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When seconds count, the police are only minutes away. Thirteen minutes. Which is an improvement, apparently, in Salt Lake City where this news clip is from. The meme’s from @FromTheGunCounter over on Instagram.


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  1. I’d prefer the po-leece don’t show up…after the profoundly poor job my local 5-O did last year & 2019 effem.

  2. Usually took me longer than 13 minutes unless I was sitting on top of it and I tended to try to hang around where things could run off the rails in a minute. Still, it’s up to you to watch your six.

    • Last year, during our national Summer of Mostly Peaceful Protests, three strangers walked to the end of our street and part-way up the hill at the end. Three families were out in front with me, all the kids playing and the adults chatting. Suddenly, we heard gunfire, and the parents herded their kids back indoors.

      I immediately called 911, and as I explained the situation to the operator, the final volley of muzzle reports were heard and recorded on the call. The operator expedited the transfer to my local Sheriff sub station (I live in northern L.A. County).

      Despite gunfire heard by the 911 operator himself and children being in the vicinity, it nevertheless took Deputies a full half hour to arrive. Two vehicles, three uniforms…two of them stood to the side and laughed amongst themselves over something, while the third casually asked me basic questions and then said “they’ll notify me if they get something.” That was it.

      That day, we all learned that there is definite truth to “you’re on your own”. That, and perhaps “shoot, shovel, and shut up.”

      • “That, and perhaps “shoot, shovel, and shut up.””

        That’s why it’s nice to know someone who owns a small backhoe and doesn’t ask nosy questions when you ask to borrow it. All that’s asked is return it with a full tank of diesel and a quick pressure wash on its trailer… 🙂

        • I had an incident where a drunk/high neighbor (armed with a ball bat) was yelling he was going to beat my ass because he thought I was the one who called the St Pete Florida PD to report his son driving a go-cart around the neighborhood.
          I called PD to report this asshat was at my front door threatening my family, but was told by the operator they were FAR too busy to respond to the call. 🤔 Told them I’m a legal firearm owner and will do whatever is necessary to protect myself and my loved ones, then hung up.
          SPPD was there in under two minutes. 😄
          Shortly after my sons 20th birthday he held two armed intruders (both were high and had hunting knives and aluminum bats) at rifle point for around 20 minutes before LEOs arrived and took them into custody. Had to used a Diamondback AR-10 in 308W because he was too young to legally possess a handgun.
          He received a Pic railed German made P220ST from me on his 21st birthday. Made home defense much easier.😄

        • “Had to used[sic] a Diamondback AR-10 in 308W because he was too young to legally possess a handgun.”

          According to Uncle Sam, a 9mm is too much of a danger to society for a 20-yr-old, but a .308Win is okee-dokee. Because reasons, lol.

  3. When seconds determine if You or a Loved One Lives or Dies. Law Enforcement is minutes away. You are Your Own First Responder.

      • I’ve long advocated for calling them professional responders for precisely that reason, to emphasize that you are your own first responder, even if that response is just calling the cops.

  4. The only way we will live in peace, is if the criminals fear us.
    The only way criminals will fear us, is if they die & we live.
    We must protect the family from the criminals.

  5. After 13 minutes, the only job remaining for responding law enforcement is to place the evidence markers and draw the chalk outline. My plan is to ensure it’s the bad guy inside the chalk line, rather than me or mine.

  6. Remember the psycho that went on a shooting spree in eastern Canada a few years back? In some cases it took the cops TEN HOURS to respond!

    When seconds count, the cops are HOURS away.

    • In the rural mountain areas where I live, a single officer responding within an hour is fast. There are way more ambulances (and air ambulances) than county sheriffs deputies, so if that emergency is a medial emergency, you’ll probably make it. Otherwise, not so much.

  7. Police forces are not designed for instant response. Its impossible for them to respond instantly unless they happen to already be there, and if you were that lucky then you should have purchased a PowerBall lottery ticket that day. Its going to take some time for police to arrive, and no matter what that time is its not going to be fast enough when seconds are all you have. You are your own first responder, be prepared to be the only one that can provide an instant response.

    • .40 – do you remember the incident in Annapolis murderland a while back where there were coppers on scene at a local newspaper where the murderer killed/injured several inside. Talk about a ‘short’ response time and they were STILL unable to prevent the crime.
      We plain old ordinary people ARE and always have been our own first line of defense, whether at home or out and about. And yes I felt that way even when I wore a badge…………..

  8. I love that the screenshot for this meme is from my home state. That’s precious. Stay strapped and vigilant my friends.


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