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Church. Big hitter, the Lama.


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    • As someone who (usually) carries a revolver with a speed strip, I second your motion.

  1. This is a joke-of-sarcasm meme, right? It must be.

    I’ve never heard this from any instructor. Reloads should be practiced often enough that you can do them in the dark by feel only. Because in a low light event you may be doing just that.

    (mumbles to himself while shaking head…”in front of your face?”)

      • So I should should shout “become one with the bad guy” as I send bullets his way. Sure sounds more zen than “Backoff!”

        • BuddaBrandBullets reincarnates its ZenbieMax line of hollow points with new anicca anatta technology.

  2. During your dry fire practice, practice reloading your gun as well. You may need to reposition your reload ammo?
    And how many times did you drop your reload ammo during practice??? Better to do it during practice. Instead of during a DGU.

  3. As a civilian if you need to reload it means you have offended the gods, the stars have aligned against you, and your karma sucks donkey balls. A necessary skill to know for sure, but if you have already shot enough to run dry (are still alive) and you have the presence of mind to reload you are doing good despite the army of djinn conspiring against you.

  4. “When you can snatch this speedloader from my palm, only *then* will you be ready to leave, Grasshopper.”

    • I don’t know,you mean to say you wouldn’t reload after shooting someone…..if the need be?

      • Didn’t you ever watch old westerns. Revolvers have 20rd and always reholster it without reloading.

  5. To master the skills of the power you hold in your hands, you must look beyond your fingers,beyond the arrow, beyond the bow. Channel your inner energies willing the projectile of death to strike in the heart of your foe.

    • Concise and profound, the depths of your intellectual and philosophical acumen are surprising to this one.

      • You can stop jerking off now Miner69er, you have reached total consciousness.
        Put the Ken doll in your closet before your parents catch you.

  6. I’m pretty sure he just said “Gunga Galunga, Gunga Lunga”.
    This was the interview they cut out:

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