Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont
Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont (AP Photo/Jessica Hill, File)
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Important allies are cool to an idea Gov. Ned Lamont unexpectedly floated during a campaign debate and intends to pursue: Repealing the exemption that allows residents to possess AR-15 rifles purchased before the ban on sales in Connecticut.

Twice, in 1993 and then again after the Sandy Hook massacre a decade ago, the General Assembly has passed laws banning the sale of certain military-style weapons, most notably the AR-15 and its many variations.

But each time, the legislature assured gun owners that a “grandfather” provision would allow them to retain those guns. A seizure of tens of thousands of firearms was a legal and political line lawmakers were unwilling to cross. …

Lamont raised the idea of a complete ban on AR-15s at a gubernatorial debate where his Republican opponent, Bob Stefanowski, said the police accountability law passed in 2020 with Lamont’s support has undermined police morale, resulting in a more timid police force.

Without saying precisely how, Stefanowski suggested the accountability law contributed to the deaths of Bristol officers Lt. Dustin DeMonte and Sgt. Alex Hamzy, who police say were shot to death in an ambush by a man armed with a weapon that rapidly fired 80 rounds. Sources say the weapon was an AR-15 or similar rifle.

“He’s got a full rating, NRA rating, A-plus,” Lamont said of Stefanowski during the debate. “He won’t touch guns. You’re not serious about crime unless you’re serious about guns, getting those illegal guns off the street, getting those AR-15 or other assault weapons off the street.”

Lamont, who had not called for an AR-15 ban previously in his campaign, told reporters after the debate that he would pursue one in his second term.

“They should not be allowed in the state of Connecticut,” Lamont said. “I think they’re killers. We found out they’re cop killers. I think they’re incredibly dangerous in our community. You’re not serious about crime if you leave them on the street.”

This week, he reiterated an intention to repeal the grandfather provision.

“I think it’s a loophole that makes our society here in Connecticut a little less safe,”  he said.

— Mark Pazniokas in Lamont may go alone in seeking end to ownership of AR-15s in CT

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  1. SIGH! Here we go again. Another stupid democrat/traitor reveals his treason. Are the people of CT really THAT stupid that they keep electing these dumbasses? Or is the fraud machinery in force there?

    • A majority of Americans share his opinion. You WILL hand your AR over to your LEO masters while quietly sobbing and soiling yourself.

      • Keep believing that, little fascist ‘wolfie’.

        Please, please, *PLEASE* keep believing that!

        It will make the look on your face so special when you see your little fascist buddies up against a wall! 🙂

      • A majority of Americans stepped forward, raised their right hands and took the oath to support and defend the Constitution of The United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Which one are you?

        • You sound just like that ridiculously cliched colonel in Full Metal Jacket who told Private Joker to “get with the program, jump on the team and come in for the big win”. Exactly. (We lost the Vietnam War, by the way.)

        • I’m seriously trying to clean up my language so Red think of what I might have said a week ago and multiply by 10. The men who fought and died and those that made it home didn’t lose the war our idiots in government did.

        • RED WOLF, we lost the Vietnam War because fools like you make the military fight with one hand tied behind our back.
          Whoever heard of not being allowed to attack the enemy where he lived and supplied his forces?

        • Nah, muckraker, our government didn’t “lose” the war, they f***ing unilaterally surrendered – but only AFTER forcing our soldiers to fight a stupidly-prosecuted ‘war’, under stupid ROE, with ill-defined or non-existent “goals”.

          But is was definitely a f***-up of our government, not our military.

    • Yeah Dims are stupid… and traitors. Doing the same thing in ILLannoy. we get a Purge law. ILLannoy has an enormous # of AR owner’s…

      • Well, well, well don’t say I didn’t tell you…Looks like Gun Control History repeating itself mainly because timid, history illiterate Gun Owners all across America fail to define Gun Control by its roots in racism and genocide.

        Nazi Ned’s Gun Control brown shirts have done a stellar job denigrating firearms by shoving their Gun-Violence-Label between the ears of useful idiots while politically inept history illiterate Gun Owners fail tp override those like Nazi Ned by exposing Gun Control’s deep roots in racism and genocide.

