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      • Not sure, but any time I ever slapped an H&K charging handle it waa with my left hand. At least on 91/G-3s, 93/33s and MP 5/5SD/K. Never could come to soil my hands with a 94.

  1. Point taken. You can schtup Jada Pinkett Smith all she wants, but don’t tease her about her ‘do.

        • I love slapping you and your boy Lamp around every day on this site, and you two ain’t got nothin’ to say about it because you’re both yellow 🤣.

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey) PR

          Awww, the little boy who won’t take his medicine is still whining like a petulant 2-year old.

          Dance, troll. I order you to humiliate yourself even more… 😉

    • He didn’t “tease her about her ‘do”

      He ridiculed Jada Pinkett Smith because her health condition had caused most of her hair to fall out.

      He had previously publicly ridiculed her as well, and make jokes at her expense on the 2016 Oscars.

      Tell me, manly men of TTAG, how would you handle it if an adult male ridiculed your wife over her health condition, in front of 15 million people.

      “Hey Ralph, looks like your wife’s finally losing that weight now that the cancer is eating up her cervix!”

      • A man doesn’t sissy slap another man.

        A man doesn’t walk away when the other man just stands there grinning back after you hit him with your best shot.

      • …in front of 15 million people.

        15 million people watched the oscars? Wow, I remember when people used to care about celebrities. Heck, we’ve had nearly that many people become first-time gun buyers in the last 2 years.

      • Let me guess… Words are violence to you?

        If an adult male made a tame crack at my wife’s cosmetic condition, I’d shrug it off and get on with the better things in my life. At the end of the day, I’m lucky enough to have a wife that isn’t a fragile snowflake.

        Then again… My wife isn’t on the prowl for strange, so I can’t really relate.

      • Miner… buddy.

        First off, it’s a host’s job to roast the audience. It isn’t like Chris approached them out in public and started targeted harassment of her. He’s hosting an awards ceremony and roasting everyone. It’s his job. That’s every awards ceremony ever. It’s a tradition for elites winning awards to take some flak. It ain’t that complicated.

        Secondly, Alopecha ONLY affects the hair It doesn’t cause it all to fall out, just patches of it. It’s not terminal and it has no other impacts on her health. Stop acting like it’s cancer. That’s a terrible take. You’re preaching to a mostly male space who will either have to deal with hair loss themselves or know many friends and family who do.

        GI Jane is a badass and not every actress can pull it off. It’s probably the most mild joke of the night.

        Finally, if you think physical violence over words is an appropriate action, then I hope I never meet you in person. I have no desire to be around mentally weak and physically violent people. Get help

      • Miner, I don’t think you even believe what you’re saying. I think you’ve taken a position that runs contrary to what the people on here are saying, purely because you’re a troll. You’re really advocating violence over mild jokes? Trying to pretend like patchwork hair loss is cancer? You have got to be the most disingenuous person I’ve ever read posts from.

        I gotta be honest here. I think you’re actually a pro gun guy who’s pretending to be an ass just to get the rest of the community to band together. If not, then you SHOULD be. You have an ability to say the most asinine, unsupported dribble that I’ve ever heard. You’re not changing minds, you’re just getting the rest of the pro gun community to band together tighter.

        Advocating for violence over jokes. What a clown.

      • He didn’t “tease her about her ‘do”

        He was definitely teasing her about her hairdo. Definitely.

        He ridiculed Jada Pinkett Smith because her health condition had caused most of her hair to fall out.

        No. He was teasing her about shaving her head and now she looks like GI Jane.

        He had previously publicly ridiculed her as well, and make jokes at her expense on the 2016 Oscars.

        Comedians make jokes.

        Tell me, manly men of TTAG, how would you handle it if an adult male ridiculed your wife over her health condition, in front of 15 million people.

        At the oscars where everyone was wearing a suit? I’d laugh it off. Obviously. A good woman would NOT want me to commit illegal assault, on stage, embarrassing myself, globally. That’s for sure!

        If my wife was as thin-skinned as Jada Pinko Smith, I probably would have laughed my ass off. People who are thin skinned, get ridiculed for a reason.

        “Hey Ralph, looks like your wife’s finally losing that weight now that the cancer is eating up her cervix!”

