Kongsberg Norway bow arrow attack
Hakon Mosvold Larsen/NTB Scanpix via AP
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Norway has strict gun laws on the books and the Civilian Disarmament Industry likes to hold them up as an example, claiming that’s a place that gun control works.

In the town of Kongsberg, southwest of Oslo, Norway’s capital, someone decided to prove that gun control doesn’t stop people who want to kill others.

As the AP reports . . .

A man armed with a bow fired arrows at shoppers in a small Norwegian town Wednesday, killing five people before he was arrested, authorities said.

The police chief in the community of Kongsberg, near the capital of Oslo, said there was “a confrontation” between officers and the assailant, but he did not elaborate. Two other people were wounded and hospitalized in intensive care, including an officer who was off duty and inside the shop where the attack took place, police said.

“The man who carried out the act has been arrested by the police, and there is no active search for more people. Based on the information we have, there is one person behind this,” Police Chief Oeyving Aas said.

You know what would have stopped this? An armed citizenry legally carrying firearms. Time after time, it’s been proven that gun control laws only hurt the law-abiding. Criminals will break the law.

The government’s monopoly on the use of force does little to protect individuals. Law enforcement is virtually always reactionary and they can’t prevent attacks from happening. Disarming the public via gun control leaves individuals vulnerable to the evil and the insane.

In the end, bad people will continue to do bad things and good people will be left defenseless anywhere civilian disarmament is the law.

Luis Valdes is the Florida Director for Gun Owners of America.

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  1. Was there no murder before gun powder? No war?

    The fascist left are just about the dumbest human beings on the planet.

    • They are also terrified that there will be a Reckoning very soon that will strip them of their power to control every aspect of our lives. It’s coming. Let’s Go, Brandon!

    • oh there has been murder almost from the beginning. When Cain rose up and murdered his brohter Abel, there is no record of the “tool” he used to end his brohter’s life. But we DO know that the murderer was dealth with severely by God. He was banished from society.

      Proof that the tool chosen is irrelevant. It is the deliberate unjustified taking of innocent life that is prohibited.

      Ban guns, arros, dynamite, cars, rocks, sticks, Five cel MagLItes, machetes…. NONE of that will mtter in the long run.

      Per FBI crime stats from this past year, more people were deliberatly kiled wiht knives/edged weapons, OR bare hands/feet, OR blunt instrments (rocks, bats, sticks, bricks, bowling ballls, etc) than with ALL long guns combined in the US.

      Its nevr about the hardware. Its ALWAYS about the software. The hrdware ONLY does what it is told to do

    • Quote———-The fascist left are just about the dumbest human beings on the planet.————

      No Jethro WM you get that prize.

        • Arrows are typically stopped by modern LIII+soft-armor, it’s crossbow bolts you have to look out for (um…DARYL- LOOKIN AT U BRU!!!.) Maybe at a hard, light level 2 on top of the soft, maybe a trauma plate add-on, I dunno. Crossbow bolts travel much faster and have much higher sectional dendity, when place well on target. Shields are also avail, and boy do they come in handy.

        • Though JWM, if dacien feels he needs to constantly attack you with name calling, you must be doing something right. Cheers mate!

    • There are writings from China 2,1000 years ago of an advocate trying to ban bows and arrows from the general public because it would help the emperor’s security forces if they could get them out of the population. Another person in the emperor’s circle wrote a counter-argument, saying such a ban wouldn’t accomplish what the anti-bow people said would happen. The arguments on both sides were identical to what you hear today with guns.

      In the end, the ban was never imposed. The Han dynasty lasted hundreds of years after this controversy, and it wasn’t generic bow and arrow violence that took it down.

    • Long bows and cross bows are weapons of war! Wars of the Roses, but weapons of war nonetheless!

      • I have a niece who is a fair archer, she competes in school. Inspired by the ‘Hunger Games’ movies.

        A bow and arrow are nearly silent, it would be an indefensible nearly silent mass-murder weapon.

