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LOL. Here’s the song in question:



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    • “1812 overture with cannon. Now that’s music.”

      The one on the Telarc label, an early all-digital ‘DDD’ recording. (PCM, if I’m not mistaken.)

      The cannons *destroy* speakers at enough volume.

      The recording to stress-test a system ‘back in the day’… 🙂

      • not to argue but nothing can withstand “motorcycle scramble” sound effects at any sort of volume. it’s an older disc, no two strokes.

      • Telarc was the original all-digital producers of CDs, from recording through the burning of the discs. Telarc posted bold warnings on the jewel box concerning what some effects and sounds were capable of to both speakers, and ears, in headphones with bass and volume levels jacked. That early digital stuff was incredible to someone who had only listened to analog using an average stylus and well-used vinyl over normal speakers.

    • We do with IA National Guard 105s. Fun. Always tried to get them to aim at the conductor.

      Ca 1979 we did in a community band in Bemidji, MN. Director wanted something so I fixed up some 12 ga shells with only compressed wadding. 2 guys shot them into steel drums borrowed from the University Drama Dept. Of course, the wadding at 6 inches blew right through them. Drama dude PO’d.

  1. Ten seconds is all it takes to confirm my position that TALENT ceased to be a requisite for making music, videos or movies a long time ago…

    • Sting. Roy Orzibal (Tears for Fears). Jewel. Kate Bush. Talent.

      There was a time when individuals walked among us who were capable of incredible musical creativity. Now, I’m a Country boy, and I love me some good ‘ol Kenny Rogers or such, but beginning a dozen years ago, even that genre of music became infested with the “grind out the hits and make da money” producers. Watch this video for an eye-opening lesson:

      • literally can’t stand your entire talent list. but i’m weird.
        thankyou for the nashville pop mashup. it has been forwarded to all the kountry kidz in the neighborhood. replies were along the lines of, “i know, but i like those songs.”

    • “Ten seconds is all it takes to confirm my position that TALENT ceased to be a requisite for making music, videos or movies a long time ago…”

      There is some great music being made today (not a lot, but it is there), the problem is, sometimes it takes a decade or three before you finally realize it.

      I said basically what you said in the 80s, and I now enjoy some music I would have blown off back then.

      Example – I enjoy Karen and Richard Carpenter’s work, especially the sledgehammer nuance she applies to her voice. The pop stuff I liked back then for the catchy tune. After a few years, I was kinda ashamed I liked it, so I stopped enjoying it as a kid’s fad. (“Oh, how I can’t believe I liked it back then I said to myself!”.) I straight ditched the Columbia House’ albums and cassettes. (25 free albums! just pay full price on 3 more over 5 years!) the pitch went.

      Then I grew up. Started seeing other folks swooning over it. Gave it a fresh listen. That’s all it took.

      Listen on this one how carefully she controls the lower registers of her voice :

    • In this case, I must protest!
      Just home from RVN, I musta been crazy, cafe racing at least 2 hours a day. Dad was a high school band director and his friends were all musicians. Wagner was his favorite genius, but the 1812…
      I built a headset out of “small” car stereo speakers and hollowed out sponges, sat a friend between two 7’ speaker columns and ionized his DNA with a pair of 60 watt Dynakit tube amps
      The cannon shots were supplanted from behind his head with an 1851 Navy .36, loaded with TP.
      I think it musta been the acrid smoke, but you were transported to another land.
      College was fun.

    • This is something that has always been there. It’s more that the talent was usually good enough that it was always left unnoticed in the background. The specter of the RIAA tends to linger off the head of creativity.

      Things started to take a turn for worse with 9-11. There is a relationship between the US and Britain that gave us some great rock music. A militant Islamic invasion over there combined with changes here ruined all that. The best country songs come from an inspired American heart. Music follows freedom and that is something that has been getting removed from the equation since 2001.

      Long live rock.
      Until the commies kill it.

  2. I have tornadoes to worry about now.

    We just got the “all clear” in Central FL, more strong storms coming tonight, looks bad through the weekend…

    • But, but, miner swore that was just a right wing rumor. Could it be he lied?

      miner so stupid he doesn’t realize he’s doing the bidding of corporate billionaires. He thinks he’s an edgy revolutionary when he’s just another goebbels.

    • Even better, Grandholm says “yes we CAN have an ALL-electric military fleet by 2030″… All that will require is about eighty trillion dollars to retool manufacturing, build charging stations every 30 miles around the world and figure out how to solar power planes and heavy armor operating in countries with limited electric grids, not to mention WTF they’ll do in the event of an EMP attack OR how they will even produce enough electricity to run the mandated civilian population of EVs let alone a couple million military vehicles… Can’t wait to see the first test flight of an all-electric fighter jet (the EF-0000?) should be very entertaining… Why do we even HAVE a Canadian born energy secretary anyway?

      • “figure out how to solar power planes”

        Fields of solar panels recharging the batteries.

        As of now, range is so short it there is no way it could be financially viable…

        • Fields of solar panels recharging the batteries.

          Gonna need a lot of lonnnnggggg ass extension cords to get to Europe, too bad the rest of the world won’t be joining them, so I guess we are supposed to just sit here and wait for all the Bad Actors of the world to cruise in with their petroleum fueled war machine and cruise by our all electric military sitting at the local charging bank, but won’t they be surprised when they can’t find a gas station to refuel… I wonder what the actual range of 53 ton Abrams tank will be if an F-150 can only get about 60 miles pulling a trailer?

    • It means literally nothing new. Possessing a device to do that gets you 10 years in prison, unless the one you have has been registered before 1985 (or so).

      Its no different than making a new law making felony murder illegal.

      They do it to prove to their base that they “are doing something about crime”…

  3. I recall a cartoon where an artist was employing a shotgun as a “paint brush” using human “paints”.

  4. Black powder shotgunms ain’t to good or maybe I wasnt loading it right?
    For those about to rock
    We salute you

  5. Cannons and solar power panels are racist. Especially cannons since they were used a long time ago.

  6. Wasn’t worth listening to the whole cRAP video to hear the pertinent part.
    That’s not music, it’s cRAP.

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