        Even if Chris Rock said it, you don’t get to assault someone because you got offended. Zero surprise you support assaulting people that offend you.

      • I wouldn’t be caught dead watching the phony Love Fest of the Woke, but “Oscar” is the little fake gold statue with the same hair do as Willie’s squeeze, apparently. (I wouldn’t have known any of this but it’s about all talk radio could cover yesterday and I was making an 8 hour drive.)

        Perhaps Smith(?) would’ve made a better cultural statement by whipping out a 9 mm and blasting away, missing Rock(?) completely but fragging about 10 in the audience… Then it would’ve looked more real life and not like a bunch of actors.

    • My daughter mentioned it was on last night, but I got rid of cable a few years ago (and never bothered getting setup to view local network stations). Not that I would’ve watched it. The only time I’ve watched any award show was because some girl in my life was watching it.

    • That’s the point. That’s why it’s fake. Like when Musk broke the truck window… Obvious attention whore is obvious.

    • this show has fallen a long way…most folks have had it with their political snark and sub-par products…sort of like checking out the handprints at Mann’s only to encounter a pile of human feces…the glamour is gone…

  2. Lol
    Two grown men…and it’s a ‘slap’?
    C’mon man?!

    Men used to punch. I guess that’s Hollywood for ya.

      • Well… It was fake so… Looks like a lot of people fell for this attention seeking stunt. Ben Affleck was really at Pearl Harbor though. I seent it on TV so it must otta be true.

  3. I wonder if it was planned. I don’t put anything past these attention seekers. I know if I was pissed enough to slap someone over a remark, it would have put him on the floor and wouldn’t be open handed.

    • “I wonder if it was planned.”

      I doubt it.

      Insult comics at awards shows is a Hollywood thing, look how Ricky Gervais did the 2020 Golden Globes :

    • Whatever happened to the good old-fashioned collar grab into haymaker, into everybody’s joins in and wrecks all the furniture?

  4. Just an extension of the crime wave overwhelming the country. No one should be surprised at this act. I wasn’t.

    • Google “cuckold”. The not so fresh prince was defending his gal’s “honor” or lack thereof. The “butt” of jokes as it were. Never expose your sordid laundry. Air it out😎

  5. Let me tell you something. I had to decline my invitation to the Academy Awards. And I believe a Yellowstone Marathon interfered with my watching on television. I had something similar happen to my wife and I. It wasn’t in Hollywood. It was in the local IGA. On a Sunday afternoon. They were not busy. Three or four checkout lanes of 12 open. No waiting. We were checking out. I had placed all our items on the conveyor and passed the cart to Mary. From her to the bag boy. Mary was prepared to write the check when a young man entered the store. He began toward the registers as a short cut. Who hasn’t? Except he made a bee line for our lane. As he approached he began to loudly announce, ” ‘scuse me! ‘scuse me! Coming through!” My wife pressed herself against the counter to allow him to pass. My blood boiled. I know I shouldn’t have done it. I was still standing at the end of the conveyor. I had not made eye contact, but I was watching with my peripheral vision. I don’t think he thought Mary and I were together. As he drew alongside I forearmed him across the throat. (I didn’t use the elbow. He didn’t need an ambulance ride. Just a lesson.) After he, and half the candy rack, hit the floor he looked up and yelled, “Yo’ man! What’s your problem!?” We now had everyone’s attention. I leaned over a little and said, “I don’t have problem. But, now you do. I will give you one chance to walk away from me. One.” Him, “That’s cool.” He scrambled to his feet an disappeared. To their credit the cashier never stopped doing their jobs. When it was over Mary handed the young woman a check. She looked at me and said, “I’m so glad you did that. He acts that way everywhere he goes.” The bag boy was going to take our groceries to our car (remember those days)? I told him I had it. He said, “You did the right thing, man.” I said, “Sorry about the mess.” Candy bars were everywhere. He smiled and said, “No problem.” Point is, if you don’t learn manners at your parents knee, someone else is going to teach you later.