        It sucks for the Norwegian people, but it’s good for us. “That kind of thing” does happen elsewhere, not just here, as Leftist Scum lie to us…

        • That’s a good point, no pun intended. A good archer can loose a few arrows into a crowd before anybody notices or reacts.

  2. Well the Federal government did ban the carrying of bow and arrow weapons on federal lands. This was very effective in disarming the American Indian tribes for well over 100 years. But it was President Trump who lifted that ban.

    And yes the bow and arrow are ARMS. You have the right to keep and bear ARMS. The 2A has never been just about guns.

    It was Liberals who banned archery in the schools. Just like they banned rifle teams in the schools.

    • btw
      The crossbow is still a very effective weapon in the 21th century. They killed many american soldiers in the early days of the vietnam war. And I understand the mosquito indians have been really good at killing communists in central america, using them.

      • hhh correct, except they are not “mosquitos”

        miskito. They were first encountered by Colombus on his fourth voyage when he coasted along Texas, then on to Mexico, down along the esatern shore of the Gulf, rounded the cape that now marks the boundary between Honduras and Nicaragua, then south, along the rest of Central America, across the northern coasts of Colombia and Venezuela, southward along Brasil until he realied he was a few undred iles offshor of an YUUUUUUGE freshwater river.. obvioustly the Amazon.

        I was in Nicareagua shortly after Hurricane Mitch, and had occasioin to visit and mee the Miskito people. Still have thieir own language, still use the dugout canoes Colombus describes in his writings. Fascinating. A few spoke sanish, which allowed me to communicate with them.

        nd yes, they have been archers for centureies, and very good at it. When availble they do prefer firearms, but they are not common wmongst them. Price, and tradition, I sould guess. They are commin in the northern parts of Nicaragual however…. heavy action was seen near Cocotal, not far away from where I met these people, during the sandinista era.

      • I actually found a set of original, highly dangerous 😁, metal-tipped lawn darts at an amateur estate sale (glorified garage sale). Never used, still in box; I gave like 5 bucks for them. I just HAD to have em’! 😁

  3. The free people in Hong Kong are using the bow and arrow to battle the pro-communist government. A night attack using this would be very effective in any urban setting.

  4. I think if I was going to die I’d rather be shot with an arrow then a boolit.
    A flint arrow head would be the icing on the cake.
    I wouldn’t want to be clubbed to death, thtd suck.
    ” Skateboard him !”.
    Free Kyle Rittenhouse.

  5. Little d must be curled up in the corner crying “It isn’t so! It can’t happen there!”.

    In other “civilized” countries murders are committed with knives, kitchen cleavers, garden tools, pole arms, and anything else available. I don’t see how the victims are any less dead than those who were shot.

    Remember Rwanda. The biggest massacre since WW2 done mostly with machetes.

  6. Actually when guns are outlawed criminals will use knives. They are already. Homing in on rifles the libtards desperately want to ban that tool of mass murder the AR15. But the total gun deaths from all rifles according to FBI statistics for 2019 was 364 (484 if one includes a percentage of those deaths where the type of weapon was unspecified). Compare that to knives and other cutting tools which accounted for 1,476. Even hands and feet came in higher at 600. After Prohibition lead to the funding of gangs and gang violence. The war on drugs resulted in much the same result. The lesson is that bans not only don’t work they only lead to far greater levels of crime and misery.

    • The Terrorists in London last year tried to kill people in a bar with knives and the patrons beat the shit out of them with broken beer bottles and chairs. The terrorists had tried to buy shotguns and did not pass the excellent vetting system of Britain.

      Now in the U.S. the terrorists would have bought second hand assault rifles and all the ammo they could carry and would have slaughtered everyone in the bar in seconds.

      • now THAT is funny. Dirtbags come on in thinking they’ve got the situation in hand because they have the only edged weapons. Silly boys!! They were IN A TAVERN/PUB!!!! Serves them just about right. Bet they won’t do that again. Hopefully some of them were permanently disabled from doing anything like this again, ever.

