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I mean, at least he’s not .45 GAP crazy.


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    • Yankee Marshal is a fake.
      Theres only one marshal, Marshal Mat Dillon
      I liked Festus better then I did Chester.
      And I always wondered hows come all the cowboy trail hands could be raising hell shooting off their gunms busting up stuff, shooting their gunms at the ceiling, shooting the mirror , ‘pew, pew pew’, and in through the swinging doors would step Ben Cartwright and
      **KaBLOOOOM*** his hand held eargersplitenlounderboomer would go off and the whole saloon would cease the shenanigans.
      Even tho Baldwin proved that the people do get shot in cowboy shows, I think some of that stuff was fake.

  1. I would rather have a 9×23 or similar. Easier to reload. That said I would love a Sigma .357 Sig for my collection of 80% sigma and sd builds.

  2. Ouch! That one hit center mass. I did a gen 3 Glock conversion to .357Sig.
    ‘mu feelz’ are all triggered now..

    • Friend had a Glock 31, lot of fun and loved the overall function. Ammo prices/selection left a bit to be desired but impressive all around even if niche and would love a pistol caliber carbine in it but ………..yeah NY just for starters.

      • “Ammo prices/selection left a bit to be desired”

        Definitely an understatement right now. You can sometimes find white box but the defensive stuff is basically hen’s teeth. Fortunately when I got mine I also invested in .40 barrels so I can keep feeding them.

        • Does seem to vary by location, Northern Pennsylvania into north New York it has a few target and defensive offerings but never see it south of Philly. He also had the 40 barrels as well as RCBS

    • I got a .357 barrel for one of my pistols a couple years ago also, i think it’s a great round. Haters gonna hate I guess.

  3. I accidently bought a 50 round box of .357 sig the last time I went to Utah. I don’t own a gun for that caliber. Got 2 boxes of ,357 magnum and just read .357 on the third box. I’ll encounter some one here in CA that owns the sig and gift it to them.

    I want to bring back .32 S&W Long and .38 S&W. Pinfire might be cool too.

    • I bought a .32 h&r mag from charter arms recently. I have been hunting small game with .32 sw long lead hollow points. .32 long is a great round in my opinion

      • Jake, I’m an aficionado of the .327 Federal Magnum, and so can shoot all the .32 caliber rounds. I adore the S&W Long, specifically out of my 4 inch SP101. I haven’t hunted anything with it though. Yet, lol. I find your statement quite heartening!

  4. .223 and .243 WSSM. I rest my case. The latter was only 50-150 fps faster than regular .243.

    • I think your argument is that the speed difference is negligible between .243 and .243 wssm? But 150 fps difference between rifle-speed cartridges is not as significant as 200 fps between pistol cartridges (9mm vs 357 sig).

      • Exactly. And all the hassles of those short and fat cartridges combined with the fast barrel wear of those overbore cartridges.

  5. Then there are zombie cartridges that rise from the dead and find renewed interest, such as the 32-40 Winchester.

  6. How about 50-120 or 50-140 Sharps? I have both in original Sharps rifles. Would love to be able to shoot them again. Only have a couple dozen rounds for each and brass made for either is expensive and hard to find. Would also like to see 56 Spencer available. I have a Spencer I can’t shoot because the only ammo is just as old as the rifle and may not be usable. Of course, I may just have to bring my firearm collection into the 20th or 21st century.

    • If the Spencer cartridges are well sealed black powder rounds, they may still fire. But if you are concerned, you can always empty them out and install fresh primers and powder. On the other hand, the rarity of those cartridges means they may be worth more money unfired than reloaded, if that is a concern. Some may accuse of destroying history if you use them.

  7. Nah, screw you guy’s. .357 sig is a superior round. It’s a pity the 9mm lobby keeps pumping out their magic hollow point non-sense so that no one’s bothering to spin up more production of superior rounds like .357 sig

  8. Didn’t that guy in the Texas church use a .357 Sig to dome the incel with a shotgun?

    Most calibers are going to work for a head shot, but that’s pretty good advertisement.

  9. The fans of .357 SIG are not nearly as bad as partisans of 7.62×25 Tokarev. Talk about disconnected from reality.

    • 7.62×25 Tokarev, the cartridge that not only kills the soul but kills the god that created it .
      Reality is for people who live in fantasy land.

      • comparative dementians:
        7.62×25 (can we call it .30×1″?). penetratey.
        9×22, down from nearly 11mm brass. bitchslappy.

        .256 win. mag.

      • And now they are coming back with a less powerful .30 Super Carry, LOL.

        My old Tokarev pistol ($ 259.00 plus 150 rds previously purchased ) will beat the expensive .30 Super any day. And it is so thin you can stick it in your belt.

  10. What the heck? .357 Sig is already considered in with “forgotten calibers”? I haven’t even gotten around to buying one yet. I sure don’t think my .40 S&W is “forgotten”.

    • Wrap some duct tape around a 38 bullet then smash it down into your .40S&W case, there you go.
      Besides being a firegunms genius I’m also a balisticians phenomenal .

  11. I just know that the ‘2.34mm rimfire’ and ‘.10 Eichelberger Long Rifle’ bullets are going to be a big thing any day now.

  12. I keep hoping against hope that Beretta will someday make that .357 SIG conversion barrel for the PX4 they promised back in 2003.

    So yeah, it might be time for me to be committed…

  13. What you refer to as “mental illness,” I think of as FREEDOM. I still have sample of the saboted 6″x72″, sub caliber, depleted Uranium core rounds that I developed for the Iowa class battleships. The projectile mass is somewhat less than the heavy weight armor piercing round but the increased sectional density and reduced drag coefficient resulted in a sixty mile maximum range and an impact velocity of over 3,000 meters per second. Could penetrate over 40 feet of reinforced concrete.

    • Then you are ahead of many defense thinkers who never considered battleship platform naval guns for kinetic bombardment.

      • They actually did use battleship guns for kinetic bombardment. Battleships were the strategic weapons of their era. With each high explosive round being able to devastate a city block, an Iowa class battleship could equal the devastation of the nukes employed against Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The battleships that were resurrected from Pearl Harbor did conduct bombardments of Japanese cities that resulted in tens of thousands of deaths. Ask the Lebanese how much fun it was to be the target of the US retaliation for the barracks bombing.

        My sabot rounds for the 16″ x 50 guns merely increased their range and bunker penetration potential.

        • Elmer, I meant to say solid projectile, not meaning to conflate the HE round with a bunker penetrator.

        • Gil,

          Uranium is intensely pyrophoric. It burns! It burns explosively. When you are using depleted Uranium for a penetrator, it is effectively a high explosive round as well as armor piercing.

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