specific time so anti 2a forces could gather the information and use it later for future purposes. You could easily download all this information and combined into one giant database.

    And this my friends is why you should never register your guns.

    • Publishing the names, addresses etc of CCW holders also tells the criminals that addresses not on the list may be safe/ripe to rob.

      • Hardly. Since little more than 0% of people in California can get a CCW but about half of them own guns, this would be a very foolish theory.

    • Done downunder a few plus years ago. State police assistant commissioner allowed for a copy of the Firearms Registry database to be placed on the police intranet protected by MS office security, for operational convenience.

      Normally access to FR database was restricted with logged access. But some thought this was impeding investigation.

      MS office security is so bad I can break it in less than 5 minutes, including downloading 7zip archive, open the file in 7zip, editing file by deleting the password, and saving. Result, no password prompt when opening the file.

      Of course, there were consequences, and NOT to the police or the incompetent assistant commissioner. Increased robberies, especially to handgun owners, and mention of super owners with 50 or more guns being a “honeypot” to criminals in the media.

    • “I can confirm that the information includes all CCW holders names, birth dates addresses…”

      In addition, exposing them to identity theft.

      They are probably giggling right now at the prospect of that.

      The Leftist Scum ™ mindset most likely is, (according to them, anyways), “You put us in danger with your evil guns, we put you in danger.”

      Well, the blow-back on this is sure gonna be entertaining…

    • To add to what they told the AG, the test as to the validity of a restriction on the issuance of a CCW is as follows: “Instead, the government must affirmatively prove that its firearms regulation is part of the historical tradition that delimits the outer bounds of the right to keep and bear arms.” I submit that Bonta will have an impossible task in producing historical evidence that there was a “good morals” requirement before people were allowed to bear arms between the passage of the Bill of Rights and the end of the 19th Century. Which follow from the fact that carry permits, open of concealed, were an invention of the 20th Century. Such evidence is necessary to overcome a presumption that the bearing of arms is presumptively protected.

      • “Which follow from the fact that carry permits, open of concealed, were an invention of the 20th Century.”

        Gun registration is a similarly modern thing.

        Meaning, gun registration is flat off the table, full stop.

        I bet if Justice Thomas were to be made aware of this, he would take an extremely dim view of it.

        That could very likely backfire on them in a spectacular fashion were other 2A cases be granted cert in the near future… 🙂

        • I’m pretty sure Thomas knows about it. Its too public and too intentional not to know about it.

      • I agree that Bonta will have an impossible task of justifying this in context with the Bruen decision. But that takes going through the courts to have it decided unconstitutional, and the damage is already done and it has set a ‘model’ for other anti-gun states to follow in the mean while thus further violating the constitutional rights of law abiding gun owners. It may be stopped in the future, but for now the damage is done and will continue to be done until it is stopped.

    • It was much more than just conceal carry. DROS records without names. Firearm Safety Certificates with FSC number, driver license number, race, gender. And if you know what you’re doing, yes, you can grab names. The state was even kind enoughto include a download button foe you to download the data. I took some screencaps (without names) to show some friends who own guns.

  8. And complete, total, mouth-breathing, paint-chip-eating morons like dacian the stupid and MinorIQ can’t understand why any of us would have ANY objection to government licensing/registration.

    This is my shocked face.

    I try to make a habit of purchasing guns “person-to-person” when I can. Now, ask me why. Go ahead, ask me.

      • ISWYDT!!!!

        Nunya, a counter-question: If you, personally, had the choice of buying a gun (pick the gun of your dreams) from a fully-compliant FFL, or in a legal transaction with a private party, which would YOU choose???

        True story: I had several pistols stored in a handgun safe, which was (deliberately) concealed behind a bunch of boxes in a storage closet. My eldest daughter had a party with a lot of friends. I was out of town. About a week later, two LA county deputy sheriffs showed up at my door, asking if I owned (named the two handguns). I said, “Sure, they’re in my handgun safe; I’ll show you.” I walked them to the closet, moved the boxes, and . . . the whole damn safe was gone. Turns out one of my daughter’s friends was dating a “gangbanger”, who’d used the opportunity of the party to steal, then he’d given/sold one of my guns to one of his gangbanger friends, who then got busted in an attempted mugging . . . using my gun. From the time of the punk’s arrest to the LA Sherrif’s office being at my door? About 12 hours. Oh, and no, I didn’t get my guns back. These were “collectibles” (which is why it took a week or so to discover they were missing; I don’t use them very often, trying to maintain the condition (a WW2-era Colt 1911 and an “original issue” Beretta M9).