        Gun Control left undefined by its history leads to tyrants like Nazi Ned saying and doing whatever they please. Of course to honestly detest Gun Control one must honestly detest racism and genocide. And what better way to get a taste of racism and genocide than to paint your face black, move to a dirt floor shack and pick cotton, harvest tobacco, harvest sugarcane under the guidance of a whip or to experience being a Jew in nazi germany turn your oven on broil, open the door and jump in.

    • “Treason” is a word thrown around far too easily these days.

      The Constitution defines the crime.

      Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

      Gun control is unconstitutional, stupid and a political stunt to avoid doing any real work. It’s also a brick in the road to tyranny. However, it doesn’t meet the criteria for “levying War” against the United States or adhering to our enemies (unless you can show the proposals being made specifically at the behest of hostile foreign nations).

      And besides, the road we’re on has arguably already led to tyranny without serious gun control and without most people noticing or caring, including most of the GOP whose elected officials often helped create this situation.

      • I studied Con Law in Grad school. If you parse the wording carefully you can readily see that any act that goes against the Constitution 1. wages war against the United States and 2. gives aid and comfort to our enemies. The democrat/treason party is waging war against the United States in their unceasing efforts to destroy the Constitution. They are giving aid and comfort to our enemies, especially China. You may disagree but the facts speak for themselves.

        • Except, Michael, that is not the way “treason” has been judicially defined, with a VERY few, rare, stupid exceptions. Besides, advocating for, voting for, and even attempting to legislate for, unconstitutional outcomes is ITSELF a constitutionally-protected act of speech, voting, or legislation – and the “cure”, in all cases, is judicial review. You may not like it, but them’s the facts, jack. Unless you are openly and directly advocating for violent insurrection, or direct violence against others. Sorry, your grad school Con Law class did not properly address this issue if that’s the impression you were left with. Treason is a very narrow, and very specific, crime.

  2. This is my surprised face.. 🫤. Yet another politician admitting the next step in gun control is confiscation. Because once they ban sales, existing guns are “too dangerous” for the community

    • Canada is banning the Ruger No1 because someone somewhere made one (not Ruger) in 460 Weatherby Magnum which the Canadian government considers Too Powerful at more than 10,000 gt-lbs of energy.

  3. Shows openly and precisely the anti-Second Amendment end game. Complete confiscation. Stealing privately-held ARs and AKs is only one step toward complete confiscation of all privately owned firearms. Hunting rifles {so-called long-range “sniping guns”} and shotguns are on the list too. Best to stock up firearms and ammo as quickly and as “under the radar” as possible. Do not for a minute think that YOUR guns will be exempt.

    • Under the radar. I used to think that way too. Hiding in a corner with your gunms buried somewhere is not Freedom.
      Well not to worry. Some gunm organizations will get lawyers and pay them to fight for a constitutional RIGHT, win or lose, We The People will accept what the court decides, because the laws the law.
      And the sheep goes ” Baaaaa”

  4. Watch for a bill to be filed soon to ban/confiscate. He won’t stop at AR’s. It’ll be every so-called ‘weapon of war’, which of course, he will define. The CT Legislature will be happy to oblige him.

    • Followed immediately by lawsuit and injunction. This is the left’s new gun control game: pass illegal laws and tie 2A activists up fighting those instead of the terrible laws already on the books. It’s a delaying action but it’s working.

      • Near term it is successful in delaying current laws getting tossed. Some of those delays are coming to an end in January and February here as the next steps in the court cases are heard.

  5. Politicians brains operate on one simple binary switch. Either (A) they are complete morons or (B) they believe you are a complete moron. That’s it. All of their positions, speeches, promises, claims, etc… are rooted in either (A) or (B). Their drive or motivation may vary be it self-enrichment, vanity or a genuine desire to “do good” but regardless of their motivation their root is always (A) or (B) and neither should be tolerated or accepted. They are monsters each and every one of them. Inhuman troglodytes that should be ignored until they pose a threat then they should be exterminated like infesting vermin before they cause too much damage.

