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It’s always a party at Waffle House. Meme from @ThePatioCat over on Instagram.


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    • “She’s the only outdoor cat to survive the coyotes. So far.”

      We have verification here in Polk County, near downtown Lakeland, to be precise, of the coyotes finding the outside house cats to be delicious.

      If I ever get another furball, it will be indoors only… 🙁

    • Coyotes, Bobcats, and Owls.
      The cat I have now, its mama was a wild cat. Seen her come and go for nine years, she got old and what did her in was fleas. Found her dead( investigating the stink) out by an old hog farrowing house, fleas was crawling all over.
      Weird how the wild stays in them, the cat I have will sit by you but if you touch her she moves away.

    • Cats are weird anyway. They give you that look sometimes like “I’ll just wait until you go to sleep tonight then I’ll claw your eyes out.”

      My wife likes cats, myself I don’t really care for them that much and I prefer dogs. But anyway, we got a cat, dog, and a ferret, they all get along together and snuggle down together to sleep. The ferret mostly moves around the house like the cat does and hangs with the cat, they were raised together, but sometimes she prefers to spend her time snuggled up next to the dog when hes napping. The ferret will sometimes try to imitate the cat – the cat does this weird thing with getting a running start towards the back patio door with curtains and then jumps to hang on the curtains for a while just as content as can be, the ferret tries to imitate this and runs towards the door and ends up slamming into the bottom of it ’cause she hasn’t figured out yet she can’t jump like the cat.

  1. Waffle House is riskier than doing business out of the trunk of some dudes car.

    Waffle house food will kill you. Maybe a bad guy won’t. But the food will.

  2. Ummm…’re supposed to do private sales in a Walmart parking lot, my friend.

    Not my rules. But rules, they are.

  3. I sold a WASR 10/63 I bought in 2008 for $350 in 2011 for $450. I regret it to this day. Especially now since they’re $1000.

    In any case I don’t sell my guns anymore. I always regret doing it later. And when I buy a gun private party I do it in the target parking lot. The parking lot is stupid congested in that shopping center and take several minutes to get out of even on a slower day.

  4. Drunk thirty Saturday morning, just before la madrugada, was always a good time for zombie and night crawler watching at the North Charleston WH….ya coulda earned a Master’s or PhD with that material.

  5. Coyotes, Bobcats and Owls.
    The cat I have now came from a feral wildcat. Watched that old grey thing come and go in the timber for 7 years. Fleas got her, found her dead down by an old hog farrowing house, fleas crawling all over.

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