        Yeah, I don’t want the local 5-0 all up in my business like that.

      • unicorn,

        See reply above to Nunya. While TECHNICALLY, in the Democratic People’s Socialist Republic of KKKalifornia, ALL firearm transfers require background checks now, this was not always true. Private transfers were exempt from background checks. Then I got smart, and moved to a civilized state where private transactions are PRIVATE, and even the FFLs do their NICS check by phone while you stand there. I prefer that the ATF keep its EXTREMELY long nose out of my damn business.

  9. An appropriate response from a California CCW permit holder is, “Now the criminals know whom not to mess with.” Jeff Cooper said that you are prepared to defend yourself when your attacker is in more danger from you than you are from him.

    • Yeah, but why warn him?? After all, the definition of a “fair fight” is a fight I win. I’d prefer the perp to actually be surprised when I say, “Say hello to my little friend.”

  10. Typical knee jerk California tyrant. Wonder what that Bonta is gonna do when bad guys start dying en mass from breaking into armed homes. Tyrants seldom have the intelligence to follow the logic needed to understand the inevetible outcome of their actions.

      • Yep. The Party of Science blamed Trump for a hurricane. They blamed the Syrian Civil War and resulting mass migration on climate change. They’ll say and do anything, and they’ll get away with it. No one paid a price for the Russia Collusion Hoax, so we’re living through Witch Hunt 2.0, the January 6th House Select Committee.

  11. Just like Terrorists. As long as they are allowed to continue to exist. They will destroy everything they come in contact with. They can’t be negotiated with or legislated away. Choices have to be made.

  12. Sadly, until these little “mishaps” come with personal costs born by the politicians to the tune of millions and millions of dollars, it will just keep happening.

    When Bonta has to pry open his own wallet and pay out millions in personal damage claims, suddenly these little “Oppsees” will miraculously stop.

  13. The release of this information probably had less to do with Bruen than a pending case seeking a restraining order against the release of firearms owners information to “researchers” as provided for by a new California statute passed last year. In other words, the AG is saying that the cat being out of the bag, the suit is moot. On the other hand, some information about CCW holders is deemed “public information ” here, but I don’t know the extent of what is public and what is not. I seem to recall that Bonta has been threatening to do this for some time.

    Moreover, as adverted to above, the information released was not limited to CCW holders, but accessible information included all DROS documents, thus exposing the names and addresses of all persons who purchased guns for the last 20 years or so.

  14. Could be a backfire.

    Most California permit holders are Connected People, and Vengeful Left. Exactly the kind you don’t want to piss off if you’re state AG.

    • Simple dirt-kicking has non-existent consequences.

      What they did puts families at risk…

  15. I am planning a trip to California and in the interest of transparency and my safety I would like the names and addresses of everyone that has been released from a mental institution and the drugs they were prescribed.
    What ? Cant do that, ahh come on, sure you can.

  16. two standards of justice guys, thats just the cross we bare on the right side of the isle. No laws that are applied to us will ever be applied to them.

  17. I will say I disagree at some level, if he posted may issue cc licenses I think it’s an important piece of data to analyze amd use to illustrate the corruption in the system.

    Analysis of the may issue system could create its own scandal

    • Can’t say for sure it’s still the same, but in LA, the standard way to get a CCW about 20 years ago was to make a $10,000 donation to the then-current LA Sheriff’s re-election campaign. Heard it was much the same in the Bay Area. Supposedly, many rural counties were actually legit – do the paperwork, pay the fee, get the NICS check, and you were good to go. I’m guessing the “voluntary” donation has probably gone up.

  18. What an A*hole! Definitely broke California’s own law on privacy and should be sued and personally held liable for any homes on that list that get robbed because of his total stupidity. He should be removed from office at very least. If this isn’t a prime example of why we don’t want the government having a national registry of guns with gun owners, I don’t know what is. California leads the way in treading backwards on individual rights and total lack of respect for the law and security of their citizens.