    • We’re they not taught? Do they not realize that the American Revolution was started by a gun grabbing government and precisely started over an attempt to take our guns. And make no mistake, the guns in the possession of the people were military grade…and so were the canno n. Those guns were used for hunting, self-defence and protection from an increasingly hostile government. You might think one would learn from history instead of trying to repeat it.

      • GW,

        Unfortunately, the left is more concerned with abolishing history and replacing it with woke mythology.

        They cannot learn from a history they have falsified.

        Reminds me of a truism I love: “You must learn from other people’s mistakes because you cannot possibly make them all yourself.”

  6. “They should not be allowed in the state of Connecticut,’ Lamont said. ‘I think they’re killers. We found out they’re cop killers. I think they’re incredibly dangerous in our community. You’re not serious about crime if you leave them on the street.’ ”

    Huh? So..

    1. You basically you just declared all law abiding MSR owners to be dangerous, killers, cop killers, and criminals.

    2. You want to hold law abiding MSR owners responsible, removing their rights under what already is an unconstitutional law to begin with (don’t worry, the state will eventually be dragged through the courts on this), because a criminal act was committed by a person.

    3. I tend to think you’re not serious about crime because you leave criminals on the streets.

  7. Another idiot democrat that has never worked a day in his life think he knows what is best for everyone. There will be more lawsuits coming.

  8. Campaign noise…lies…distortion…splitting (there is only good and evil)…accusations…deception…emotion over logic…suppression of facts…corruption of disciplined science…ignorance rather than critical thinking.

    I hate what the extreme left is doing to this country…and they hate me because I am a white, testosterone-laden, physically strong, conservative patriot with a deep faith in God. My wife tells me the leftists would call me “cis-male”. Crap. They even make up their own language because they cannot articulate their lack of coherent thought into coherent sentences.

    I am in a good mood today!

    Hey, Ned!!! …behind every blade of glass.

    • “Campaign noise…lies…distortion…splitting (there is only good and evil)…accusations…deception…emotion over logic…suppression of facts…corruption of disciplined science…ignorance rather than critical thinking.”

      Ain’t that the truth.
      And unfortunately the lies and deception worked. Semi fascist, Danger to Democracy, Insurrectionist, Racist add any other ist or phobic to the list. I hate them too LifeSavor they aim to destroy this country and they are moving extremely fast.

      • As an aside LifeSavor,
        I love that you have deep faith in the Lord. I also have strong faith although my filthy mouth betrays me. Something I am working to change.

  9. As I recall CT decided to make all AR owners register their rifles and about 5% actually did. Confiscation always follows registration and if you are foolish enough to register your guns your have put yourself on the list for the tyrants to visit first. Good luck with that@

    • Of registration; if some of knew of this relation, it begetting confiscation, possessing skills and having determined ‘for if there be war, let it be in my lifetime’…

      You say this with contempt, like it’s not a years-long ambush?

    • maybe it’s a good thing when they reveal themselves this way…tends to push people off the fence….you really can’t reason with people like this….

  10. I still can’t understanding the reasoning of the faction of gun opponents against gun owners and wanting them all taken away and to be destroyed…. but yet, let us arm every Ukrainian person civilian and military to have a weapon to protect themselves….And don’t say it’s not the same, it could very easily happen to us in the future by a nefarious country that would love to exploit that loss of our civilian firearms.
    There are estimated to be over 400 million guns in the United States between police, the military, and American civilians. “Over 393 Million (Over 98%) of those guns are in civilian hands”, the equivalent of 120 firearms per 100 citizens. The average gun owning American has 5 firearms, while nearly 22% of gun owners only have a single firearm. This is an undoubtedly overwhelming deterrent to any invader!

    • that’s just the kind of rhetoric they want to hear…makes you sound even more dangerous…and feeds their narrative….

      • frank speak, You are 100% right. When someone is trying to take my God given rights from me, I am one very dangerous MF’er. Screw their “narrative”.

  11. Well, it really does not matter at all what useless rating the NRA has given. That is not a thing in the real world. The bottom line is that the AR15 is a constitutionally protected arm. It’s our right to own them as Americans. It is not a loophole. It’s a right.