    • “I forearmed him across the throat. (I didn’t use the elbow. He didn’t need an ambulance ride. Just a lesson.) After he, and half the candy rack, hit the floor”

      Let’s go to our studio audience and get their opinion:

      “Just an extension of the crime wave overwhelming the country. No one should be surprised at this act. I wasn’t“

      “Again, is this any different than the wider demographic segment?“

      “Black on black violence has infested every aspect of life“

    • “Point is, if you don’t learn manners at your parents knee, someone else is going to teach you later.”

      Hear that, obsessed, obviously brain-damaged and mentally-ill demented troll (who deserves to live in New Jersey)?

      Did you hear that, (very) little boy?

      If I were you, I’d listen… 🙂

  6. I don’t even begin to understand some of the above comments. I don’t care what you think of Hollywood, or the people involved in this incident, or even the movies they’ve been in. One man insulted another man’s wife over a medical condition, in public, and laughed about it. Men have died for less in duels. I think an open handed slap and a little strong language was restrained. It’s now up to Chris Rock to demand satisfaction. Let’s see if either of these guys have street creds.

      • Might have been, either way is this really the black on black violence that the media/twitter finally acknowledges exists and is a problem?

    • “One man insulted another man’s wife over a medical condition, in public, and laughed about it“

      And there is a history of it, Chris Rock insulted Jada Pinkett Smith publicly at the 2016 Oscars as well.

      I agree with you Gaddy, and the multiple comments above reveal that most on the TTAG list are either racists or cowards.

      • In case you and some others haven’t figured it out yet- Chris Rock was HIRED to “roast” all of the Hollywood snowflakes at the event. That’s what he was there to do. In public life, no one is sacred and laughs are the desired result.

        IIRC from the clips being played all day on the radio, there was plenty of laughter when he made the “G I Jane” joke connection.

        I’d like to think I’d stick up for my wife, or ANYONE ELSE, should a situation arise where it would be appropriate. I’d also like to think I could use my brain as the “first response” rather than try to escalate soft verbal to violence.

        Oh, of course it’d require me to actually think first, something many have sadly not learned to do. I guess I could always assault someone, then wait to see what happens next. How long, then, until I’m forced to draw my P365? I doubt the prosecutor will buy my claim of “standing my ground”, especially when I chose to toss in the first physical contact…

        • And as to Minor’s tired, worn out and over-used charge of “racism”, pointing out the obvious can hardly make one guilty in the real world. Of, it’ll bring on attempts at cancelling one in a lot of circles, especially on social media. It’s one of the reasons I don’t participate in it, unless TTAG and a couple other blogs “count” as social media. My name may be getting dragged through the mud somewhere but it doesn’t get back to me.

      • Let’s see you, Dacian, countless throwaway accounts of situation dependent names. To be honest not sure there are more than two actual posters that fit your narrative.

    • “Black on black violence has infested every aspect of life”

      I don’t know, over a decade ago the Christian religious leaders were slapping the shit out of each other long before Chris rock ridiculed a woman suffering from a debilitating disease.

      “The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, believed to be the site of Jesus’ birth, has seen its fair share of fighting over the years. The church’s ownership is shared among the Greek Orthodox, Armenian Apostolic, and Roman Catholic Churches.

      This arrangement has at times been less than peaceful. In December 2011, Greek and Armenian monks were cleaning the church when a dispute broke out about whether each group was encroaching on the other’s space. The argument turned physical, and brooms went flying. Security forces had to break up the tussle.“

      And all that over a made-up deity who condones slavery, rape and sexually abusing children, fascinating!

      • FWIW: There are Christian-based “religions”, and then there are actual Christians- people like me who actually believe He is (not was) the son of our Creator, that He actually walked on water and performed many miracles, was physically killed so we wouldn’t be ashamed of our own lousy existence, and was raised to life again and still lives, offering a second chance to those who will, merely by their faith and not sight, believe this.

        The “churches” you refer to in your link are, then and now, little more than tribes.

        Nor do I consider members of the Methodist, Catholic, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, Lutheran (etc.) churches to actually be Christians in the sense that they really believe what I wrote in the first sentence. In reality, and in light of the wokeness from the pulpits of many of those institutions and their central governing boards, it is increasingly less likely they really “buy” any of the Good News.

        Intentions over actions. (Which brings us right back to the Oscars incident.)

