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"Wait...Politifact called me out on an anti-gun lie? THAT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!" (Leon Neal/Pool Photo via AP)
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Biden’s despicable effort at blaming his political adversaries for the [Buffalo] deaths failed for lots of reasons. He mangled his recitations of prior white-on-black shootings by including the recent Dallas shootings of three Asians by an African-American in his catalog of white-supremacist murders.  

Biden by intent ignored the near simultaneous mass shooting of Taiwanese parishioners by a deranged Chinese gunman.  

Of course, he has said nothing either in the past or in the present about the mass murdering by the black nationalist and BLM sympathizer Darrell Brooks. The latter deliberately used his car to mow down white children and elderly people. Most media outlets, given their selective indifference to the loss of human life, described the killings as done by a wayward SUV, as if it was driven on some sort of autopilot.  

The Left in general and Biden in particular scan the daily news for opportunities for racial demagoguery. When black shooters try to gas and maim white commuters on the subway, or when there is an epidemic of anti-Asian hate crimes committed disproportionately by black males, or an unhinged Bernie Sanders activist attempts to murder House Republican leaders, the Left is silent or insists the hard ideology or racism the shooter embraces is either irrelevant or somehow a natural response to some sort of provocation. Again, it selectively sees or does not see connections between political discourse and crazy people who commit mass mayhem—depending entirely upon the political ore to be mined.  

The effort to pigeonhole mass shootings for political gain necessarily results in hypocrisy, fantasy, and outright lying. Suddenly cars are animated objects. Black nationalist racial hatred expressed on social media is derided as right-wing talking points. Joe Biden cites African-American shooters of Asians as white-supremacist killers

Joe Biden is said to be an inert puppet of left-wing masters. Perhaps. But more likely his cognitive challenges have stripped away his political savvy and left him in the raw, revealing his real essence, a racialist of the first order, who will use any tragedy to salvage what has become the worst two years of a presidency in modern memory. And most of the people now know it. 

— Victor Davis Hanson in Joe Biden and Racial Demagoguery

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  1. Buckle up we are entering campaign season and the loopy groups are entering their new funds phase.

      • Well yes that is often the literal translation. I was more referring to summer of love participants but ballot stuffing is always on the menu.

        • Ah, yes, the Summer of Love. 53 years ago, “Woodstock” referred to an event involving music. This year, it may refer to an event involving wood stocks.

    • Jim Crow Gun Control joe knows he can get away with selling his Gun Control to America’s history illiterates. Not so long ago and thanks to Gun Control if you were an unarmed Black American family residing anywhere in the USA in the vicinity of bigots it was only by the Grace of God you made it through another day or night without being harassed, beaten or murdered by the military wing of the democRat Party known as the kkk, etc. Racism began long ago and has passed down through the centuries and it emerged again in Buffalo.

      To cover the race based atrocities attributed to the democRat Party Jim Crow Gun Control joe and his media cohorts made Buffalo all about Guns without asking the question, Where did the hate that filled the head of a teenager and led him on a murderous rampage originate and perpetuate? The answer according to history is the democRat Party.

      What happened in NY and TX is minuscule compared to the racism and genocide attributed throughout history to Gun Control. Gun Control leaves you unable to defend you and and yours. It does not matter what the criminal uses because a criminal can use their bare hands to abduct a child, harm the elderly, etc.

      The perps in TX and NY looked for soft targets and they found them. Schools, stores, parking lots it does not matter, crime can happen anywhere, anytime to anyone, etc. And whether the perp used a firearm, knife, bat, motor vehicle, etc. does not matter either. What matters is the ability for victims of crime to fight back.

      Make no mistake about it…The in charge politically correct adults running the school in TX were asleep at the wheel and the results confirm it. The police were notified about the kid shooting his grandma. Schools should have received a BOLO and the perp should have been shot dead by a good person with a firearm before he crossed the parking lot.

    • No, just look to the billions and billions being poured into Ukraine…. they don’t declare war anymore, they just do it.

    • Southern fried…Just get a summer time job chopping cane pale face. In a month or so you’ll go from fire engine red to dark brown and blend right in.

  2. “We know they are lying, they know they are lying, they know we know they are lying, we know they know we know they are lying, but they are still lying.” comes to mind.

    • I’ve never seen it not matter as much as it does now. Mostly you get:

      ‘Yeah, so what? What are you gonna do about it?’

      It’s simply one of their political tools and, since there’s no right or wrong, the end justifies the means.

      • Yeah Dims lie but seeing rebublitards “meet” with Dims is more troubling. Too bad we quit tar & feathering…

      • Good question.

        You might as well ask, “Who put the ‘bop’ in the ‘bop-shoo-bop’?”

      • “So how do we make it very politically costly from them to lie?”