  19. Interesting that the publication of public records took so long to be implemented. Do we expect HIPPA applies to all personal information collected by government?

    Concealed carry means “concealed”, not “concealed identity”.

    Bankruptcies are public records, available to anyone who cares to research. Marriages/divorces are public records, available to anyone who cares to research. Land/property titles are public records, available to anyone who cares to research. Arrest records (very personal information) are available to the general public. Probate records (very personal info about wealth) are available to anyone who cares to research. The list goes on.

    Play with the government, and the government gets to play with you.

    • Maybe this is a game we shouldn’t have the government in then……

      Seriously though this is what the US Department of labor has to say on the matter:

      “Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is defined as:

      Any representation of information that permits the identity of an individual to whom the information applies to be reasonably inferred by either direct or indirect means. Further, PII is defined as information: (i) that directly identifies an individual (e.g., name, address, social security number or other identifying number or code, telephone number, email address, etc.) or (ii) by which an agency intends to identify specific individuals in conjunction with other data elements, i.e., indirect identification. (These data elements may include a combination of gender, race, birth date, geographic indicator, and other descriptors). Additionally, information permitting the physical or online contacting of a specific individual is the same as personally identifiable information. This information can be maintained in either paper, electronic or other media.

      Department of Labor (DOL) contractors are reminded that safeguarding sensitive information is a critical responsibility that must be taken seriously at all times. DOL internal policy specifies the following security policies for the protection of PII and other sensitive data:

      It is the responsibility of the individual user to protect data to which they have access. Users must adhere to the rules of behavior defined in applicable Systems Security Plans, DOL and agency guidance.
      DOL contractors having access to personal information shall respect the confidentiality of such information, and refrain from any conduct that would indicate a careless or negligent attitude toward such information. Contract employees also shall avoid office gossip and should not permit any unauthorized viewing of records contained in a DOL system of records. Only individuals who have a “need to know” in their official capacity shall have access to such systems of records.”

      Disclosure of bankruptcies, crimes, marriages/divorces, proerties etc. are given public notices due to the potential of people to come forward in order to make public claims against those people. Same with arrest records truthfully. There’s processes in the courts that are served by such public notices. What claims are people going to make against someone for having a mere act of having a concealed carry permit?

      • DOL internal policies are not binding on state government. Question might be whether or not intentional doxxing by Californication government is a violation of Calif law. And even then, state government might assert “compelling government interest” in establishing an open record of concealed carry records.

        Of course, “Oooopppss; data breach. We’ll get to the bottom of this.” is an effective means of evading even federal law mandating PII for any level of government within the 57 states.

        Leftists don’t usually win by some sort of existential battle, but by wearing down the endurance of the opposition. The vast majority of people obtain meaning for their lives through a myriad of activities. Leftists obtain meaning by engaging in a struggle against everyone else. Leftists are all about constant warfare with the world around them.

        The bulk of the people of a nation are not on mission to change the world around them, not prepared to be at war 24/7, while also trying to sustain and support themselves and their families.

        I remember a time when politics was not all consuming, and the operations of the US government (and states) did not dominate the news, daily.

    • “Unsurprising, no resolution expected.”

      Putting a parent’s child at risk is a real good way to anger someone, and angry people vote.

      This has the potential really motivate us to turn out…

  20. Apparently, the Calif AG issued a letter to state agencies to drop “good cause” proof in making decisions on whether a person is granted a concealed permit. Instead, the AG advises that a person must be evaluated against a “good moral character” criterion. In making “good moral character” judgements, social media, and mental health evaluations are included in the decision-making.

    “Good moral character” is the direct equivalent of “good cause”; subjective standard. The Cali AG and Governor are fully aware of this language sleight-of-hand, and essentially declared, “So, sue me”. And while that lawsuit winds through the courts for the next 10yrs, concealed carry permits remain rare, just as before “Bruen”.

    Other states will adopt the Cali example.

    Question: Are FOID cards, required to purchase firearms and/or ammunition compliant with “Bruen”? Even if Ill-noise doesn’t try to engage in trickery, as in Cali?