        • Understand that Miner is always looking for any excuse to engage in Christian bashing. He’s a bigot of the first order. But he has said multiple times that he will always defend Muslims. He doesn’t care about their religion either, he just understands that they’re a part of his tribe.

  7. Don’t know much about doing that to an MP5, but I know about doing that to my CETME. 😛

  8. I dont get mad when people say my girlfiend looks like a chimpanzee , I just figure they’re jealous and wish they could feed her the banana like I do .
    I hope she doesn’t lose her hair though, then she’d look like the naked ape that dacian is always talking about.

    • “I hope she doesn’t lose her hair”

      She has lost most of her hair due to a disease called alopecia.

      I’m always saddened by those who find humor in other folks misfortune.

      Unfortunately, weak and insecure men often insult women folk in public, especially women who are suffering from a health condition, because they know there’s unlikely to be any consequence.

      I think in this case, her husband responded appropriately.

      • I have a feeling you wouldn’t be defending Huckabee had he slapped around the Lefties making fun of his daughter’s looks.

        • Well I think it’s inappropriate to ridicule someone for their looks, if it is a choice they’ve made, such as a dress style or exhibiting the sin of gluttony, it is one thing.

          But when a man ridicules another man’s wife, in public and laughs about it, that’s an entirely different matter. Her medical condition is beyond her control, alopecia is an auto immune disorder that’s often linked with other autoimmune symptoms such as IBS, lupus, diabetes, etc.

        • “the sin of gluttony”

          Most of us could do better with diet, but there’s this thing called genetics that’s impossible to overcome. Some people are destined to be thin, and some aren’t, no matter what they do. BTW, they made fun of her face as well. I guess you’re saying it’s okay to be cruel to people about their lifestyle choices. We should publicly ridicule gay people with an STD, right? I’m sure the Left will get right on that one. Surely you aren’t blind enough to miss the double standard. It all comes back to tribalism.

      • Security should have broke him in half soon after the assault..and the cops should have swept up the crumbs of Smith…He should be in jail and fined by the FCC for his mouth..

  9. If you slap a dude isn’t one of them required to call for a duel at dawn? I’m not up on the rules of which challenges and which sets the time/place/weapons. Properly execute would have been a public service to erase one of these idiots.

  10. Either staged or Will is completely p-whipped because he laughed pretty hard first.

  11. Whatever you think about the Hollywood types involved, insulting a man’s wife, is just not a good idea.
    Since I haven’t watched any of the self-congratulatory awards shows since my sister demanded we watch such when I was a child, I honestly had no idea this was on the idiot box last night.

  12. Chris Rock is a natural smart a$$. He is known to insult and intimidate people pretending its comedy, but he really means it and at his core he is basically a thug bully and this peeks through from time to time. But he got lucky in life and was able to put on this false cloak of ‘respectability’ to be seen as ‘legitimate’ by use of fame and money through use of comedy, in a way much like gang leaders do in their territory using fear and intimidation even though they may be weaker and smaller like Chris Rock.

    Most people have seen it in its beginnings in some form when they were kids. A small example … that one bully kid who walked past another and did that sudden fake bow-up move like they are going to hit them to get them to react and make them fear they are going to be hit. Most of these types grow up to remain thug bullies in their adult life. They really mean it, and later in life when they are adults they simply sometimes change the way they do it and for Chris Rock its the guise of comedy.

    Such people are very irritating, and should not be trusted. Chris Rock’s actions here by insulting Will Smith’s wife are not atypical of others in the Black or White or Hispanic or other racial demographic communities, those that do things to provoke or challenge or goad you, daring you, to do something about them to stop their antisocial and unacceptable behavior.

    Last year we saw an extreme example of this with BLM ‘protests’ across the country, and Rittenhouse in Kenosha. BLM ‘peaceful’ protestors were burning and looting, or causing general mayhem, and assaulting people and daring the police to do anything about it and did it overall under the guise of ‘peaceful protest’ attempting to put on that false cloak of ‘respectability’ to be seen as legitimate – like Chris Rock in his insult in the guise of comedy caused general mayhem in provoking Smith, Rock using his guise of comedy false cloak of ‘respectability’. In Kenosha we saw white and black carry out this tactic on others under the guise of ‘peaceful protest’ claiming a false cloak of ‘respectability’ to be seen as legitimate until some of them were stopped by Rittenhouse as they criminally and with intent and viscous force and serious injury or deadly force means assaulted him. At their core these ‘peaceful protestors’ were thug bullies, and a lot of them were down right criminals with a history of crime and hurting others.