  7. As soon as I saw this one the news I new the Far Right Radicals on T Tag would be crowing from the roof tops saying “See we told you so”. Sorry but the real truth is if the bow and arrow nut case had had an assault rifle he would have easily killed at least 50 or 60 people before the cops stopped him. So sane people know far right propaganda when they read it.

    quote————-You know what would have stopped this? An armed citizenry legally carrying firearms. Time after time, it’s been proven that gun control laws only hurt the law-abiding. Criminals will break the law.———–quote

    Yes we read this bullshit all the time but in mass murder after mass murder where are the good guys with guns??????????????

    In the mass slaughter in Texas followed by the mass slaughter in Dayton Ohio last year only hours apart there were no good guys stopping the nut cases.

    As a matter of fact it was stated on the news that in Texas some people who were armed at the shopping center simply fled the seen proving that the usual Far Right bullshit about armed citizens stopping mass murder is on many cases just pure bullshit.

    And in Dayton Ohio many people carry guns, especially down town at night when this slaughter took place not one citizen tried to stop the nut case with the AR-15, not one, they all fled the scene. With that large a crowd and many armed when they were down town and also roaming the bars that night not one person chose to shoot it out with the nut case.

    And how about the Los Vegas slaughter of 60 some people and 250 seriously wounded and crippled for life. Again the Band who was all armed and admitted they were armed fled the scene, they did not storm the building where the sniper was. It took law enforcement to do that. Again showing that the so called good guys either did not want to get into the gun fight or were way outgunned by the nut case that was doing the shooting. Again it shows how much bullshit the Far Right always mouths about good guys stopping bad guys.

    • Dacian wrote: “Yes we read this bullshit all the time but in mass murder after mass murder where are the good guys with guns??????????????”

      Well, tough guy, we’ll never know while guns are outlawed in “gun free zones” where most mass shootings occur, while concealed or openly carried guns are prohibited by local and state law, and while folks like you remain so unbelievably and dangerously ignorant.

    • You’re pointing out the exceptions, though. The times where nobody stopped it and it made the news. It doesn’t make the news when a good guy stops it early, or at least not nearly as big. Many gunfights are ended without a shot fired because the mere threat of opposing gunfire causes the aggressor to flee. Jack Wilson stopped what would have almost certainly been a horrific mass murder in a church within a few seconds because he was a good guy who carried a gun. The list goes on, but it is rarely championed on the evening news.

    • There are constantly occasions of people stopping occurrences of violence with their own weapons. Media just typically doesn’t give it any attention since it doesnt fit the narrative. Also they do have a tendency to hit perceived “soft targets”. Also every country had an issue with murder. Somehow London beat Chicago out for murders per capitalist even though guns are illegal along with most forms of weapons. They to explain that. It appears to me the criminal just adapts and becomes inherently more physically violent or used alternative tools. For instance trucks have quite a body count in London these days. Try banning trucks. Or human nature for that matter. You’re infantile at best trying to castrate those around you. Something akin to, “I don’t trust myself with the responsibility of arms, so I definitely don’t trust you to have such power. You should make yourself as vulnerable as myself since I am scared.”

      • Legit mental illness or way too much leaded gas exposure? Either way its like interacting with a broken AI.

      • That’s rather frightening, if you get right down to it. Sure, there are newbies every day or so that have NO idea about Derpian’s ‘issues,’ and can be forgiven for trying to engage with it, not knowing any better. On the other hand, there are ‘regulars’ here that also do it, in a vain attempt to convince it that, no, 2 plus 2 does NOT equal bleem, that the moon is not made of a rather high grade of Royal Blue Stilton, and that the Military Industrial Complex is not beaming gamma rays into its gonads from the planet Gyron–although it may, in fact, be a Zypod.
        Let it bloviate, ignore it, and it will without doubt get tired and go.

      • You are right jwm, but take it easy on these others as it is so difficult not to call out dacian on his bull crap. He rarely ever sight a source but expects us to consider it gospel. His asinine claims are so easily refutable. He insults because he doesn’t have the intellect to actually debate when he is called out on his bull crap. So it is very difficult not to engage him.

    • Dacian wrote: “Yes we read this bullshit all the time but in mass murder after mass murder where are the good guys with guns??????????????”

