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Yeah, that’s embarrassing. Kid’s a badass, though, obviously.


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  1. This young man is now about 17 so I’m sure his size and skills with firearms have improved considerably, probably not a good idea to pay uninvited visits.

  2. Yikes, did you watch the news article? Turns out the guy had left the house, crossed the road/driveway, and was attempting to climb a fence when the yute shot him. Clearly the guy was no threat at that point. I hope the DA doesn’t decide to prosecute.

    • I just saw that this took place in 2016. I should have said, “I hope the DA didn’t decide to prosecute.”

    • He was a threat , it dont matter where he got shot, across the road or down the street or crossing a fence, the thief was in the house and he got shot for robbery.

  3. Can’t the video to play, but on my worst day I wouldn’t have arrested an 11 year old kid for shooting a bad guy in the ass. That’s the reason I kept Jr. Deputy badges in my shirt pocket.

    • “I’m givin’ you to the count ‘o ten, to get yer ugly, yella, no-good keister off my property, before I pump your [ass] full of lead!”

  4. Another opinion:

    “But seriously, this isn’t how we do it.

    Responsible gun owners don’t fire eleven shots hoping they hit the perp (and nothing else, though the scene looks plenty rural) who’s definitely leaving. Who didn’t hurt anybody.

    With certain exceptions (as noted above), responsible gun owners don’t shoot at another human being unless they pose a credible, imminent threat of death or grievous bodily harm. And there’s a reasonable chance that said human being will stop the bullets traveling hither and yon.

    Even in Texas, where defense of property is sufficient legal justification for shooting at a thief, there’s a moral imperative to hang fire. In my opinion, Master Gaither was an irresponsible gun owner who screwed the proverbial pooch — and could have paid the ultimate price (the perp said “I’m going to kill you” after he was shot). OK, your turn . . . “

    • The perp said ” I’m going to kill you” after he was shot.
      Oh , that just means shoot him again.
      And I’m tired of the law protecting the criminals.
      Cant shoot them for robbing you if they dont hurt you and make a clean getaway.
      Rob some crook and see how that flies , you’ll be peeking out your windows like a methhead watching ninjas cause you know payback is coming.

      • I have to post again. Just for a quick overview so you do not skip over this gem. This is an older incident that had occurred in Texas and I honestly forgot how good the 911 recording is. Not only is this gentleman quite older, but he is quite the rowdy fella. While on the 911 call after the 911 operator told him not to shoot anyone – he racks the shotgun on the phone and tells him it is within his rights. Goes outside and shoots both perps, pretty sure both took the room temperature challenge, and tells the 911 operator they better get the law over there because he shot both of them.

  5. Earlier in the article, “On the 12th and final shot…..he finally hit him in the leg” Later in the article,”When asked how he became such a crack shot…”.

    Still, good on ya’ kid.

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