Los Angeles george floyd protest riot police car
A person jumps on a burning police vehicle in Los Angeles, Saturday, May 30, 2020, during a protest over the death of George Floyd. (AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu)
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“No one should say ‘this is a great place to raise kids’ about neighborhoods where even one person has an assault rifle.”

— Los Angeles Times opinion columnist, Virginia Heffernan

Thankfully the L.A. Times’ home of Los Angeles has relatively low [legal] gun ownership rates, so obviously it must be “a great place to raise kids.” Like the kids playing with the police car in the lead photo.

Meanwhile, Ms. Heffernan was born and raised in New Hampshire, which has a gun ownership rate 45 percent higher than that of California. It’s a wonder she survived growing up in what was almost certainly a “bad neighborhood” by her standards.


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  1. That would be redundant in MS. Just assume ownership rates in any neighborhood here is 100% (or maybe 99.5%).

    • Same here in Utah. It’s beautiful how many everyday, common-sense Americans love & exercise their freedom in suburbia. Tons of FFLs that all stay very busy, plenty of indoor and outdoor ranges, and endless public land on which to shoot, hunt, and explore.

    • I’m all for it if it would keep a bunch of bedwetting, limpwristed, sit-down-to pee gun haters from moving into my ‘hood becuse “too many” of us own firearms. Everyone else should be forced to put up similar signs in their yards declaring them to be “firearm free”.

  2. In NH all I need is 30o feet between me and my neighbors to shoot. Hell gunfire all the time, all hours, fireworks , too! Freedom, so scary!

  3. Brilliant closing line!

    It’s time to crack down on war zones like New Hampshire and pacify them to the level of gun-free DC and Chicago.

  4. Real Estate Listings Should Show Neighborhood Gun Ownership Rates…

    Wouldn’t that require a gun “registry”? I believe that is contrary to U.S. laws…

    • That’s what I came to say, there should be no one on the *planet* who knows how many people in a given community are armed, much less with what. The concept is blatantly unconstitutional.

      • To the extent that it’s possible to know the rate of legal gun ownership in any local area, I fully support making that demographic info accessible to home buyers and renters.

        The higher the saturation of legal guns, the better. The last thing I want is to move into a neighborhood full of hoplophobic progtards.

    • It may be contrary to FEDERAL law, but not contrary to STATE law. California has a gun registry, starting in 2000 for handguns and 2013 for long guns. Under the ammo law, you cannot buy ammo without a full blown background check ($37.15) and a ten day wait unless you have at least one gun in the CA DOJ registry. If you bought all of your firearms prior to the registration laws, you can volreg any one of yours or buy a new one to avoid the wait and the excessive fee. Or if you moved here from out of state, you are required to volreg all of your firearms anyway.

    • Wouldn’t it be good to see a correlation between gun ownership rates and crime rates? But that might be racist.

  5. A local talk show personality has often asked, “…are there that many stupid people in the USA…?” After reading about Ms. Heffernan’s op ed., the answer is, “Yes, there are!”

  6. Same kind of Gun Control imbecile pulled a similar stunt when they published the names and addresses of table top FFLs. It’s their round about democRat way of N-wording gun owners.

    Yes virginia slim let’s follow your line of crap to protect our kids. It’s your proposal no one on the plantation should have firearms. And child molesters, kidnappers, rapists, thieves, tyrants and the like wholeheartedly agree with you. Now go play in the freeway.

  7. Why would anyone want to live in LA in the first place? Just another reason in a very long list to stay as far away as possible. Living in North Central Florida is as close as I ever want to be to that manure-hole.

  8. I would have rather real estate listings telling me the rate of registered democrats in a neighborhood so I would be sure to look elsewhere

    • You can look at voting trends by county or zip code by year to get a good idea of what you’re talking about. You may even be able to narrow it down by voting precinct. Or you could just drive around the area for a few minutes and look at parked cars for how many still have bernie/hillary stickers vs trump stickers.
      I’m a mexican boy who moved out of the cramped deep blue detroit area to a couple acre place in the south where rebel, gadsden, and trump flags are still flown. You can hear people plinking all day, which is much nicer than the old night time gunshots i used to hears. It’s hard to imagine being happier.

  9. The Bronx has the highest violent crime rate in NYC and SI has the lowest. She’s got everything backwards, typical for a prog.

    • If not for the obvious prerequisite for a registry this actually would be useful information for house hunting for finding livable communities.

  10. “…Los Angeles has relatively low [legal] gun ownership rates…”

    I don’t know about this statement. I, for example, have not one single gun on the books with CADOJ, yet I have two safes full of them, all legal for one reason (loophole, per the Left) or another. And there are many like me under the radar.

