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I do it. Don’t we all?


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  1. I prefer to watch movies and point out all the things they get wrong gun wise. Staring at the clock reminds me of pre retirement too much.

      • And TV shows. I always elbow Mrs Haz during an episode and tell her “Glocks don’t make ‘hammer back’ click sounds because they don’t have hammers” or “That cop already racked his shotgun in the other room but hasn’t fired it yet, so why is he being shown racking it again?”

        She always rolls her eyes and tells me to shut it.

  2. I want an app that “reports” the time at these moments. Actual shot recordings as these conspicuous times are reached.

    here’s my $2.99

  3. Don’t we all?

    No… Unless something significant happens that makes that time noteworthy… I’ve actually got a life and it does not include watching a clock to make a remark about a particular time…

    • watching, haha more like fleeting recognition, as much so with v8 cu inches as calibers.

    • Going to hazard a guess you typically didn’t have a job with a LOT of down time?

  4. I look at mailboxes. All that time in a patrol car. I can name every road with a 308 address in the county.

  5. Dont be triggered but its always Hammer time.
    I’m thinking of a .9mm shotgunm and a cuckoo clock.

  6. I do this with calibers, engine sizes, model codes, etc.

    I’ll walk up a street and whenever I see a house number I will try to find a tank, plane, or gun reference to the number.

  7. Heh. The last three hotels I stayed in, I was in rooms 308, 223 and 556.

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  9. To this day when I glance at a clock and it reads 911 I get a sinking feeling in my stomach!

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