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Might be enough to bring you back to life for ten or fifteen minutes.


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  1. I made a list and sent it to the two heirs assigning who gets what. Not that I plan on going anywhere, but it is kind of a tradition to “put your name on it” so there are no issues when that time inevitably comes.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      Smart move, Mark…

      • She knows EXACTLY what I paid. Pretty simple. What’s mine is hers. She likes gunz. I like her…

        • very fortunate.
          in some relationships there is such a thing as too much honesty.
          (paraphrasing the widow dowager).

  2. I made my list too. The youngest son knows where to find it and what to do. The wife said something about wanting to know what they’re worth, like she thinks she might sell them. I made a mental note to get them distributed while I’m still around to see the kids and grandkids enjoy them.

    The 16-year-old grandson knows which one he’s getting this summer if he pulls a B average in school this year. I’m already thinking about the motivation for next year.

  3. Well, I’m taking mine with me. Gonna ask the question to one of the upper management authorities, Saint Michael.

    .45 or 9mm.

    • A friend who had a near-death experience said he asked that same question just before being ‘returned’. He said that St. Michael yelled to him, “Neither. 10mm.”

  4. A will with a dump trust, is all you need.
    A dump trust can NOT be challenged & you know who will treat them, the way you would.

    • That’s not correct. Any trust can be challenged after your death the same way a will can be challenged although the two processes to challenge are somewhat different.

  5. Well I’ve thought about that a little , and after being to a few funerals, and the who gets what arguments, I decided I’d have the pal bearers pass them out to my family members and when the shooting stops the last man standing can take whatever they want.

  6. gonna will some to others and leave some to my wife. The rest are going to be melted down to make a memorial plaque for my tombstone that can say what ever my wife puts on in so she will have the last word about me set in stone.

  7. Already have a list of who gets what. If my spouse is still living when I pass gets her choice of firearms. Kids have already picked out what they want and those choices are listed. Anything else cand be divided amongst whoever wants them or sold. Beyond a few antiques, and family heirloom pieces, I don’t really care what happens or who gets what after I’m gone. Too bad the more expensive/valuable firearms will be lost in the tragic boating accident that gets me as well.

  8. Sons were unsure of High School or College Graduation. Some motivation may be helpful.
    Asked them to inspect my deer rifles and choose only the BEST. That one they would get.
    They both made it, and there were big smiles all around. You can’t argue with a third minute of angle deer rifle or a 54 cal muzzle loader that hits at 200 m. Love my shooting sticks, but love my sons more. No lawyers involved.

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