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This isn’t true. I’ve tried to innovate in the firearm industry and have only pissed off…well…everyone. Hmmm  😉

In keeping with the Squid Game theme, here’s a bonus meme I made for Black Collar Arms‘ use with our Pork Sword Actual logo:

No spoilers here, so if you haven’t seen it I ain’t gonna explain it.


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  1. Must have been referencing Springfield Arms in Illinois. Still can’t bring myself to support them. They’ve done nothing to remedy their blatant disregard for the community they threw aside for their own gain a few years back. LETS NOT FORGET THOSE WHO TREAD ON THOSE WHO TRIED TO SUPPORT THEM, AND SUPPORT THEM NO MORE.

    • They’re making a grey Hi-Power clone, so all is forgotten and forgiven now it seems reading comments under the articles about it. 😀

      • for those in the rand of rincoln it still smarts. thanks for the brilliant relocation advice.
        in the past 40yrs they have produced exactly three items i would consider: p9, emp and sa35.
        i will never own any of them.
        i got options.

  2. Now would be a good time, since most all the rage now is pointed at Dr. Fauci for torturing Snoopy.

  3. I don’t know who is innovating. A lot of what I see is Po-Mo (post modern) firearm design, which the Simpsons accurately defined as “weird for the sake of weird.”

    Consider High Point. A small cheap carbine seems smart. But every feature on the gun is poorly thought out. From the multiple hard to use safeties, to the magazine release, to using 10 round single stack magazines, to the spring in the stock that I thought was a good idea back when I was eight years old but instead slaps you in the face every time you shoot.

    Ruger tried to make a carbine but it is ugly as sin, and didn’t use cheap high capacity mags until recently.

    Keltec is the worst offender, making a .22 pistol designed only for people with flipper hands. Their new 5.7 requires you to lift the upper to reload. Seriously? They want to be different so hard they end up retarded.

    It’s like the head engineer has one good idea and ten bad ones, and nobody has the guts to tell him “no.”

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