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Very frustrating.


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  1. “What’s a nice rifle like you doing under a scope like THAT? You should feel cheap, dirty and used?”

    (Jeremy: you have had some good memes lately)

  2. The practice on his airplane with others commenting paid off. He wanted a pose that looked menacing (to DemonRATS) and he is successful.

    • Are you going to go visit him during visitor hours at the jail? Perhaps relive some of the stress he might be having, on your knees?

      • You might have halfway pulled off your smartass comment if you had properly spelled relieve. Now you just look like an idiot.

        • “You might have halfway pulled off your smartass comment if you had properly spelled relieve.”

          That’s such a stinging rebuke coming from a commenter with *zero* history in TTAG.

          What are you so afraid of, little boy, that you have to hide who you are?

          Is there nothing dangling between your legs like the old troll PG? 😉

        • “You might have halfway pulled off your smartass comment if you had properly spelled relieve.”

          I apologize, I just realized something.

          It really, Really, REALLY, burns your ass that a throwaway-pun of mine is far funnier that *anything* you’ve ever come up with.

          You have been here for months with disposable identities trying your damnedest to be a comedian, and absolutely nothing has worked for you. It must be terribly frustrating.

          Just accept it. You’re not in any way funny, and you never will be. But I will delight in tormenting you mercilessly, just for my *fun*!

          I just created a new name for you – 7-Up.

          Why 7-Up? Like the tasty soda that mixes well with bottom-shelf whiskies, you have “Never had it, never will”.

          Just give it up dude, you’re not gonna win this one, or any other, you’re just to fucking stupid… 😉

          (Spreading the love as always, I am…)

        • I knew Rodney L was really Geoff from the first comment. Now you’ve proved it to the rest of the audience. You should stop while you’re not ahead. You’re using different names to hassle Debbie. Then you complain about people using different names. Geoff is always making perverted comments and calling people a fuckwit. It was very obvious.

      • You know, Rod, the only reason you walk the earth today, is your mother made the mistake of wiping her mouth with her panties before putting them back on..

        • That’s not gonna work either, 7-Up.

          Insults only work if there’s *credibility* behind them, and you refuse to stand by what you say by identifying yourself in a consistent fashion.

          Keep flailing away impotently, you have extensive personal experience with your continual failures to guide you… 😉

        • Geoff, I was replying to RodneyL.

          This forum isn’t intuitive as to flow.

          I’ll include a name reference from now on.

      • Dont know about your jail but this jail only let’s family members to visit. Maybe DebW is a family member?

      • With the proper rails, you can put anything on it. If you have enough money, you can mount an Apache helicopter on your rifle! Which puts me in mind of the A-10, which was built around that honking huge cannon.

      • Only use the old lightweight ones made before we had crash standards. You do not want to try it with one of the new ones! (Don’t ask)

  3. Guilty. Both my brother and I have bartered for pretty nice rifles, then bought a cheap scope to put on them. Of course, I don’t think they were Tasco. Don’t know how long that brand has been around, but we never heard of them in our youth.

    I guess some perspective is in order – back in the day, nice guns sold for $200 or so, and we would buy a $50 scope to put on them. A GOOD scope would cost as much as the rifle!

    • It’s funny what we thought of as “nice” guns in the day wasn’t it, days before people spent $2-3K on a rifle and didn’t blink about it.

      Then again, even a $500 AR today is nicer than a lot of stuff we had back then. Mosins, SKSes and the likes ruled the day.

    • I don’t know all the changes Tasco went through and certainly would not buy one now. But, I do have a 4-12x Tasco on a rem 700. Bought the scope as a young teen, probably about 1981. It was close to $100 then, if I recall correctly. It was made in Japan and has taken a beating. Holds zero, tracks impressively, and is extremely clear. I’ve thought about replacing it, but can’t figure out what to tell myself when I ask why.

  4. Paul, I’ve never understood why some think a scope should cost less than half the price of the rifle. The optics are what enable you to hit the target. Skill not withstanding. If you can’t do that it’s all wasted money.

