It’s Probably Too Late to Move From Naughty to Nice This Christmas, but There’s Always Next Year

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  1. Like I told one girlfriend recently, between ‘good girls’ and ‘hussies’, I prefer the hussy.

    She agreed, and a *very* good time was had by all… ๐Ÿ™‚

        • “I donโ€™t expect any gat related present…”

          You have something better than a gat, and you see her every day… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • There is more than one, believe it or not.

        Not and endless string, by any means, but enough. They and I get certain ‘needs’ met… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Since I am my own Santa Clause, I only have to answer to me. I set aside a couple grand every year for my end of year wish list and with a BIG COLA (thanks Brandon) increase of nearly $400 a month THAT will definitely see a nice bump up next year…

    • must be nice…the $ is OK, but the wife always has some OTHER stuff we ‘need’. Busy selling off 40 years of stuff to finance my ‘gotta have it’ needs.

      • Wifes got her own and she makes more than I do we pool the household bills keep separate accounts, I’ve got my cars and motorcycles she has her cars, she buys what she wants, I want a new bike/car/gun no questions asked works great.

    • MM – not a bad plan but I suspect that you know as well as I do that the 400 bucks will likely get eaten up (pun intended) by increased grocery and fuel costs.
      I don’t have to answer to anyone else at all so I don’t really have to ‘justify’ my gun related purchases and if I pay cash no one else really knows what I spend.

  3. The best firearms I ever received as a gift, I bought for myself. I’m still trying to make up my mind this year.

    • One of if not the most favorite of my frearms is my Springfield Saint 300BLK. So fun to shoot and an absolute tack driver with the Sig red dot.

      • Grinchmas comes earlier every year, seems like. And it is so commercial. Almost like an extension of Halloween…

    • “The best firearms I ever received as a gift, I bought for myself.”

      This year’s is a can resting comfortably in NFA jail… ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Same here.
        Mine’s been in NFA jail for 8 months now.
        I COULD shoot it on the range at my FFL, but have resisted the urge.
        First shots will be done outdoors and without hearing protection. Full length and on the HK Mark 23. ๐Ÿ˜„

        What can did you get Geoff?

  4. No more guns. I’ve been giving them away for the last couple of years. Only got about a dozen or so left.

    I’m also in the situation of deciding if I can continue to hunt. Getting old sucks.

    • We took an old pickup with no engine and put my pop in it on the back pasture every year to deer hunt. Until the arthritis got so bad he couldn’t pull the trigger anymore. He hadn’t walked in several years. Took the windshield out so he could shoot straight ahead.

      • “Took the windshield out so he could shoot straight ahead.”

        Morning dew is a thing. He has to sit on a soggy wet truck seat? ๐Ÿ™

    • can’t walk…can’t hunt…can’t even get downrange to check my targets….getting old sucks…for shur!

    • jwm – getting old does indeed ‘suck’ but even worse is being (mostly) broken AND getting old at the same time. I can still manage a trip a week or so to my range and don’t do too badly on them paper people ๐Ÿ˜‰ But considering the other alternative…………………

  5. 2nd married Christmas together (1976) my wife bought me a new Win 101 Pigeon Grade trap gun. Biggest surprise ever. No guns since from her as presents but Iโ€™ve kept up pretty well.

    Sheโ€™s getting a new lake joint this year. Weโ€™re probably more than even nowโ€ฆ

  6. It’s not the cost of the gift but the love of giving and receiving it that matters.
    One of my sons prized gifts is a revolving that I whittled out of a piece of wood.

  7. During some deep hard times my wife and I stopped giving gifts, except, of course, to our daughter. Those painful and poor times were due to health issues with both my wife and daughter. Some of those issues continue, and, despite my income, we have a mountain of debt…but the worst is in the rearview mirror. So, our Christmas is all about celebrating: family, friends, cooking together, Christmas concerts. The Moravian Vespers is one of the most beautiful musical and prayerful experiences…

    No gifts. Just thankfulness and fun.

  8. Best gift for me is getting as many of the extended family together for the day. Unfortunately, a couple are first responders, healthcare, or law enforcement, so they can’t take off. But will likely at least swing by before or after shift and get a plate of food.
    Don’t really need any more firearms. A couple boxes of ammo would be nice, but since we tend to roll our own for most usage, again, not really needed. If anyone wants to donate a couple pounds of gunpowder or some primers, I would not turn it down.

  9. Actually. I’m ALWAYS nice except for the political comments. But then I lived in Connecticut most of my life and now I’m FREE !!!!!

  10. $4800.00 bucks a year tax free is a bit more than my annual gas and grocery bill (she buys the groceries and her gas, we alternate when we eat out and I cover gas in the Harley and my cars), use credit cards occasionally, pay em off at the end of the month saves me up to 30 cents on that gallon of gas. I’ve seen prices spike like this a number of times in my life, but supply catches up demand drops (gas prices are down because demand in CHINA is down), a new POTUS occupies the Whitehouse, and prices will settle, meanwhile Brandon has created a 15% increase in my more than adequate disposable income over the past two years (hoping he can hold his “Brandonflation” up for two more). Cash is king but sometimes using other people’s money for free has its advantages and paying cash does NOT make you invisible if you filled out a form to make a purchase. Feds KNOW who owns guns and pretty much where most of us are (been at the same address for over 30 years). Use a cellphone, pay property taxes, have a job, bought at least one gun from an FFL, been on the internet, posted on TTAG, own a car, have a DL/SS#/CCL, married, have a kid in school, ever voted? Not like the good old days when you actually COULD go through life anonymously.

  11. This Christmas, like last Christmas, is going to be slim Pickens. McSniffy Schitz-His-Pants can FOAD, along with all the SockCuckers that voted for the worthless, corrupt bastard

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