      Hey idiot – people like you banned good guys with guns from the gun free zones, remember? We can’t go there, but the criminals with guns can go there. That’s the difference between “law abiding” and “criminal”. Don’t you feel the burn?

      • Gun control groups and gun control have never physically stopped even one in progress mass shooting or attempted mass shooting, or physically stopped an in progress home invasion, or physically stopped an in progress rape or prevented an imminent rape, or physically stopped anyone that violently attacked another, or physically stopped an in progress violent crime, lots of things they have not stopped. But legal gun owners, the good guy with the gun, have stopped many of them.

    • Your usual cherry picked examples. Note the Mandalay Bay Las Vegas was done by registered Democrat as a reprisal against those inbred mouth-breathing hicks in flyover country who didn’t vote for Hillary. Mass killing spree to promote gun control. The end always does justify the means to some.

      • Southern Cross,

        “Mandalay Bay Las Vegas was done by registered Democrat as a reprisal against … hicks … who didn’t vote for Hillary.”

        Last I heard (quite a while ago), there was no public information on that mass-murderer’s motive. Do you have a credible source for that?

        • It was reported at the time Paddock was a registered Democrat and in his social media posts expressed negative comments about Trump’s election win.

    • Thanks so much for finally proving our point for us. You want to know where the good guys with guns were in most mass shootings? I can tell you where they were. They were trying to obey the law and not have their guns in the “gun free zone” where most mass shootings take place by violent criminals who do not obey the law.

      The point you proved, gun control does not stop violent criminals.

      Legal gun owners with guns are not omnipotent, they can not be every where a mass shooting might take place. But there have been many cases where a good guy with a gun stopped a mass shooting. Thousands of cases actually over the years, you just never hear about the majority because the media doesn’t cover them like they do other things, plus, not every mass shooting averted by a good guy with a gun has been in response to an actual shooting but rather the presence of the good guy with the gun the bad guy knowing they were armed decided not to go through with it. 80% of the gun crime criminals ages 20 – 30 report they did not shoot some place up because they discovered that people in the place were armed. But just a few of the notable:

      A Walmart in Springfield, Mo: A man pulled up to the store, donned body armor, and armed himself with a rifle, a handgun, and more than 100 rounds of ammunition. People panicked and fled, and rightfully so. The police were on the way but had not yet arrived. A former firefighter drew his firearm and stopped the guy from conducting a mass killing and the crisis was averted and lives were saved. When the police arrived the former firefighter had the bad guy at a disadvantage at gun point.

      So the bad guy didn’t shoot anyone but according to police “His intent was not to cause peace or comfort to anybody that was in the business here”. Open carry is legal in Mo. as long as it is not done in a threatening manner – a guy who puts on body armor, arms with a rifle and a hand gun and ammunition then enters a place where hundreds of people are at is not exercising that allowed for carry under law and does not really have using his clipped coupons for savings on his mind. He probably did not open fire because by the time he got ready to do so the number of targets had dropped dramatically because people fled. Had it not been here for what ever reason it would have probably been somewhere else. This guy prepared, people who prepare usually have the intent to carry out what ever the action is. That thing that gun control advocates say never happens had just happened again – a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy, and averted a mass shooting.

      How about Bryan Whittle and Juan Carlos Nazario. You ever hear of those two guys? They heard the “popping of gun shots” at a popular Oklahoma City restaurant, they grabbed their weapons, moved toward the danger, engaged the shooter, and killed him.

      How about Jonathan Morales? You ever hear of him? He is the gun owner that engaged (along with an unarmed man named Oscar Stewart), the synagogue shooter in Poway, Calif.

      How about the attempted mass shooting massacre at Schlenker Automotive in Rockledge, Fla., you ever hear about that one? There, the shooter killed one man and wounded another before two employees of the store – Don Smith and Nathan Taylor – could return fire, and when they did return fire they wounded the shooter and stopped him and averted a massacre, and held him at gunpoint until the police arrived.