      • frank speak, yep, they banned them once. That was before Heller, McDonald and Bruen. They can think whatever their little (and I do mean little) hearts desire. COME AND GET IT!
        There is a time to stand on your own two feet and protect yourself and your rights.

  12. Hey. What’s the problem?

    Any situation that prevents government from ending sale, transfer and possession of AR-15 style rifles is a loophole that must be plugged; in order to form a more perfect union and promote the general welfare (just so there is no confusion…the general welfare of the nation requires banning anything that inconveniences the least among us).

  13. One anti gun talking point has been “no one wants to take your guns away.”

    Let’s all thank Lamont for being the latest to reveal the gun controller’s true intentions.

    • that’s the plus side in all of this…they’ve tried this before…and it usually came back to bite ’em in the butt…and refutes all their assertions as lies…

  14. Like rats with a block of cheese or a piranha nibbling away…little bites that you hardly notice…until all your Rights are gone!

    • would think most won’t…that’s been the pattern elsewhere…but it also means you can’t take them out in public…

  15. As headlined in an earlier TTAG article….any gun right that a Dempcrap does not like is considered a loophole. They keep doing this crap because patriots have not in 240+ years created a loophole in a rope, inserted tyrant’s neck, and eliminated said loophole.

  16. Color me shocked.

    Now, I’d ask him how he intends to pay for it under the 5A, what it will cost and where he expects to get the funds. Just for funzies.

    Ah well, if it passes, perhaps the good folk of Connecticut will learn that cops are not their friends.

    You know, the way business owners in VA are learning.

  17. Unfortunately it’s too late for the residents of the state of Connecticut. They already showed their willingness publicly, by “lining up quietly and boarding the Box cars”.
    I’m sorry I meant to say lineup and turn in their AR-15 rifles. When they were told to do so.

    Now how many people really understand what it means when you use the phrase “I will not comply”???
    And what that requires of you to do???

    Do you really understand the consequences of the words you are using?

    The safest place in the United States is a state with constitutional carry, strong stand your ground laws, and the right to open carry long guns.

      • Not every citizen is willing to fight for their own freedom. They should not wait too much longer to find courage. The doorway to freedom is starting to close.

    • Tell us more about how machine guns are bad. You really did show your true colors. Unfortunately for how you talk you will hand in your guns when told to.

      • People like you in the “gun community” have never supported the low cost and wide spread ownership of machine guns in the general public. And you have never supported the traditional family of one man and one woman. You don’t believe a father is necessry in the home. A father and husband to teach his children about safe machine gun handling. You are happy to replace all his guns with the guns of a big city police department. And then give the single mother a welfare check.

        “Marion Hammer: NRA Never Wanted Legal Machine Guns, Bump Fire Stocks”

  18. I’ve no idea why my comment to Grandfathered Rights at 17:05 was moderated?
    It’s the elf bee eyes hacking our shit I tell yah.
    Good thing I’ve not downloaded the blue prints for my UniverseEndingPerpetualFussionNuetrinoBlomb.

  19. Loophole? The Constitution does not have a specific procedure to remove from office in an expeditious manner and punish those who take an oath to the Constitution then betray that oath.

    • The Constitution doesn’t but the law does. It’s called the Penal Law, arrest, etc. depending on the betrayal. As to violation of the oath, that is a very open “charge” subject to interpretation.

  20. Glad I live in a somewhat gun friendly state. Unfortunately, our pResident wants to ban and confiscate our semi-auto firearms. Perhaps he, and his puppet masters should actually read the Constitution and the BOR. They might perhaps, just maybe, could learn something.

  21. Communist. And if he gets another term in the wake of comments like that, the voters in Connecticut will get exactly what they so richly deserve.

  22. I guess cars make ya less safe too! Lots of folks die by car wrecks and getting run over in a parade! Lets ban cars in Ct. too!

  23. May not be the place for this but several of the comments remind of similar comments on other posts. What penalties are in place if a state consistantly passes unconstitutional laws? New York got slapped down by Bruen but then turned around and passed more legislation that will be overturned. And I’m sure they have more legislation waiting in the wings when that legislation is overturned. What penalties, if any, are in place when states blatantly pass laws that they know will not pass Constitutional review?


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