    • I never understood how someone could judge the quality of a scope based on what it cost, instead of suitability to purpose. I have an old Simmons scope you can have for $3000 then you can be The Great White Hunter or Carlos fucking Hathcock.

      • O, I’ve shot Simmons scopes. I’ll stick with my Leupolds. Thanks for the offer though.

      • SCOTUS is more McConnell’s doing than Trump’s, unless he actually did have the FBI impede the Kavanaugh investigation.

        • The first step was to nominate conservatives judges. Thank you President Trump.
          Unfortunately we now have the first black female SC judge. Who can’t tell what a woman is???
          And she doesn’t believe in civil rights. All credit to President Biden.

        • How well has Barrett been doing lately on thr 2A? Plus it was Kavanaugh who ruined Bruen and said that gun “licensing” was OK when we might have gotten rid of it altogether.

          no, those aren’t all that great of judges that Trump appointed. Sure, they could have been worse -but they also could have been better too on the 2A.

        • It’s easy to Monday morning quarterback the picks. The fact is Trump chose his SC nominees for the specific purpose of advocating for a textualist and originalist interpretation of the U.S. Constitution. That would mean defending life and the 2A. He got what was believed to be the most qualified judges from the Federalist Society. He could have chosen a John Paul Stevens, a David Souter, a Sandra Day O’Connor, or a John Roberts, but he didn’t did he? He deserves credit for that.

        • “Plus it was Kavanaugh who ruined Bruen and said that gun “licensing” was OK when we might have gotten rid of it altogether.”

          Thomas side-stepped that one neatly with ruling only laws at the founding apply, and there were no gun ‘licenses’ in the colonies until after the civil war…

  5. If it holds zero and has focus at the ranges you shoot, who cares? Its not like you need something that will survive an IED when capping tree rats.

  6. I have Tasco scopes on two of my rifles. They both work fine. Never had a issue, but I take care of my rifles. I prefer Leupold, but years ago money was tight. The Tasco’s are at least 30 years old and still work good. Maybe I just got lucky.

  7. Put the Tasco scope on the Kel-Tec or Hi-Point PCC.
    Put a decent set of optics on the better quality rifles.
    Are the Redfield scopes still considered quality? How about Nikon?

    • I bought a Ruger American in .243 for my meat rifle. Put a Redfield scope on it. The rifle was about 350 and the scope was about 160. Does just fine at any reasonable hunting range.

  8. When I bought my Steyr Scout rifle I could not find a scout scope anywhere. Had very good Leupold QD rings and a guy who sells what I consider junk all around the country at gun shows sold me a Sniper brand 2×7 scout (EER) scope for $59. Apprehensive but wanting to shoot the rifle, I mounted it. I probably shot 300 rounds with never an issue. Glass was clear through the range and held zero for over a year. Only thing I did was replace the adjustment caps, which said “AIM” in big letters with plain ones since I knew pals would rib me. Finally replaced it with a Burris 2×7 EER. I can’t say there was any improvement in accuracy and I’ve contemplated putting the Sniper on one of my S&W M29s to replace the 2x Leupold.

  9. Many moons ago, I sporterized a 7mm Spanish Mauser. Did all the work myself except cutting and crowning the bbl and drilling/tapping for the scope mounts. I put a really nice Leupold on it. I used it for deer for many years and sometimes I would lend it to friends because it really was an excellent deer rifle. Well, one day a now former friend (JKD) dropped it out of a stand and the Leupold was never the same. Since I was on a hunting trip, I had to do something so I shrugged, found the nearest Walmart and Tasco was all they had. I bought one and put it on the old 7 and, much to my chagrin, I really liked it! It was bright, had good parallax, easy focus, and 3-9x. I could also see the reticle very well. It’s still on it, still hits quarters @ 100 yards, and darn it, I don’t care who laughs, I like it!

    • Had one of those Tasco refactors in the late 60’s for the upcoming moon landing (I’m fully aware there was no way in hell I would ever see them on the surface!) and used it for moon and planet-gazing. I’m pissed now I didn’t hang on to it as a spotting scope for today…

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