    • They don’t have any of the criteria above, if you ever had a bout of mental anything though good luck.

      Also, Cook County’s sheriff is known for shooting down CC permits just because. It’s known as “darting.”

    • “Are FOID cards, required to purchase firearms and/or ammunition compliant with “Bruen”?”

      I believe there are lawsuits in the ‘pipeline’ dealing with ammo purchase background checks…

      • Reasoning under “Breun”, I would think FOID cards, issued using objective criteria (including the non-objective, “mental” criteria listed by Kav, are permissible.

        Thomas,, enshrined permission slips as constitutional. FOIDs are permission slips. A permission slip, by any other name is still a permission slip. Not seeing a logical way to stratify permission slips.

        Thomas,, declared the Second Amendment a first-class “right”, and immediately established the means to make it so. Who must obtain a permission slip, of any nature, to assert their 4th and 5th Amendment rights?

        • 25 States no longer require permission slips (carry or purchase). There will be more in the next 12 months. When does the Left realize they’ve lost?

        • gunny,

          They do if you want to buy from an FFL. While Bruen is a good start, anyone who thinks the 2A is now “equal” with other BoR rights is engaging in self-delusion.

  21. The real court case will come when people find out there is not a single famous person name or address listed. Everyone knows there are a lot of famous people in Hollywood that have been approved for carry permits a long time ago. The fact that he “accidentally forgot” to list these will come to light in the near future and that will be grounds for a lawsuit for cherry picking his transparency.

  22. Click clack polish polish, nice and shiny, no carbon, no dirt no grease, mirror bore, lightly oiled, Click clack nice and shiny.

  23. This kind of lunacy is precisely why so many people are leaving California. It is the reason why that state has the crime problem it does. This state’s leadership (if you can call it that) is creating problems and making them worse.

    What this comes down to is more corruption, death, and destruction. People will just ignore any and all law (which is the very definition of anarchy). It will not matter who is the criminal and who isn’t. Guns WILL be had and had by an increasing number of people. Things like this just insures that those firearms are less and less likely to be purchased through an FFL specifically so there is no way to trace. People are going to carry guns and this kind of bs just insures that even the ‘good guys’ will carry them illegally. Thus making the whole thing backfire.

    It does NOT matter if you are pro or anti gun. These kinds of actions should bother you. Specifically because of the implications and the dangers involved in the after affects and unintended consequences. Even for anti-gun folks wanting abortions, the willful disregard for peoples rights and safety puts EVERYONE at extreme risk. A bullet in motion seeks something to hit. It does NOT care one way or the other anything about who fired it. A cop, criminal, teacher, or parent. That’s not to mention other areas of life like ID theft. If your anti-gun and you think your side has struck a blow against concealed carriers by doing this then you completely miss the bigger picture. You might be missing it anyway if taking everyone’s guns away is ALL you can see.

    IMO, if you are a resident of California then you ARE in danger. REGARDLESS of who you are.

  24. Meanwhile… Republicans have fucking lost it and are going on record saying they are tired of separation of church and state. We truly are divided beyond repair. This country is rooted in religious hypocrisy and it needs to stop. Democrats are so far left they want full on socialism/communism whatever the modern spin on it is. America needs a candidate not tied to super PACs, not a billionaire elitist prick with bad hair, and not a commie scum. Is it really so hard to ask for? Ffs. Centric, Independent. All else can fuck off at this point.

    • Republicans are on record saying that tbey are tired of separation of church and state? Say what, now?

      First, read Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptists. Then re-read the part of 1A that says, “…or prohibit the free exercise thereof.”

      Then, take some slow, deep breaths. You seem to be hyperventilating.

  25. Waiting for the cops/sheriffs in California to start pulling CCW holders over, and visiting homes and places of employment, “randomly” for ‘permit checks’. The Nazis did that, would demand checks of ‘papers’ of ‘undesirables’ any time they chose to do so, until they started rounding them up and locking them away in death camps or ‘ghettos’ then there was no need for ‘papers’ checks any longer.

