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Technically correct. Get it? You see what I did there?


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  1. I just left Tijuana, Mexico and the Mexican National Guard uses a similar setup to patrol the streets. (You can believe me that these soldiers won’t tolerate any crap from violent Cartel members).

    • @The Captain

      “You can believe me that these soldiers won’t tolerate any crap from violent Cartel members.”

      Let me complete that for you..

      You can believe me that these soldiers won’t tolerate any crap from violent Cartel members IF they don’t get their routine bribes.

  2. I’d settle for Ma Duce in the back of a new F 150. And maybe a half ton of ammo as well.

    Oh, yeah, and some gas.

    • Depending on which bullet your 50 BMG cartridges are loaded with, your 1/2 ton would only yield (roughly) 4,200 rounds (not including links). Further assuming a rate of fire around 750 RPM (depending on which model of M2 you have) your 4.2k rounds would only give a total of FIVE and a half minutes of light ’em up time….YMMV.

      Conclusion: I want LOTS more than 1/2 ton of ammo for my M2….and some gas.

      • Substantially more than we had on the MATV’s but we also had at least 3 other trucks, qrf, and some level of air support so your idea may be the better one.

      • Oh hell, you wouldn’t overload it a bit?

        I hauled 7200 lbs of shingles to the dump in a 1974 c20 with oem leaf springs. I still got that truck, and if you tell me I can have all the ammo I can carry for free I bet she can handle 7200 again. I had one of those 2010 king ranch f150 for a while, but the bed was like 3 feet long or at least it felt like so I got rid of it. But I hauled some weight in that too though I never scaled anything in that.

        • ‘I hauled 7200 lbs of shingles to the dump in a 1974 c20 with oem leaf springs.’

          Really? How many trips did that take?

        • One trip. It had plywood sides on it to hold that much. I do not have a photo of that, but I do have a video of that truck hauling a mostly empty 53’ semi trailer around farm and photo of it pulling a Deere 3010 with dual rears to the dealership. These old pickups will do a lot if you don’t care about breaking things.

      • OK, so now I guess I really need one of those old Dillon Aeros. Would also need a hell of a lot more ammo, although it’s a mouse gun compared to the 50.

        Speaking of 50s- anyone ever read
        “We Band Of Brother’s” by RE “Peppy” Blount? Bought it at a gun show for $5. About the use of a bunch of B-25s in the Pacific late in WW2. No bombs, just 8 50s in the nose, used against Japanese shipping. Pretty much a suicide run even to get them airborne.

        Those were real men.

  3. What you need is a 23mm stripped out of a broke ass mig and a set of jumper cables and a truck battery to fire it.

  4. That technical was ok in the day. Now we demand better firepower, something in the line of a GAU-8. Also need to upgrade carrying capacity of the vehicle, something with military grade aluminum? Options should include an ammo trailer. Now get this in a M792 with a better power plant and better speeds, we may have something acceptable for going to the grocery store in.

    • You’ll need an ammo trailer for any kind of motorized gatling gun doo-hickey, and you’ll be easy to follow with that bright spent brass trail flowing behind you…

      • Check this out –

        “Regular rounds fired by the GAU 8 also known as PGU-14/B Armour Piercing Incendiary Depleted Uranium Rounds comes at a hefty price of $136.70 dollars a pop. An A 10 carries 1200 rounds of ammunition. That means everytime an A 10 empties it’s mag, it costs a whopping $159,746 dollars.”

        Somehow, that makes paying 55 cents a round for 5.56 kinda reasonable…

        • Hate manually loading AR mags? Early on, it used to take Air Force ground crews over 20 man-hours to prep a single Avenger (GAU 8/A) ammunition drum cassette. In the late 70’s, an engineering company in Tallahassee submitted the winning design for an automated reloading system, after a multi-million dollar program cost. ( I worked for a firm sub – contracting part of that design at the time) So, what did the taxpayers gain? Probably the ability to watch ground support staff playing cribbage, millions of dollars worth of cribbage.

  5. “guys literally want only one thing and it’s fuc*ing disgusting.”

    Well, if they paid just a little more attention to the ‘maintenance’, maybe it wouldn’t be so disgusting.

    Just sayin’.

    (And, 3, 2, 1… 🙂 )

  6. Unstable platform.
    Which of the fighting vehicles have those suspensions that harden at push of a button? That’s what we want. A bouncy pickup will be good out to what? 100 yards?

    • At the time, those Toyota 4X4s were damn effective for how little ll-up they cost.

      The trucks themselves cost them them nothing, they were hidden in “Agriculture technical assistance” UN grants…

  7. I’ve tried shooting precision rifles out of a truck and the wind was buffeting the truck and swinging the crosshairs hopelessly around at about 300 yards.
    I can guess these Toyota are great for spraying bullets around but not useful at AA or anything at range. Anybody out there try shooting a 12.7 off one of these ? Doesn’t the recoil react the suspension?

  8. I want some DMT and to be and to be able to drink as much as I did when I was in my 20s without a hangover. Maybe better movies too.

    • You trying to track me down? I’m in Colesburg, Ky. Guy with the big ass lake in his front field and the 45 foot American flagpole by the house. Roll down your windows and listen for the shooting every Saturday. I ain’t hiding from anybody. Quit screwing around on the internet and come have a bourbon or a beer.

  9. How about a Tata 3-wheeler with Quad mount .22LR Brownings ? (yes, the classic rifle)
    Let your dog drive, while you shoot.

    • i suspect they’ll sell many. first two levels are hybrid, gas is twin turbo four. unibody truck (ridgeline) kills it for me. nothing like an awd rastro. only the rear two thirds are unibody.

  10. Already have an old deuce and a half. Give me the Ma Deuce and a couple tons of ammo, and fill the diesel tanks. Perhaps something like the Viet era gun trucks. Or just let me have a surplus Stryker.

  11. I talked to an old Canadian vet if Korean War and he described (I think after the war) training with 105 recoilless rifles mounted to Jeeps. The idea was to race into the field with dozens of Jeeps and engage wide tank columns. They had stationary targets to hit and just the jiggle of the jeep engine made that nearly impossible. He said it was farcical. The tanks would have just exterminated them. But it looked extremely cool. But the French antitank scooter was even better.

  12. It gets better! Note the kamikaze option from wiki The “Bazooka Vespa” was relatively cheap: Vespas cost roughly US$500 at the time, and the M20s were plentiful.[citation needed] 600 of them were produced, between 1956 and 1959. It had a cart, and also came with two cans of fuel. [3]

    The scooter themselves were original civilian produced VB1T models, 150 cc capacity engine. The engine was two stroke, top speed of 60 km/h, enough speed to ram any vehicles if needed in an emergency, or move the user from the drop site to the area where the paratrooper was needed. [4]


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