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Before you complain, these are just the remaining Q memes I’ve been sent or stumbled across after I culled out the profane and overly inappropriate ones. I’ve censored profanity for y’all, but don’t scroll down if you’re sensitive.

We’ve posted memes making fun of all sorts of various firearm companies and, apparently, today it’s Q’s turn:


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  1. Well gosh golly gee whiz, I just got in the mail today my Honey Badger barrel kit and handguard kit including the 36 gram barrel nut and gas block and when my eform 4 is cleared by the ATF, I’ll have a Trash Panda. You know, if someone is so retarded as to NOT torque the Cherry Bomb on and ONLY hand tighten the silencer, they deserve what they get. It’s only extraordinarily clear what NOT to do to avoid having your Cherry Bomb stuck in the silencer. Use Rockset and torque to 30 lbs on tapered shoulders and 40 lbs on 90° shoulders.

    If you can’t afford Qs stuff, sucks to be you, buy elsewhere.

  2. Jeremy appears to have a few positive reviews of Q products here at TTAG.

    I’m kinda lost with these memes. Are Q products expensive yet bad or good but Gucci?

    They’re definitely not Fuddish and that’s good enough for me.

  3. So is KB a good guy, like everyone said when Remington pushed him out of AAC for being himself, or is KB a bad guy, like right now when he’s still being himself?

    This is all very hard to keep up with.

    • He was affiliated with Remington. That’s where the “good guys” are really just bad guys who haven’t shown their true colors yet.

      “R” is the Mark of the beast.

      Glad to clear that up you first time poster (or shape shifting troll). 👍

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