Global Ordnance Now Offer New Grand Power Stribog 30-Round Curved Magazines

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Global Ordnance Stribog 30-round magazine

Global Ordnance, the exclusive distributor for Grand Power in the United States, is officially launching the highly-anticipated 30-Round Curved Magazines for the Grand Power Stribog SP9 lineup.

After what they describe as “years of research and development, rigorous testing, and a long ride across the sea”, the all-new magazines are finally available for purchase from Global Ordnance and their select dealers. 

Global Ordnance Stribog 30-round magazine

Here is more from the release:

Grand Power has worked with Global Ordnance for many months to perfect and test the new magazine design.

The Stribog Curved Magazine offers customers a more desirable design that’s easier to load and allows smoother feeding for the tapered 9mm cartridges, robust polymer construction, and a more compact package

“We are pleased with the results of our partnership in design and development with Grand Power,” said John Dilley, Director of Commercial Operations for Global Ordnance, “we are excited to put the new magazines in the hands of the dedicated fans and followers of the Stribogs.”

Global Ordnance Stribog 30-round magazine

Initially, the new Stribog 30-Round Curved Magazines will be offered for retail purchase in limited quantities directly from Global Ordnance’s commercial website and select dealers.

Additionally, for current inventory, Grand Power Stribog SP9A1 and SP9A3 models will be upgraded to include one Curved Magazine in all new shipments.

To learn more about Grand Power and the Stribog lineup, please visit 

Global Ordnance Stribog 30-round magazine

Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, Global Ordnance LLC ( is a force multiplier within the commercial and defense military industries supporting a wide array of equipment, ammunition, and firearms. As a Veteran-Owned Small Business, Global Ordnance LLC strives to provide excellence to our customers with unparalleled integrity of values and the loyalty expected.  

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    • Glock mags (30 plus rounds) are also straight, and therefore slightly compromised.

      The idea of the new mags is to move to a CURVED design, for the reasons mentioned above.

      It was a huge misstep in not going with the already established, plentiful, and affordable CZ Scorpion magazines (which these look incredibly similar to).

  1. I guess they did away with the metal reinforced feed lips? I’ll wait till they release a gen 2 version of these after they realize it.

  2. “…robust polymer construction…”

    K, we’re talking plastic here. Reminds me of Retardo Montalban and Chrysler’s “rich Corinthian leather”… Wish we could get him to say “robust polymer construction”, just once.


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