      In 2015 an Uber driver, a gun owner and concealed carry permit holder, wounded a gunman [Everardo Custodio] who opened fire on a crowd of people. Custodio was the only one injured. In 2019 Custodio was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds in a car, the homicide was drug gang related.

      In a Philadelphia barber shop in 2015 Warren Edwards opened fire on customers and barbers after an argument. Another man with a concealed-carry permit then shot him stopping him from killing more.

      In a hospital near Philadelphia, in 2014, Richard Plotts shot and killed the psychiatric caseworker with whom he was meeting, and shot and wounded his psychiatrist, Lee Silverman. Silverman shot back, and took down Plotts stopping him from killing more.

      In Atlanta in 2009, Calvin Lavant and Jamal Hill broke into an apartment during a party and forced everyone to the floor. After they gathered various valuables, and separated the men and women, Lavant said to Hill, “we are about to have sex with these girls, then we are going to kill them all,” and began “discussing condoms and the number of bullets in their guns.” Lavant took one woman into another room leaving Hill to watch the rest. At that point, Sean Barner managed to get to the book bag he brought to the party, took out his gun, and shot and scared Hill away. Barner then went into the neighboring room where Lavant was about to rape one of the women. Barner was shot at by Lavant, Barner shot back and hit Lavant who then ran off and later died of his injuries. One of the women was shot and wounded in the shootout, but given the circumstances described it seemed very likely that Lavant and Hill would have killed (as well as raped) some or all of the party goers had they not been stopped.

      In Winnemucca, Nev., in 2008, Ernesto Villagomez killed two people and wounded two others in a bar filled with 300 people. He was then shot and killed by a patron who was carrying a gun (and had a concealed-carry license).

      In Edinboro, Pa., in 1998, 14-year-old Andrew Wurst shot and killed a teacher at a school dance at a dance hall, and shot and injured several other students. He then left the dance hall and was confronted by the dance hall owner James Strand who stopped him with a shotgun. It’s not clear if Wurst was planning to kill others or would have gotten into a firefight with police, but it was clear that he had already shot several and would have likely shot more if he encountered them had Strand not stopped him.

      Nick Meli may have saved hundreds of lives at the Clackamas Mall outside of Portland, Ore., You ever hear about that one? On Dec. 11, 2012, Jacob Taylor Roberts came into the mall wearing a hockey mask and firing a stolen semi-auto rifle referred to in the news as an “AR-15”. Meli, who had a concealed carry permit, drew his Glock 22 and aimed it at Roberts. That caused Roberts to take cover, then Roberts killed himself. Meli’s action likely saved many lives; police found 128 rounds of ammunition on Roberts body.

      Feb. 17 2019, an armed good samaritan in Daytona Beach, Florida, intervened and fired a shot to stop a knife-wielding man, who had already stabbed someone, from stabbing other people outside a convenience store.

      and there are many more …

      • To Booger Brain

        Always, always you believe in locking the barn door after the horse escapes. Never do you intend to prevent such people from getting weapons in the first place. I guess you think its glorious to live in a society that revels in daily OK Corral shootouts with rivers of blood and carnage. My what a sick society you lust to live in.

        • No, not at all. I believe its wrong that idiots like you want to be the only ones that decide if the rest of use can exercise our rights.

          There’s part of your problem. You do not know how to differentiate reality from fantasy and you are a liar. For example:

          “Never do you intend to prevent such people from getting weapons in the first place.”

          I always intend that those who should not have firearms should not have them.

          I always intend that those who use firearms to commit crimes need to be dealt with in the harshest manner possible.

          Then there is this little tidbit from you:

          “I guess you think its glorious to live in a society that revels in daily OK Corral shootouts with rivers of blood and carnage.”

          You guess wrong, just like you always do and you have this fantasy world view of a dystopian future that someway or another everyone else has a gun and is out to get you.

          Wtf is wrong with you. You are the worse kind of broken.