    Last Summer, during our nation’s “mostly peaceful” protests, my street got together to talk defense the day after BLM mentioned going after white suburban neighborhoods. We were surprised to find that most of us just along our own stretch of homes not only have guns, but know how to use them.

    • This is public information that you can readily find. LA County’s gun ownership rate is 14%. If it were a state, it would have the lowest gun ownership rate in the country, falling just behind NJ, MA, RI, and HI.

      • Jeremy,

        That stat is based ENTIRELY on the CA registered guns, and/or “estimates” of unregistered guns. The ACTUAL number and percentage of guns in LA County isn’t known by anyone – but I’d wager heavy money it’s WAY above the “official” number. But that may not continue. Unless Judge Benitez is vindicated on the appeals of Duncan, Rupp and Miller, I expect a LOT more folks to do what I did, and move the h*** out of the Socialist Democratic People’s Republic of KKKalifornia.

  11. The less support there is for BLM and Antifa, the safer the area because some of us didn’t sleep through 2020.

  12. As Sam Elliott would say, “Virginia Heffernan, you’re some kind of special stupid.”

    However, on one side, knowing neighborhoods’ gun ownership prior to buying a home would be positive. Would be nice to live where everyone is a gun owner…..sans the “hair on fire we’re all gonna’ die ’cause that other neighbor has guns” neighbors. If there just weren’t the Libturd and criminal downside of that being public information.

  13. You have to excuse her, she meant to say real estate listings should show black residents in neighborhoods. We all know, pro rights and anti-rights individuals alike, gun control is racist.

    And of course they want a tax. They don’t like it, they tax it. Taxes mainly prohibit poor communities. Not the middle/high class folk pushing said tax.

    • And they have to keep adding more taxes so they can justify expanding a more powerful government. They have to do that because their solution for every problem is throwing money at it. We’re in a huge mess right now because the government was throwing thousands around to most people just so they could justify slipping billions to their donors. Everyone that was giddy with their little $2k checks is now paying for it with inflation and debt. Not only that, but a big chunk of that money was spent on wants, and it went right into the pockets of the big corporations that are suddenly working with one political party to censor opposing views.

      • Everyone that was giddy with their little $2k checks is now paying for it with inflation and debt.

        “We’ve borrowed $30k in your family’s name. Here’s your 10% share. Don’t ask where the rest went.”

        Ummm… thanks?

      • Everyone that was giddy with their little $2k checks is now paying for it with inflation and debt

        The little 2k checks didn’t cause the problem, it was the 4 Trillion dollar packages attached to it coupled with closing pipelines, shutting down new oil exploration, keeping businesses closed for no good reason, uncontrolled mass illegal migration at the Southern border, and a FED that answers only to itself… Add shortages of parts and materials for auto and electronics mfg due to a weak supply chain because everything is made in China and you have 5% plus inflation… Oh and don’t forget those big unemployment checks that are keeping the work force at home, fat and happy while 8 million jobs go unfilled…

        • Correct. The checks that individuals got was basically hush money. They’re estimating over $400 Billion in unemployment fraud already. Small businesses that were already struggling can’t find or afford help. This is a serious issue that the current administration won’t address because the solution is to stop all unnecessary spending until things settle down. They’re going in the OPPOSITE direction with crazy spending proposals unlike this country has ever witnessed. Once again, we would have been better off if the government did nothing.

  14. Speaking of assault rifles according to FBI statistics for 2019 the number of people murdered with rifles of all types (364) was vastly exceeded by the number murdered by hands and feet (600). So will wacko liberal nut jobs like Heffernan next want to confiscate those?

    • Yes Virginia there is a satan claus-it’s YOU. How about we start publishing certain columnists adresses?!?

  15. There are more accurate predictors of violence in neighborhoods but nobody is allowed to talk about those.

    I really can’t stand these sheltered progs who think spending their parents money visiting the whitest resorts in the brownest places makes them worldy and increases the value of their opinion.

  16. I swear, people of this naive mindset never truly emotionally or intellectually mature. It is my belief that a cushy, sheltered life of little to no exposure to conflict, privation or the depths of evil and depravity that humankind is capable of leads to such a warped and off-kilter perspective.

    It’s interesting how people like this do not exist in warzones–they usually have to snap out of their pipe-dream to survive, or their grasp on reality fractures to the point they literally go crazier than a shithouse rat.

    Also, any desire to try to control others is the deepest taproot into all that which is evil.

  17. In associated news, there are now over 700 retired Law Enforcement officers that have moved to northern Idaho. A large percentage of the retire L.E. officers are from Califonia (L.A.P.D.) .
    I would think this information would actually enhance the real estate values of the area. Sounds like a safe place to live.

  18. If you want to know how many legal gun owners live in your neighborhood, just look at the crime rate. If crime is very low, legal gun ownership is likely very high.

