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I doubt even this would cool off the housing market. Gotta say, I do love all of these “everyone else at…” memes. Strong “do not do this” warning on this one, though.


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  1. Did you put on your BATFE costume and David Chipman mask.
    That would scare the grey off a possum.

  2. “I doubt even this would cool off the housing market.”

    Worry not, the cool-down is coming.

    And it’s gonna suck for a lot of people…

      • Not really, that singing dog has been following man around ever since it found out what an idiot two legs was.

  3. What you cant find referenced anywhere is why was the jaw harp( Jews harp) invented.
    It was made to sound like frogs singing. That way you can talk to the rain spirit.
    And if you got lucky you might be able to call in some frogs and whackem with a stick. Them Asians would have used a gunm in small caliber but an emperor hired a guy named Dang Chipmung and he banned gunmpowder for frog hunters.

    • Possum, did you get yer meds mixed up again ?
      That there is funny. I don’t care who ya are.

      “… a guy named Dang Chipmung …”

      I owe you a beer.

      • Giving alcohol to a marsupial could be seen as animal abuse. Having said that I’d like to give possum a truck load of beer.

        Delivered in an F150 Ford.

  4. I have been looking for that gerbil, it escaped from my ass.
    Since I have my head up there for so long, I thought he was long gone.

    • Its never ending cycle. If you’ve got your head up your ass to escape the gerbil has to crawl down your throat, then you sht it out again and since your heads up your ass it crawls back down your throat. On and on.
      Miner49er your wierd.

      • My God. You’re the most brilliant marsupial I’ve ever met.

        Possum for President. ‘He couldn’t do worse than what we have now.’

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