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I still half hate these memes, because it was a legitimately horrible tragedy, but I found this one pretty Hilaria. From The Babylon Bee.

Also, here are some bonus, non-gun-related memes that were in my gallery right next to the Alec Baldwin one:


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    • “Fat side up!”

      According to the poet Frank Zappa –

      “She was buns-up kneeling, I was wheeling and dealing, she surrendered to the feeling…”

  1. Q : What’s the difference between a hot dog and Biden’s head? A : A hot dog might contain brains.

    • Many people are saying that President Biden is almost as senile and incoherent as I am, believe me!

      • You’re plenty senile PG, after all, who in their right mind hangs around where they’re not wanted?

        It *reeks* of desperation son, like your claim that you have 2 children.

        People with children don’t have the time to stalk others on the internet, they spend their free time with their family, little boy.

        (Very little, if you know what I mean… 😉 )

        • You make 30 posts a day, and the only person that responds to you is me. And the only reason I do that is to remind you that you’re a loser. Nobody cares about you in real life or on the dozens of websites you post on. In sum, you’re an idiotic troll, and no one would miss you if you went away. You won’t test the theory because you know it’s the truth. 🖕🤡🤣. I

        • See, all you have to do is smack down the fully vaccinated red flag candidate Geoff the Coward, and he waddles off like the true wuss he is. It actually scares me that this whelp has access to guns. If he even does, because we know him to be a contemptible liar. I cannot stress enough what a 🤡 this troll is….

  2. As a friend of mine from the Dallas area always said,” If BS was white, Texas would be the biggest ski resort in the world.”

  3. Alec Baldwin, as a law abiding individual, has shot 100% more people than the average law abiding gun owner has shot. I think we need some Baldwin-Control

    • Mathematically you would be as accurate if you said he has shot eleventy bazillion as many people as the average gun owner.

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