        It would require a functioning media. Our dysfunctional media, along with the increasing power and commie infestation of the federal government is the reason they’re so bold.

        • Strych I will be moderately pissed if it is just doddering geriatric idiocy that crashes the overly optimized systems without at least a token attempt at some grand takeover. Would be more hungry than anything else though as that would be a rough decade or two.

      • Theoretically you can do this by voting, particularly by paying close attention to primaries in a manner that breaks the “uni-party” (if you prefer that term).

        Reality is a bit stickier since there are other groups with a lot of power. IMHO, changing the politicians, in and of itself, is like slapping a new coat of paint on a termite infested house. It does nothing about the permanent bureaucracy or the staff that have inordinate amounts of power. Nor does it address departmental incompetence or corruption.

        The real question, IMHO, is when things get worse later this year on a bunch of fronts who throws whom under the bus in government? Somehow I doubt that anything Durham manages to pull off in court, no matter how good those things may be, will assuage the public’s anger.

        Particularly in regard to all the people who still seem to irrationally believe that this is just a redux of the 1970’s and we’ll be fine come 2024/5. When the totality of things hit those people in the face it’s probably gonna get really real. On top of what many expect this summer in terms of, well let’s call a spade a spade, political violence.

        The reality of a great many of the chickens that are currently coming home to roost is that they’ve been a problem for a long time. But people were gaslit into fighting each other and are now so divided I’m not sure you can put things back together in a political sense. That whole generational warfare thing is and was a distraction to keep people fighting each other instead of paying attention.

        At the risk of stating uncomfortable facts, a lot of old people are in for a very, very, very rude awakening in the next six months to five years. Quite honestly, I suspect a great many of them won’t survive it. Medicare with no medicine doesn’t sound good for the overweight folks who are dependent on meds. Social Security that buys no food seems insecure to me.

        The old and the very young are at substantial risk going forward. To say otherwise is either irrational exuberance or a lie. A bad situation to be sure but, apparently, most of the country needs to really hit rock bottom before they’ll listen to the people who’ve been trying to have an intervention for decades.

        • So resource wars/riots pending given a combination of issues that may be guided by those looking to bring order from the chaos (again)?

        • Don’t you require meds to survive? Type 1?

          Free advice to everyone. Be debt free. Have some cash and a lot of food on hand.

        • “paying close attention to primaries”

          The importance of this can’t be understated. Democrats have figured it out. They came out to vote for a Republican in Georgia because they know a Republican is likely to win the general election. So why not have the “lesser of two evils?” If I was in a blue city/state, I would vote in the Democrat primaries. It’s also about the only way to get rid of RINOs that will always win the general in red areas.


          Keep in mind that we caught the director and assistant director of the FBI in crimes similar to a nobody campaign advisor. The nobody got prison time for telling a lie to investigators during an illegitimate investigation. The “important people” didn’t do any time. They were offered lucrative contracts and book deals. The FBI attorney that got caught forging documents didn’t lose his law license. Instead, he got a great job offer. “For the little guy” Democrats cheered.

        • Hey us people on Social Security are doing alright, along with my check I get $34 a month in food stamps. That’s a whole loaf of bread, two jars of peanut butter and a can of Vienna sausage.

        • “…may be guided by those looking to bring order from the chaos…”

          Or just idiots and geriatrics who don’t understand that they’ve optimized dozens of systems in a single direction and made them fragile so old style fixes will no longer work. Hard to tell when you mix idiocy with maliciousness.

          Don’t you require meds to survive? Type 1?

          I’ll be fine, or not. But then the stuff’s produced locally because of shipping concerns. One of the only drugs we make tip-to-tail in the US. Plenty of it around me. I don’t really worry about it. I’ve never expected to make it to 40 and am kinda surprised I made it to my mid 30’s. Been dead before and the world was basically unaffected. I’d expect the same outcome if my demise was made permanent.

          Really, what you want to worry you worry about the things that require precursor chems that are controlled by foreign countries, especially the CCP. Those would be things like heart and blood pressure meds, antibiotics, antiparasitics, water purification chemicals, other blood drugs for pH stabilization, anaesethics, mental health meds etc etc etc. You know, the kind of shit that the loss of takes you back to the middle ages in terms of communicable disease or environmental pathogens. Alexander the Great died from a cut causing sepsis.

          You’re talking 1/3rd to 1/2f the country dead in a few years from really boring stuff because you’re looking at the simultaneous loss of major lines of antibiotics and other drugs at the same time you experience a major degradation in the ability to produce clean water.

          That’s along with everything else. Heck, these days if you end up in a trauma center in parts of the country you better not need an imaging. If the instruments work they don’t have any contrast to run a CAT scan or MRI. Hell, Sodium bicarb injections are in critical shortage as are a huge number of cephalosporins. Bodes well, eh? Fucking baking soda in saline and we’re basically out of it.