          No matter what you think, there are “no daily OK Corral shootouts with rivers of blood and carnage” and no one thinks it would be glorious to live in such a world if they are sane. You on the other hand in your mind think such a world exists and even, in your own insane way, live in such a world in your own mind and you live there by your own choosing because you have mired yourself so deeply in the BS of what the overall gun control agenda is you will believe anything they say and adopt it as your own because you don;t know how to think critically for yourself.

    • >Dayton Ohio last year only hours apart there were no good guys stopping the nut cases.

      It’s funny that you bring up Dayton, as the shooter in that case was shot by a police officer 32 seconds after he started shooting, which is an amazing response time for a good guy with a gun. Unfortunately the shooter still managed to kill 9, shoot another 17, and saw another 10 injured due to being trampled while trying to escape or other reasons. Meanwhile crazy Robbin Hood managed to kill 5 and injure another 3 or 4 while traveling to multiple areas of the city to avoid getting caught immediately. It’s pretty clear which instance is safer.

  8. When guns are outlawed, criminals will still have guns.


    So will I.


    So will most of you.

    • Sure they banned guns in Norway…tell that to the families of the 77 kids slaughtered by a deranged lunatic. No death penalty there. Quisling woulda been proud. I am interested in a crossbow.

      • You could own guns under some conditions and one was if you were a farmer. Anders Brevic even bought a farm so he could qualify as a farmer to own guns.

    • ‘Cause it’s your turn!

      SC, apologies for the snark…we have all been there for an innocuous remark that WordPress’s net nanny determines is a no-no. Try rewording the comment and re-submitting.

      I guess now is not the time to remind TTAG’s management that since they pushed the big reset and reformatting that site stability has steadily gotten worse. I only receive updated comment notifications from last year and before…nothing from the last 5-6 months.
      (Dan, FWIW, I still do not like the bright white background with a lightly-weighted font).

      • There was a dig at someone who would refuse to believe the event happened.

        And how in other countries killings have been done with kitchen utensils and garden tools. The latter noted for Rwanda.

  9. From an article by Reuters (found in the Times of India):

    “Following the attacks, the police directorate said it had ordered officers nationwide to carry firearms. Norwegian police are normally unarmed but officers have access to guns and rifles when needed”.

    Kind of a new spin on the maxim: “when seconds count…the officer’s gun may be minutes away”.

  10. Silent but deadly, ballistic projectiles can kill no matter the device if the wielder wishes it so.

  11. As I’ve said before, criminals who have chosen to rationalize the irrational and commit murder will find the weapons or the means to do so. And, as I’ve said before again, it is not the hardware, but the person using it. Just plain evil people do exist in even the nicest places, countries, and societies.
    We do not have a gun problem. We do not have a problem with any weapon, tool or implement. We have a problem with criminals, inadequate enforcement of laws, inadequate prosecution of those crimes, a lack of moral instruction, some economic issues, as well as other issues that contribute to criminal behavior. Deal with those who commit the crimes and stop trying to blame hardware and social issues. Make it clear to everyone that crimes of violence will be dealt with quickly and harshly. And, yes, go back to what does work. Break up big school systems into smaller, local/neighborhood schools. Push actual education instead of feel good or political crap. Teach kids and demand respect in the classroom from an early age.

  12. Having a crossbow would be like having a rifle with a silencer without all the paperwork and supervision. Hmm… another expense. lol

    • The only problem is the relatively short range.

      Ancient China did make a repeating crossbow. Range was shorter but they could put a lot of bolts in the air. Often used to defend castle walls.

      • ‘Relatively’ is, of course, relative.

        A good 15th Century steel crossbow could launch a bolt out to an effective range of 400yds; Its point-of-aim/point of impact was 70yds. Its quarrels could punch through the best armor of the day, from steel plate through padded linen jerkin through chain mail through cuir bouilli.

        The ACTUAL problem with military crossbows is rate of fire. The steel ones required either a strong man, a foot stirrup, and two strong arms to draw them, or in some cases a crows’ foot lever or windlass assembly to do it. Either system took time, time that wasn’t needed with a long bow.
        Ask a Frenchman how that worked out at Crecy and Agincourt.

