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Dangit. Another visit to Brownells, then. At least they’re having a July 4th weekend sale!


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    • I accidentally dropped a brand new Leupold I was going to install on a deer rifle. That hurt me more than it did the scope.

  1. Primary Arms actually has better optics on sale plus you get free watermelon Now and Laters with every order this July.

  2. I *embrace* my inner Spaz and don’t own expensive things used outdoors that break easily when dropped. Or stepped on. Or butterfingered. Or…

    Spaz(es?) of the world unite in brotherhood! 😉

  3. A WeaverK4 with two horizontal crosshairs.
    The one on the bottom is thinner then the one on top.
    I use it like a mil dot.
    I have no idea what it was actually designed for. Perhaps rangefinder + holdover?
    It’s an old Weaver, made of steel, assuming Mfctr’d around 1960’s.
    Any info appreciated, I’m curious.

  4. Dropped cell phones. Dropped a few other tools. Dropped a spotting scope once. Have yet to drop or trip over a scoped rifle. Have yet to drop a loaded weapon. Perhaps I’m a little paranoid about my gun handling. Perhaps I’ve just been lucky. Perhaps hunting with idiots back up in Wisc. as a kid convinced me to be extra careful about such things.
    I may have known the guys the Da’Yupper’s song “It’s the second Week of Deer Camp” was written about.

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