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Okay, Boomer.


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  1. Without the sacrifice made by so many US troops using the 1911 (among other weapons), old Gaston Glock would have been born into the subservient, slave state of Austria which was subsumed by WWII Germany. Without the 1911 the Glock pistole would have never happened. So, yeah, they both work…I own several…I see no reason to be a gun snob….they are all fun to shoot!

    • Win.

      Just like what you like. I don’t care for 1911’s or Glocks, that doesn’t make them bad guns

    • You don’t think if the 1000 year Reich was still going in 1980 that they might have wanted to replace their P38s after 4 decades of service? The Glock pistol owes most of its design features to the Hi-Power, which was well-liked by Wehrmacht, and the HK VP70, which was designed by former Mauser employees. If anything was holding Glock back in a world where the Allies lost, it would be the fact that Walthers always got preference by the NSDAP. At any rate, with the way the EU acts, Europe is probably on the same track as they were back then, only more “woke”.

    • I own both, plus wheelguns. I love Glocks and use them 90% of the time for range and classes, but if my house were on fire and I could only escape with one piece in my collection, it just might be my favorite 1911.

      There’s just something about a vintage 1911 (old school like Grandpa had, not the new ones with grip safeties and such) that feels right in the hand. Like a tobacco pipe and a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving scene…

        • For starters, my favorite one in my collection, from 1973.

          My father’s. My grandfather’s. Several I’ve seen and handled from WWII. Etc.

          Pretty much all modern 1911s (think 70 series, 80 series) have grip safeties. But not those made in the first few decades.

        • @Haz Are you thinking firing pin safety block? I’m always happy to hear that I’m wrong, but the original M1911 (prior to the M1911A1) always had a grip safety as far as I know.

        • right? we’ve an old ’40’s ithaca a1 with grip safety. original design was without but by production it was there. the previous models were produced without, 1900, ’02, ’05. but by ’07 and ’09 it is present. even the 1911 prototype has it…

        • I’ve got (an old) one. And my grandfather had one. I’ve seen, handled, and fired them. Been a very long time since I’ve seen any more, of course, but yes they certainly did/do exist.

    • Not Z Germany could not have won the war or lasted afterwards because they were socialist. Hitler had already wrecked the German economy all by himself, though bombing them into the stone age certainly didn’t help.

      If the allies had not won in ’45 then in the winter a lot of German War bonds would have been burned to keep people warm in the rubble of the big German cities.

      Socialism sucks.

      As for the guns, I have owned both and like both, along with many other guns. Currently I have 3 Glocks and no 1911s. But if a nice vintage 1911 crosses my path that could change.

      I have some 1911 adjacent Star pistols and definitely plan to get more of those. But the 1911 purists tell me they don’t count.

  2. Is that Brandon Herrera?

    Hanging out with California’s Chief Hair-gell Fascist?

    *Confused* 🙁

    • Man I’m a boomer. That appears to be Matt Gaetz geoff. Git yer sceptical’s cleaned youngun! BTW Boomer’s(still)rule😀

      • “Okay, Boomer.”

        This phrase always amuses me. It’s code for, “I’m younger than you, which means compared to you, I’m an ignorant and inexperienced yapping young pup.” As if the person spouting it is proud of their idgitness and will never grow up. Pfui.

    • Representative Gaetz, he is on our side .
      Herrera testifies against pistol braces to the ATF

  3. Around here a boomer is a cantilever with two chains and a hook on each end used for securing loads on a trailer. Dont see them used much any more since ratchet straps got popular.
    I’ve still got one from my logging days.,,,, Huh, talk about progress, I typed ‘logger’ and auto correct changed it to blogger.
    I built a blog cabin.
    I had to log on until it was done.
    Bill Gates is worth more then any farmer. That ain’t right. Microsoft versus Macaroni. What’s in your lunch box?

  4. All I’m sayin’ is that I’ll never likely own a Glock but for those that like them, enjoy.

    • I prefer a revolver. Guess I’m an uber boomer. I have owned and used a number of semis. Right now I only own one as a shtf precaution. It’s a Glock 19. Why? It works. It has the personality of a brick but it works.

      I don’t try to convince others that it is the one. It is what I have and use. It will do the job. I guess that’s the best that can be said about it.