  13. “The government’s monopoly on the use of force does little to protect individuals.“
    I submit that government monopoly on the use of force is NOT INTENDED to protect individuals (the governed). Its purpose is to protect the government FROM THE GOVERNED. It’s not about safety. It’s about power and control.
    Occasionally, a liberal politician will slip and make a public comment which reveals this. Even more occasionally, the mainstream media will actually quote said politician without sanitizing his/her statement.

  14. From the EMS perspective, modern compound bows with broadheads or crossbow bolts with hunting heads are likely more lethal than most pistol rounds. The modern broadhead is designed to maximize blood loss in a very short amount of time. My department responded to a hunter who fell out of a tree stand and put an arrow through his arm. It bled fast – the only thing that saved his life was an improvised TQ.

    Compared to a another would I’ve seen that was made by a .223 round at close range, there was no comparison in the rates of bleeding. A bullet wound might cause shock more quickly, but the broadheads, especially a center-mass shot, will likely cause death more quickly and reliably.

    This harkens back to the British bayonet used in the American Revolution – a three-sided, sharpened edge bayonet, they caused wounds that were often lethal:


    • You have to be very careful handling broadheads. They are razors.

      Oddly enough, I’ve never actually used a crossbow. I’m going to have to rectify that in this coming year. Bucket list add on.

      • Crossbows = fun. My 11 yo uses one for hunting (can’t draw required 40# compound as of yet to hunt deer). Great way to get into bow hunting (although I use a plain old compound myself, also a lot of fun).

        • A friend of mine was a bow hunter quickly had enough of wounded pigs running off with expensive arrows and heads stuck in them and would use the 12g coach gun he had in the quiver for “close encounters”.

    • {British}

      “…three-sided, sharpened edge bayonet,…”

      The Chinese were on to something with those SKS bayonets, even though they weren’t sharp…

  15. dacian. In the early 90s a man went into an adult movie theater in Sweden and killed 21 people with knife before anyone knew that there was an attack occurring.

    The largest body count mass shooting in modern history that was carried out by a single person was done in South Korea (where privately owned guns are totally illegal) in the early 1980s. The shooter was a police officer and he killed 108 people.

  16. And then there is this little additional piece of information:

    “COPENHAGEN, Denmark — A Danish man suspected of a bow-and-arrow attack on a small Norwegian town that killed five people and wounded two others is a Muslim convert who had previously been flagged as having being radicalized, police said Thursday.
    The man is suspected of having shot at people in a number of locations in the town of Kongsberg on Wednesday evening. Several of the victims were in a supermarket, police said.”


    • Just a reminder to all that the biggest lie is the one of omission. The fact that he is a recent Islam convert is being mostly avoided by the American press. Of course.

  17. Imagine if the suspect used a gun then it would have been a real travesty as they would be more dead.

    • Gun laws in Norway allows citizens to keep firearms for the officially documented use of, mostly, hunting and sports shooting and the person must get a license. This documented use is very narrowly defined and very restrictive. Purchase/acquisition, possession, and storage of guns is regulated by the Norweign government. A person is permitted to have Semi-automatic and bolt action rifles, shotguns, and hand guns, there are caliber restrictions. To get a firearm legally you must have two things; 1. you must have either a hunting license or a sports shooting license. 2. Have the ownership/possession approved by the local police.

      People under age of 18 but over age 16 can get a rifle or shotgun ownership license with parents or guardian consent. For a handgun a person has to be age 21 or over. Inherited weapons is not an automatic thing, the local police can decide if you can have that weapon or not and if you can’t its confiscated and destroyed. To have a fire arm you must have a spotless police record, that’s no arrests at all but there are exceptions made. The police, may enter the gun owners home or car or any place else the gun owners is and search inspect the weapon or storage any time they choose without warrant or cause, they may also seize the weapon any time they choose without warrant or cause.

      This firearms policy is totalitarian because it dictates possession and controls ownership of privately owned property and requires subservience to the state.

    • Apparently it was one with a 30 round magazine, ’cause ya know, according to our president and the rest of the gun control lunatics a weapon has to have a 30 round magazine to do any harm.

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