    The possible fall out from this goes far beyond a very real possibly that CCW holders and their loved ones would be targets of crime. It also extends into the society aspect; For example, a business that is anti-gun may choose to not promote a person because they are on the CCW list because a gun owner to them may be deemed ‘irresponsible’ or may choose to fire that person because they consider them a ‘public safety’ danger to their employees – all of which by the way are “justified” reasons in the ‘immediate’ effect in California law (until a court says otherwise) for employment purposes and would have no problem getting through the anti-gun California courts. It could be any number of things from being shunned to outright attacked/stalked/intimidation/ to a CCW holders family being shunned and denied social or other interactions in society especially the kids.

    Essentially, the same thing happened in nazi Germany. Hitlers minions published and kept ‘registration’ lists of ‘undesirables’ (e.g. jews, blacks, gay, etc…), being ‘transparent’ so that ‘good Germans would know’ and for ‘research’ and so as to foster “trust between the German government and good germans” (yes, these were among actual reasons given by the Nazis). We saw how that worked out so well for several millions and the rest of the world back then. Now today we see a resurgence of this Nazi practice with Bonta, and overall by the President of the United States and democrats and the liberal left and the news media by their insistence on stigmatizing law abiding gun owners as basically “undesirables”.

    • The parallel with Bonta’s actions to that of the actions of nazi Germany is so close as to be indistinguishable in its essence. It simply can not be ignored and brushed aside as ‘politics’. It is clear, has been clear, that anti-gun, the President of the United States, the media, the liberal left, Bonta and the State of California, and some other states and state AG’s, have declared ‘war’ on law abiding citizen gun owners and has labeled law abiding gun owners as ‘undesirables’ to be ‘dealt with and controlled’. In the nazi Germany regime the nazis also used the concept that ‘undesirables were to be dealt with and controlled’.

  26. @gunnygene
    “When does the Left realize they’ve lost?”

    Never. Ultimately, they win. It is all about raw power, to be wielded as necessary to obtain and retain power. Means are simply tools to an end; nothing is off the table.

    During negotiations for the armistice in Korea, the UN people would work very hard to establish some piece of ground as being N or S Korea. After some time passes, the Norks (Chinese) would return to some point already established, and demand to re-negotiate the matter. At one session, as soon as the Norks started talking, the entire UN delegation silently stood up, and walked out the door. The Norks became unhinged at the change in UN tactics; UN unpredictability was something they were not prepared for, expecting, nor understanding of the meaning. Fearing the war would resume, the Norks became very accommodating (at least less belligerent than before). Point being, negotiation is a weapon for Lefties; defeat an incentive to double down, and keep pushing.

    Evil never rests.

    We were warned.

    • The left doesn’t ultimately win. It may seem like they’re going to win right up until the moment that they don’t. But if you’ll look at the history of the world and the Bible you’ll see that God and Jesus win. Which doesn’t mean we won’t have battles to fight some of which we might lose. But we know the final ending. An example is Haman in the Book of Esther. He thought he was going to kill off all the Jews and God turned the tables on him and he wound up being hung on his own gallows. Be of good cheer.

      • “The left doesn’t ultimately win.”

        “Ultimately” is a very long time, even when referencing biblical measures. Meantime, one must ponder who was given power over the Earth. In this day, we, the nation that Ronaldo Magnuss declared was a beacon on the hill, are causing its children to walk through the fire. Nations guilty of that in the past are no more (for a long time).

        But yes, if one reads the last chapter in the book, justice is done. It is written out already. People can understand that since the ending is known, there is no reason for despair. Talking reality of human existence is another matter, entirely.

        • There will be suckitude in the coming days. But we have to look at it as an adventure until Jesus comes.

  27. Where is this list at? I’d like to see it because it might shed some light on why they popped me for a “randomly chosen out of 50” psych eval.

  28. For the record:

    Robert Andres Bonta Age 50 (Sep 1971)

    1819 San Jose Ave
    Alameda, CA 94501

    (510) 872-5141 – Wireless
    (510) 521-2433 – Landline
    (203) 865-7871 – Landline

  29. “You see, Bonta has created a handy reference guide for burglars, home invaders and other criminals.” Whenever a CCW holder’s home is invaded/burglarized, the victim should charge Bonta with aiding and abetting. being an accomplice to the act.

  30. I’m more scared about giving this information to other countries. If they where to invade now they know where the guns are. The AG should be held accountable this is truly sickening.


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