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I suppose it’s either that or he’s going to take up biathlon.


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  1. *removes dog tags*

    Oh, we’re going straight up Notorious then?

    [Imitates Bender speaking on grave robbing] “I’ll get my kit!”.

    On a serious note though, meming dangerously and the act being funny probably ain’t a great sign of where we are or where we’re headed.

    • (Though I guess we’re not yet to jokes about the dog yelling “Havoc!”, so that’s something… I’m not sure what, but it’s something.)

      • Cry havoc and let slip the hounds of war. Shakespeare didn’t know about the doggos and the A.sshaT. F**ks. Even if the Po-Po make an address error then shoot your 4 legged pal. Oppps sorry, and they don’t even get you another. Tis a sad world indeed when the Pups have to poop wearing body armor.

        • Hence the “Notorious” comment.

          Specifically I was thinking of the lines

          they get shady, we get shady
          dress up like ladies and burn ’em with dirty .380’s

          The song actually kinda sounds like dealing with a .gov agency when you think about it:

        • Biggie died more like what he was before he started rapping.

          A gang affiliated drug dealer who made a ton of enemies.

    • “Is that a gun safe key hanging off that freedom fighters collar there?”

      Probably, with no opposable thumbs, that handsome pupper’s gonna have problems getting the safe open by himself, let alone aim a rifle he finds in there for a biathlon…

      • The point of putting something like that on a dog’s collar is that the dog gains opposable thumbs when unauthorized people attempt to get the key.

    • Only if it’s a Canadian rescue doggo. I hear it varies by locale; in the Swiss Alps it’s a small barrel of schnaps, in France it’s a chunk of cheese wrapped in a white cloth, in California (sorry jwm) it’s prob a loaded hash pipe or at least a pack of Zig Zags (white), in New York and Connecticut it’s a gov release waiver, in Idaho n Texas it’s a loaded Pmag…

  2. No one I ever worked with liked shooting a dog. Does anyone out there not understand that? Is that plain enough English for everyone? I hope so, because three men siced a beautiful pit bull terrier on me and an animal control officer. One I would have loved to have had as a pet. A companion to Red. Red was one of the best pits that ever owned me. We were there because the dog had mauled three different children in three separate attacks. Enough was enough. As he attacked me and Wade I felt I no choice but to draw and shoot. I would rather have shot the meth head brothers that turned him out the door on us than the dog. Wasn’t his fault. Just doing what his master told him to do. When that pit was two feet from my boot tips I was in a four foot space between the house on my right and a car on my left. Wade had my retreat blocked. All I wanted to do was knock on the door. And stand by so there would be no trouble between te dog owner and animal control. Instead that mouth full of teeth with 80 lbs. of muscle pushing it looked like a deadly weapon too me. I killed it. I got a little drunk that night.

    • First, thank you for being willing to serve your community. i am quite certain that you are only of the majority of LEOs that serve with dignity and a desire to keep your community safe.

      Second, this meme is not about you. It is about the LEOs who are too caught up in their personal fantasies and seem to be LARPing Wyatt Earp pre-Tombstone. There are too many incidents where a dog is killed because officers did not take a more patient approach to resolving the issue.

    • I’m sorry the subjects put you in that terrible situation, forcing you into a heart rending decision.
      It’s no comfort, but I acknowledge the dogs faithful service to his owners, they were clearly unworthy of such loyalty.

      You have my sympathies.

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

        “Take the hint old man!”

        Take your own advice, little boy, and sod off… πŸ˜‰

  3. The dog looks more like he very much wants that stupid rag off his head than like he feels any hostility towards an ATF officer he’s never sniffed.

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