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A bit late on this one, I know. I took my date to the nicest restaurant I can afford, and it turned out she had never even been to a Cracker Barrel, so we’ve had a wild couple of days.


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  1. I was in Georgia in December. Cracker barrels serves biscuits and gravy. Very few places do here in CA.

    So, I approve of cracker barrel.

  2. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. More important is what’s her favorite handgun; a 1911 or a Browning Hi Power? She does own guns, right Jeremy?


        All caps Tex, is that you? 🙂

        Anyways –

        The good women appreciate money being spent wisely…

    • Which firearm did she decide on?

      My spouse loves her old Detective Special with a Fernie Escarsega trigger job, Pachmeyr grips, El Paso Saddlery #88 holster.

      Beware the old(er) woman who has carried a revolver for years…she probably knows how to use it.

      • One of my great regrets in guns. I let a Dick’s special, unshrouded ejector, go. Really liked that gun.

        TTAG needs to do a post on the guns we’ve lost and regretted over the years.

        • An original Blued Python with a 6 inch barrel. One of the best revolvers I’ve ever carried. Traded for a rifle when I quit working security and thought I would no longer need a sidearm. Was still new to civilian life back then.

        • a des plaines motorcycle policeman i worked with gifted me an unshrouded colt detective. gave it to my ex after she showed me her new bersa. (spent new years on the clock with her, still close friends).
          she once suffered a sexual assault when her mom didn’t mention moving their previous gat from the traditional location.
          regrets all around in regards to that.

  3. Well, it worked. $150 on Valentine’s day date, zero dollars on guns and ammo. Drove past the big local gun place without stopping four times in one day. 🙁

    But it did pay off in other ways. 🙂

  4. Hope you had a happy VD, Jeremy…. Especially if your date had never been to Cracker Barrel. How about say, Sonic? 😉

  5. My wife likes Cracker Barrel, but I ordered Pizza for Valentines to go with the jewelry she picked out. Be smart guys have her tell you what she wants and then get it for her, the store I bought her stuff from had a package deal that came with a dozen roses and chocolates so I covered those bases as well.

  6. “I took my date to the nicest restaurant I can afford, and it turned out she had never even been to a Cracker Barrel…”

    Unless it was something akin to a blind date, two thoughts:

    —You better become a better student of women. Why do guys do more research into hunting dogs or pet rifles than women? Don’t get me wrong, I know the answers to that, and I am asking myself too.

    —Plan on more trips to those expensive places. You’ve set a precedent, and unless she’s a rare one, she’ll expect it and she knows you can afford it, and she’ll secretly (or vociferously) set that as the standard. If she says otherwise, she’s lying. Now, you can counteract some of that, by contemplating my first point and becoming really great company, in which case the venue will become less important over time. But, you’ve bitten off a real packet, fella.

  7. A woman in Dollar General ask me what I got my gal, I said she got me, that aughta be good enough.
    my girlfiend ask if I could do two things for her, one was clean her gunm and by the time I got over there neither one of us could remember what the other was.
    That steel cased ammo from some east block nation that no longer needs them is pretty dirty, we only shot 50 rounds and it took quite a bit of scrubbing and hoppes #9 before the swabs were white .
    So what she’s a better shot then me at 25 yards,/ some times you win by losing.

  8. Sometimes I celebrate on the weekend if it falls on a weekday because it’s just easier. So one year, I had already done the nice restaurant thing, and it’s now officially Valentine’s Day, so my girl suggested we just go to Hooters. We were about the only ones there, and probably the only couple. After the waitress had taken our order, she came back and said, I just have to ask. Why did you bring her here on Valentine’s Day? I assume she had been discussing it with the other waitresses.

  9. My wife has roses pretty much year round. I planted several rose bushes around the house and they bloom nearly year round. 1 of the nice things about living down here on the south coast.
    I did bring home a box of her preferred chocolates and cooked dinner. Why go out when I am a retired chef and can make anything any restaurant within 100 miles of here can serve?
    My ladies favorite handgun is her Walther P-38. And she also has her own long guns as well. pretty decent shot with any of her firearms. Would not want to have her pissed at me.

      • I’d rather swet then shiver.
        And I never have figured out why does the vehicle’s always break down on the coldest of days? It’s like they wait all year until the ice is blowing and the wind is howling.

        • I once made the mistake of stating, “My distrust and hatred of vehicles in motion is partly based on my plerophony that their apparent submission to control is illusory and that they may at their pleasure, and sooner or later will, act on whim.” Being in an auto accident and then being chased across a pasture by a bull, and then seeing it in print…pfui.

        • Your exactly right; I can’t remember ever fixing anything in just a t-shirt. Along with, you know, pants n stuff of course. Even our rides only seem to ever break down in the dark n cold or in the damn rain.

      • Don’t come to Florida. We’re full. Besides it was 19 at my house a few days ago. Never got out of the 30s all day. Of course, that only lasted for a day then it started warming up.

        • I have a farm in middle Tennessee that I love too much, all I’ll ever need for turkey, deer, bass and bream, and even the quail are coming back. I’ve put a ton of sweat and money into it to build my dream and have managed the wildlife to the point there’s more of everything than there was when I moved out there 10 years ago (and it was loaded with wildlife then). Planted 100 trees, food plots, put in a well, solar, built barns and outbuildings, horses, fowl, 8 dogs, the works. Only myself, son-in-law and the rare friend ever hunt it, and I’ve taken trophies with bow, muzzle, .44 mag, and Browning. My wall is full. Couple of turkeys every year, could take triple that if I wanted (and it was legal, of course). It’s truly a sportsman paradise, no neighbors, my 300 acres surrounded by thousands of acres of woods. All I ever wanted to live out my days.
          And my wife is getting really pushy about moving to Florida.
          This place is my dream, but she has dreams, too. So I’m checking into buying something down there where she can go when it turns cold. I ain’t going for more than a week at a time.
          I planted oak trees for my grandson’s grandson to hunt over, I’ll likely die there.

  10. Tried Cracker Barrel one time for lunch. Pretty disappointing. Did a soup and sandwich – soup came out of a can, and the sammich wasn’t anything to shout about. Kinda pricey, too. Would have rather gone to a Waffle House.

    Mmmm….*Waffle House*….

  11. Just discovered a couple days ago that I won $3k on a six-leg prop bet parlay on Fan Duel. Within minutes of that discovery I got a “notify me” alert on a new Colt Python 6″ barrel.
    The way I figured it, the planets aligned and who am I to disregard the Universe?
    I take delivery next week, and snagged me a nice Alfonso leather rig to carry it in.
    That’s right.

  12. over 7300 restaurants here; cracker barrel sounds like interstate food.
    only 800 and some taverns, though.
    letterkenny “valentime’s day.”

  13. You want good food when you are out and about. Go find a small town downtown cafe. Usually operated by older local women. Real home cooked food. Especially down south, real southern home cooked food.


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