    That’s the thing about such people, they continue until they are stopped.

    Should Will Smith have reacted the way he did? Well, maybe not and maybe yes. The concept is a man doesn’t let his wife be insulted, and yes Chris Rock was the thug bully goading Smith. But Will Smith’s actions were seen around the world. No matter the emotion involved it was a crime of assault, actual black on black crime played out for the world to see and granted not a major crime but black on black crime it was and nothing will be done about it, no arrest or charges or even a scolding really, and maybe a little bit of bad press but most of it ‘forgiving’. Smith had other things he could have done like handling it in private like adults or ignoring it, society would say if it were not a famous person. But its ok because its Will Smith so he gets to just walk away no matter the false sentiment of the bro-makeup hug later and Rock saying he would not file a complaint, for the optics and PR sake.

    But no matter what society would say or what should or should not have been done, there is another problem here. That problem is that even if they were not watching the show millions of kids hear about it via the internet and it does not provide a very good lesson and example to the million of Black kids for whom Will Smith and Chris Rock are revered role model figures of Black success, it simply reinforced the concept among many Black youth that thuggery and ‘violence’ is the way and you can get away with it.

    • Also, it illustrated that at any time one can be attacked even if they walk up to you smiling. And this also is why we carry, because you never know when it will happen. Although, this Smith/Rock incident was not as violent as the thousands of times daily across the United States that life threatening violence is visited upon law abiding people going about their lives not bothering anyone. Another example reinforcing the need to be prepared.

    • I can’t argue any of that. You make several good points. I can’t help but wonder if Smith would have laughed it off but for his wife nudging him saying “hey, did you hear that? you should kick his butt!”. Maybe it was fake. Ultimately I’m not sure I care that much. This is Hollywood after all.

      • Prndll
        He was going to laugh it off until he saw his wife was upset. It’s weird to be so protective and have an open relationship. I’d say when she says jump, he jumps.

      • Or maybe she knew he was going to be upset and told him “laugh it off baby, its nothing” to keep him from doing it. The joke was about Jada’s medical condition and it got to him. The medical condition his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, has is alopecia which causes some hair loss.

        But I guess he’s sensitive about it. They have this more one sided “open marriage relationship” thing going on that she established and demanded where she gets to sleep around as she pleases, but I guess hes really sensitive about her hair loss. I mean, how does he handle that… “Oh, Ok baby, you go ahead and have sex with him but don’t loose too much hair.” ?

        For those that don’t know, the insult joke was…”Jada, can’t wait for GI Jane 2,” a reference to the 90s Demi Moore film in which she plays a Navy SEAL and wears her hair cropped. Jada wears her hair close cropped like Demi Moore did in the movie.

        • by the way… With treatment, alopecia is reversible. And about 80 % of people with with alopecia find the condition corrects its self and their hair regrows without treatment within a year.

  13. was kind of hoping it would turn into something like that final scene in “Blazing Saddles”…now THAT I would watch!…..

  14. Willy whiny boycotted the Oscars last year, because he wasn’t nominated for anything (because he sucks)… He played the usual race card argument excuse…Then they give him an appeasement academy award, for a movie nobody watched…I wish it was Joe Rogan up there making that joke…I would love to see Willy Fresh try to buffalo him…Then watch willy get crushed in front of millions on the news all day…I Hope he chooses the wrong little guy one day!…FWS!!

  15. I think it is funny Smith slapped Rock.
    The reaction from various parties, pundits is what is dumb.
    Back in pre-woke America, Smith would of said to Rock he was sorry, Rock would also say he was sorry. They would shake hands, maybe have a beer together and laugh the whole thing off.
    Now, everyone has to issue a statement, condone violence, even talk about taking Smith’s Oscar away. Some idiot tried to link the slap to Trump.
    That is dumb.

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