          “The nobody got prison time for telling a lie to investigators during an illegitimate investigation…”

          Durham’s current set of investigations is building a conspiracy case against a lot of people. He’s made that very clear in his filings in federal court, straight up said it, in fact.

          The current trial is meant to lay the groundwork for several more which will lay the groundwork for more. The next one starts this Fall. Homie’s going for throats on a lot of important people, seemingly HRC herself if the Sussman testimony is to be believed.

          Kash Patel’s work on the Sussman case is a good jumping off point.

        • What jwm said “… and have lots of food.”
          I’d like to add, learn to grow food. Not, yea I’ll get around to it, I mean learn now. When you wake up Saturday morning, go get some seeds. Learn to grow while you can still buy food, because you are going to make mistakes. If you’re in an apartment or subject to HOA restrictions, search for Kratky Hydroponic System on line. You can go a bunch of food with no soil or pumps. No electricity needed.

  3. “Joe Biden is said to be an inert puppet of left-wing masters. Perhaps.”

    Perhaps?? Compare present day Puppet with Joe Biden of just a few years ago. They’re completely different people. Yes, he is most likely a somewhat willing puppet. He was probably told he could be president as long as he plays ball, i.e. does whatever they tell him to do. No, he didn’t want to become president because of white supremacist attacks. Like everything else out of his mouth, that lie was put together by the PR team and approved by the focus groups. How long has the puppet had his eye on the presidency? How many times has he tried to attain it and failed? He was willing to do anything to get there.

    • Biden has ALWAYS been a lying, cheating, opportunist POS. Read his bio. NOW he is also senile.

  4. It is not Biden..It is Biden’s staff…All obama servants.. Obama is the real president… biden is a dementia riddled idiot.. be prepared for another horribly stolen election and a democratic blue even worse tyranny is coming…

  5. If you are white – you are racist.

    If you are Asian – you are racist.

    If you are Hispanic – you are racist.

    If you are a black criminal that preys specifically on whites or Asians or Hispanics or blacks – you are not a racist and politically are a fund raiser raising more funding to combat crime against blacks even though the majority of hate crime against blacks is comitted by blacks in black communities and in terms of population size blacks comitt murders at a rate 3 times that of any other race.

    Your tax dollars at work. Every story that backs funding needs a “good guy” (the cause/thing to be funded), a “bad guy” (what will supposedly happen without the funding) , and a “love interest” (the supposedly good effect of having the funding).

    Guess who the bad guy is in the Biden story. Yep, law abiding gun owners who have committed no crimes but are some how guilty.

    • No matter the question, the political opposition is always the bad guy. It isn’t about solving, or even understanding problems, it’s always about more power.

    • Booger: Nobody actually thinks that’s true except people who want an excuse to blame black people for everything. Anyone who claims not to be racist, prejudiced, bigoted, etc deceives themselves. Show a little humility dude.

  6. Biden was already on an anti-gun propaganda campaign before this massacre happened in Texas (as well as the usual shills that keep blabbing about how more and more and more gun control is the answer with evidence to the contrary). And now? Now they are just capitalizing on this horror to push the agenda they always have been pushing. And you have outraged parents, grandparents, friends, family, and others in communities that are not in thinking mode that are receptive to the “eliminate guns and this won’t happen again”. Right, and the next disturbed perp uses a machete, a car, a truck, pipe bombs, etc. to carry out their suicide agenda. My fear is that any pro-2A advocates in office may cower under this pressure and seriously erode our right to bear arms under policy that does absolutely nothing. Sorry to say, but alot of the GOP are gutless wonders when has come down to supporting the 2A – especially here in Florida. What do I expect from them now under these conditions?

    • John Cornyn and one other Senator have already backed out of attending the NRA’s annual convention that starts tomorrow citing scheduling conflicts. Lying fucking cowards. If these bastards buckle under the pressure and pass some dumbass gun control law in order to just do “something” they could very well destroy what could have been a huge red tsunami. If that happens I may just sit out voting.

  7. The leftist kooks are gonna ramp it up. The best defense is to be nowhere near them. Defend yourself and you’ll be the poster child for “white supremacy” in their eyes. Any sane American still living in a blue city is just asking for it. Get the hell out.

  8. Why is it that John posts everyone else’s posts ahead of mine when I have posted first. I am still waiting to see my post both on this article and on another article. I was first on the other article and the site has now over a dozen other posts that came after mine.

    • You are obviously mentally ill. I’m surprised your comments aren’t reviewed for a few days and then canned.

    • I grew up in the sixties. Back then, we had special busses for you retards. Shut up and be happy that you’re on the bus. Sit in the back seat, and be quiet, or we’ll beat the snot out of you again. Retard.

  9. Joe is just another entitled political hack just like Hillary Clinton entitlement for what? Putting up with her cheating husband?
    These people have life time protection from Secret Service!