  19. About a dozen years before I moved here my town passed an ordinance that required the head of household to own a firearm if they weren’t prohibited from doing so. There hasn’t been much crime in this area the whole time we have lived here, can’t say as much for Atlanta which is just a few miles south of us.

    The problem there has gotten so bad that Buckhead (the rich part of Atlanta) is about to AtlExit and form their own city. They provide much of the funding for Atlanta but don’t get enough policing and object to how bad the schools are. Things have gotten so bad that the Mayor announced she isn’t running for re-election.

    • . They provide much of the funding for Atlanta but don’t get enough policing and object to how bad the schools are

      Someone should remind them that they also provide the votes that KEEP Democrat control over the city and determines when where and how much policing occurs as well as allocations, curriculum and agendas for the school system… So, they form their own city (secession?), elect some Democrat as mayor and fill their “City” council with Democrats… Then they’re shocked when nothing changes…. It’s Fulton county and “The Song Remains the Same”…

  20. On the one hand it would be a POSITIVE selling point when looking at a new house to know the rate of gun ownership was above average.

    On the other hand it would be very disturbing to know that the real estate Multiple Listing Service has any info at all about who owned guns and where.

    Where I live I just figure in this Constitutional Carry state, there are a hell of a lot more guns around than meets the eye.

  21. I saw Virginia Heffman’s picture.
    It is what I expected of a stupid, liberal, millenial woman.

    A child in a woman’s body.
    Hopefully, she doesn’t have any kids to carry on the rampant delusions in her DNA.

    She would fit right in with that picture at the top of the page.

  22. I enjoyed the irony of that headline and photo juxtaposed. Well done, Jeremy.

    I hear backyard shooting from different directions a few times a week in my area. There may be a Karen or two somewhere around here who panic at the sound, but all the rest of us sleep better at night.

  23. While they’re doing that why don’t they list the racial makeup of the neighborhoods so that people of color can avoid buying inside those evil neighborhoods that have high percentage of white people doing all that “systematic racism” stuff that they’re always being accused of.

    And then all those “white supremecists” would end up living with other white “racists” and without all the wonderful “benefits” of diversity. That will teach them!

  24. You want a nice neighborhood with no gunms, move to North Korea.
    That’s the freedom you have in America, dont like where your at you can always move.

    Nobody knows what an assault rifle is anyway. It can be what the military calls it or it can be a single shot .22.

  25. First, if she got her wish, this would be a problem for the leftisys thay promote her brand of bullshirt, if they listed “within 50 miles of a mass shooting,” they would see that “mass shootings,” are in “gun free zones!” Now, if they want to make it a law thay real estate listings let you know if a moronic, power hungry elitist ass like Virginia Heffernan lives, I am all for it, maybe 100 miles so I can stay away from her stench!

  26. Well, while Heffernan is an idiot (Google her earlier twitter fiasco, where she was traumatized by her “right wing” neighbors who, following an unusually heavy snowstorn (she either lives in, or has a vacation house in, Lake Arrowhead), finished plowing their own driveway, and plowed hers for her, without saying anything or being asked, and she felt some kinda way about receiving neighborly treatment from these “right wingers”). She give stupid people a bad name, AND she’s a fascist/socialist Karen, so OF COURSE she’s going to propose something stupid, illegal, unconstitutional, and actually COUNTER-PRODUCTIVE.

    But look on the bright side: If it happened, and I were a criminal, I’d know which neighborhoods were safe to “go feral” in, wouldn’t I???

  27. Well, I can tell anyone who wants to know every home within 2 miles of my farm has at least a couple rifles in them. With people who know how to use them as intended. Killing vermin, harvesting game, protecting their homes, as well as popping cans and punching paper. Many of us out here are also veterans. A couple are retired law enforcement. Can’t speak for the chicken hearted columnist, but I feel quite safe here and think it is a wonderful place to bring up my grandkids. Just as Northern Wisconsin was a great place to grow up. Never understood the desire to live in any big city. I did for economic reasons while I was in business. Go where the money and jobs are but always wanted to do as I am doing now. Out here on a homestead farm. Down here in South Alabama because my old butt froze out in Minnesota. Cold makes replacement joints ache.

  28. Are we taking only LEGAL gun ownership…or does this include illegal gats as well?
    Charlton Heston had a huge collection…as does Steven Spielberg I believe…
    I would not be afraid to be neighbors with either one…although Heston is no longer with us…
    plus…the VAST majority of killings are done with handguns…not scary black rifles…and certainly NOT “assault rifles”

  29. Wait “take race, class and politics out of real estate”, when has a leftist every decided anything without running those things through their delusional mental calculus? How much you want to bet she has also shrieked about suburbs being too white.

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