  5. It takes selling a lot of Glocks to buy a one Les Baer Custom Presentation Grade. It takes selling one Les Baer Custom Presentation Grade to buy lots of Glocks…Case Closed.

    • As much as I don’t care for Glocks. They just don’t feel right in my hand. I’d rather have a box of glocks than 1 overpriced handgun. When SHTF… Case Closed

      • Spare me the song and dance darkman…If you cannot afford a $9,600 Les Baer just say so.

        • WHOA.. I never thought you were a snob!!! I believe I could buy a 9800 gun but with the way I way raised I refuse to. BTW my $390 ATI 1911 WWII service tribute works flawlessly – probably uncanny similar to how the one my grandfather carried on the beaches of Iwa Jima as far as function and accuracy

        • that sar9 tritium insert is way too spendy tho. let’s run holosuns with some kitchen table mods.
          i forgot, what’s my homework again?

        • jr…you’ve had months to do your homework, just admit you are incapable of Gunsmithing 101…you get an F for being a fhead.

        • dark…your telling reply means when it comes to buying Les Baer you don’t have a pot to pee in…next time just say so twerp.

        • Rick James…If you could produce a “$9,600 1911 your name would be Les Baer. And it stands to reason if you could afford Les Baer you would have done a bit better than a $390 1911. I am not saying there is something wrong with a bread and butter firearm but by the sounds of your means going that lite on the wallet just does not make dollars and “sense.”

        • JWM is as far from a bigot as it gets, you hateful old bat.

          Stop attacking my friends… 🙁

        • Keep running your mouth snowflake, because that’s all you have. I have doubts as to whether you actually have all the firearms you purport to have. I’m inclined to believe you a little better than the basement dwellers like dacian and miner49er.

        • WOW Debbie… not only are you a snob but you double down on it!!! And to think you were one that I regarded around here!!!!! I bought that 300 dollar 1911 on a black friday whim and for the price I was pretty damn impressed, so impressed Ive used hunting several times. But now I realize that you are a fool who only regards price with quality (I know my experiences wont mean sheet to you know matter what I say). I dont think Ive been this let down since i found out about the tooth fairy.

  6. This is the same long-haired hippie freak making lamesauce excuses for the Fudds at Black Rifle Coffee. whatevs….

  7. Mass-shooter Allen Outlet Mall takedown bodycam video :

  8. I own Glocks and I love my Glocks, I own Sar9s and I love my Sar9s…Not because they are great handguns but because they both can be tweaked in similiar but different ways to be great firearms…Parts availability goes to Glock.

    I do not mess with the 1911 because the field for the 1911 has been plowed and plowed under again and again for over a century. When it comes to working on handguns I run in my class which is not the class Les Baer, Clark, etc. run in so to speak. You see how they do things and you follow their lead and develop a few tricks of your own…IMO The 1911 is simply an amazing firearm.

    Although improved Glock IMO needs to catch up with the Sar9 manual safety and grip. And It would be nice if Glock offered a stripped receiver with wider spaced rails that have to be fitted to the slide. In other words Glock needs to be more Sar9 than a Sar9 needs to be more Glock.

    • Glock is fine and if you lack the basic safety practice to handle it it is ok to just come out and admit it.

    • Hard to beat at the price point……or for NY reload potential but I just don’t see the Boondock Saints shootout going the same way with 6 HiPoints

  9. I don’t own any Glocks or 1911s. Like my SIGs, Walthers, Berettas and my ancient High Standard Model B (though it doesn’t handle hi velocity 22s, and standard velocities a bit hard to find around here).
    Nothing wrong with Glocks or 1911s, and if that’s what floats your boat, then go for it.

  10. My wife likes my Glock.
    I own a couple 1911’s. Both vintage pieces and 1 of the cheap Turkish models. Surprisingly, the Turk model seems to be fairly well made and fitted.
    I also have a couple Glocks, Brownings, Walthers, and even a cheap Hi-Point as a stash in the pack pistol. I have revolvers in both SA and DA.
    As an old Boomer, my advice would be find a type/style of handgun you like and then but the best quality weapon of that type you can.
    And yes, there are expensive pieces of junk and quality inexpensive weapons out there.

    • Should read Buy the best quality you can. Sorry, tired and stiff hands tonight.
      Baled a couple hundred bales of hay today.

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