    Here are the people who served for love of country
    Ron Reagan
    George Bush Sr
    Donald Trump
    And just for the sake of history
    George Washington
    Abe Lincoln
    And for me personally
    My brother Robert and dad Garland Taylor

  10. As I posted yesterday FBI stats show the overwhelming majority of racist hate killings come from the Far Right and their weapon of choice is the assault rifle. Ditto for school massacres. and minority massacres by mentally deranged young men often influenced by the likes of Tucker Carlson’s hate diatribes on Fox News.

    The latest surveys broadcast last night show the overwhelming majority of Americans 87% including conservatives and gun owners want Universal Background Checks and 67% want a complete ban on assault rifles. The margin of error in the polls would not change the results much at all.

    When you consider the horrific fact that the Far Right tried to establish a one party Trumpite Dictatorship on Jan 6th and the majority of racist mass murders and school shootings are done with the assault rifle it is not any wonder why the American people both fear and loath them and wanted them all melted down Australian style.

    Until recently I believed that if assault rifles were put under the NFA act that there might be a chance that we could all keep them but I have changed my thinking with this last horrific massacre. Yes if the age qualification was 25 as well as putting them on the NFA list this maybe that might work but that would never pass so the future ownership of the assault rifle is eventually going to come to an abrupt end. Politicians know its just easier to ban them and they would actually gain votes not lose them.

    • Just curious but just what is an assault rifle? If you use the military definition, they are not commonly available on the civilian market. If you use the Democrat definition you are using cosmetic items that have no bearing on the function of the rifle. As well as the fact that those restrictions imposed by a couple states are easily modified to bring the rifle back to original configuration.
      Semi automatic rifles have been available on the civilian market for around a century. The AR type has been available since the mid to late 1960’s. Bought my first in the mid 1970’s.
      My father had an M1 Garand that had been converted to use detachable magazines back in the 1950’s. Was a popular conversion back then.
      My other question is just how would you enforce such a ban? Take a solid look around and look at the history of prohibition in the US. How’s that ban on Meth or Crack working out? All Prohibition of any item or product does is make it more desirable to some people, and make a lot of money for whoever is willing to risk making or smuggling it into the country.
      You know as well as I do that if someone could make every firearm in North America disappear today, within minutes someone would be figuring out how to smuggle in firearms and ammunition from Brazil, the Philippines, Eastern Europe/Russia, Africa, or any number of sources.
      Unless and until we deal with those who commit the violence, this and most other types of” Gun Crime” will continue. Add whatever security is needed at schools, and make sure that any crime of violence will meet a very swift and unpleasant punishment. Otherwise your just trying to blow smoke up someone’s ass.

      • If all the guns in the US magically disappeared overnight, the influx on the black market would probably be weighted heavily to automatic weapons. I mean, if you’re going to risk being busted for importing a semi, you might as well go full-auto. Or, selectable auto, like the military.

      • to oldmaninal

        Wrong on all counts. The difference between emptying an M16 and an AR 15 is about 1 second , 2 seconds if you are slow.

        Other nations have but heavy restrictions on assault rifles or banned them altogether. In Britain a tough gun law in the 80’s after a horrific school shooting put an end to school shootings. And if I remember correctly the maniac used a couple of pistols. The point I am making is that yes gun laws can make a difference.

        Australia after they banned assault rifles and high capacity firearms never again had a 50 person mass murder. Yes there were a few incidents were 1 or 2 people were killed but not mass murder. Norway did the same after their mass murder and so far to date with their new gun laws there have been no more mass massacres.

        • dacoian, the Dunderhead, Here we go again. First there is no such thing as an “assault rifle”. What you are calling an “assault rifle” is a look alike rifle, the AR-15. You have just shown how really biased and stupid you are. The cyclonic rate of fire for both: M16 rifle ; 45–60 rounds/min semi-automatic; 700–950 rounds/min cyclic sustained (M16A1) · 700-900 rounds/min cyclic sustained (M16A2, M16A3) · 800 rounds/min …
          You see anAR-15 does not have a cyclonic rate of fire because it is NOT an automatic weapon.
          As to emptying the mags as fast? Who would want to? Automatic fire is inaccurate. Semi-automatic fire is only as accurate as the shooter can aim, fire and recover from recoil.
          And you call yourself an “expert on guns?” You don’t know squat about guns. You can’t tell us the firing sequence of a cartridge.
          What is the difference between a cartridge and a bullet?
          How quickly can you empty your head of all that garbage you have stored in there?

    • Just like yesterday, you’re a lying sack of excrement. I posted the stats for you – there are actually a few more leftist mass shootings, than there are right. Most shooters have no political agenda, no political affiliation. But you go ahead, keep posting your retarded lies, just like your masters pay you to do.

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