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On second thought, maybe a “dog free zone” sign would keep the ATF away?


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  1. NGL, there is a lot to unpack about this pic but I’m pretty sure this is what they refer to as “ammosexual” or some weird shit… it’s just cringe and weird.

    • “but I’m pretty sure this is what they refer to as “ammosexual”…”

      Remember, Ammosexuals never shoot blanks.

      Proud Ammosexual since the 1960s… 🙂

      • If my gal brought an M-1 socom to our barbecue, she’d get free butt-rubs for life.
        Plus free hot-beef injections.
        h/t breakfast club

        • I’m really just concerned what kind of psychopath points a gun at a perfectly good ribeye… “COOK FASTER! I’M HUNGRY!”

        • He’s just muzzling the ribeyes on his way to the brats which he just discovered contain HFCS.

          Seems like poor gun safety but, IRL it keeps the ribeyes in line so they don’t get any ideas.

      • uh, i have boxes full of blanks because they are needed to run certain launchers…

  2. Something I head the other day :

    Russians in Afghanistan used to boil their ammo.

    (For a good reason, they traded with the local Afghanis for fresh food.)

  3. either, that family is really worried some hostile people would try to over run them to get the BBQ or they don’t trust each other.

    • Not sure about that, but the kid in the blue shirt needs a refresher course on muzzle discipline.

      • It’s actually a time saver to look down the barrel to see if it’s loaded. Same way you can build a resistance to bullets if you start off with small calibers first then work your way up.


      • Maybe sissie is psycho. Wimmen, genrally, are notional. Put the two together, can you blame him for being ready?

  4. After having my pregnant daughter-in-law shot at by a poacher who was trespassing on our property to kill a deer, I have issued AR-15s to the local deer and M1As to the Elk so that they can return fire.

    • It wont work, we tried that when we started AMFYF(Animal Militia Fck Your Fords) because
      in the wrong place where seldom is heard a discouraging word all they do is play and in the right place all they do is stair at the headlights.
      We give up on the deer and elk.
      Might be different with a human.

  5. I don’t get it. I have dogs and guns. Dogs are great alarms that automatically reset and may obviate the need to grab a gat. I used to have both little ones and big ones, but the little ones are gone. In some ways they are better than the big ones: their barks are completely annoying and they are hard to shoot in the dark. Plus they will bite your ankles when you least expect it. Very distracting to home invaders.

    • I’ve said it before, 120 one pound Chihuahuas are worse the one 120 German Shepherd.
      The continual screams alone can be heard for miles. Word gets around quick in hoodlumville

  6. “Daddy? the .45 is not a spatula!” The daughter must be adopted she seems like the sanist one there….. Little “bobby looks like he is ready to run up the Delaware school depository buildin’ and pick off ole Puddin’ pantz himself! Go bobby! GO!

  7. Eat hearty while you can.
    Dogs first wemon and children next.
    Keep them coals hot boys, this dog needs another hours boiling.

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