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I met the Babylon Bee’s CEO Seth Dillon at an event here in Austin a couple of weeks ago. He recounted the absurdity of his self-identified satire site being “fact checked” by what these days passes for the professional media…and Facebook then using those results to shut them down.

Dillon hinted about the uber-popular satire site getting more into video and showed those of us at the event one of their latest lulz-worthy efforts. Along those lines…

The Bee has just published a helpful video aimed at all of you out there who are wondering whether you really need to keep your guns or, as the gun control industry continuously preaches, would be much better off without them.


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  1. I love Babylon Bee, but I am continually alarmed at how their “headlines” are getting closer and closer to reality.

    • For all intents and purposes BB news is just MSM headlines read with smile and a wink.
      The reality we’re stuck with is the same. Whether you laugh or cry is all in the delivery.

  2. Grandpa Joe: “Turn in your rifles, we will pay you for them. Its ok, I’m your grandpa so trust me. …. oh what was I saying? Hmmm..,. oh yeah, turn in your rifles, we will pay you for them and if you don’t I will send an armed force to your home without warrant and they will invade your home like criminals do and you might defend against it like you would any unlawful home invasion and they will kill you and your family or hurt you and family as they throw you down to cuff you and ransack your home and basically destroy your life and … oh what was I saying? Hmmm..,. oh yeah…. Turn in your rifles, we will pay you for them. Its ok, I’m your grandpa so trust me.”

  3. Unfortunately I find Babylon Bee able to provide more accurate news than most of the major networks. At least you know they are trying to be funny, all the other networks you have to guess if the latest verbal diarrhea is actually meant to be informative and/or accurate.

  4. It’s no surprise that the BB is under constant attack given that the modern leftoids that run big-tech are heavily influence by marxisim. One of tenets of their cancerous ideology is that ‘the personal is political’. Which is something that started off as a 2nd wave feminist slogan that got co-opted by marxist. In more practical terms this means that if a bit of media or a website isn’t furthering leftisim then it can’t be allowed to flourish. This is the very reason why the Babylon Bee is perpetually threat of being ‘fact checked’ out of existence even though it’s very clearly a satire site while other leftoid sites are allowed to post obvious BS with impunity.

  5. Due to this video I wish to announce my intentions of relinquishing my guns immediately and I’m going to become a plumber thereafter. I’m off to the hardware store to buy PVC piping.

    • I was just at my local bigbox home supply store to buy some 6″ PVC pipe to extend a french drain outlet. Found out that it and fittings for it have been on backorder for months – gee, I wonder what else it would be useful for.

  6. “If you turn in your guns, you can defend your house with a cool spiked mace and broadsword! Who *doesn’t* want to do that?”

    Who, indeed?

    At my house, we have a long gun and a pistol for everyone (with spares), *plus* edged weapons and bludgeons. I made myself a mace (sans spikes…we can’t all be that cool), which rides in the truck with me at all times. We don’t own any swords (yet…I want a xiphos real bad), let alone a broadsword, but my son keeps a 4-foot spear in his room. Why? Because this is America. And because weapons of all kinds are AWESOME.

    • You win. I’m working towards the same goal. But with lots of kids not so easy, but getting closer.

  7. #7 , the clops gunm is a pellet gunm.
    The ammu shortage, cut backs have to be made.
    sting like a bee.

  8. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, and Mao can’t all be wrong. I’m going to turn my guns in now! /sarcasm

  9. They had a story on the news about a gun “buy back” in Columbus today and the cop they interviewed was so proud that “these guns will never see the street again,” but it looked like mostly black folks dumping loads of shotguns and older revolvers (possibly including some 80s-90s Colts). They did show a MAC-10 in there to make it look like they were rounding up scary salty weapons. If any of the people who turned their guns in were using them for nefarious purposes, they probably got something better already.



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