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This post’s title is, of course, based on the classic novel, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? BUT! If you haven’t read outdoor humorist Patrick F. McManus’ absolutely freaking hilarious books, including They Shoot Canoes, Don’t They?, then you need to fix that ASAP pronto.


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  1. McManus wrote an article for Field & Stream years ago involving a bicycle. Funniest thing I ever read.

    • McManus wrote some funny stuff. He put out many books of his short stories. Well worth the read, highly recommend everyone meets Rancid Crabtree or goes bike camping!

    • Yes, McManus wrote side-splitting stuff. I have several of his books, and they are all thoroughly dog-eared. I’m chuckling to myself, just at the mention of his name.

  2. And sometimes you do have to shoot a dog. Like when the suspect sics him on you. Draw the line at puppies.

  3. The atf murders women and children. Burns them alive. Nobody gives a fuck. Shoot a dog and you’re a monster.

  4. Whoever put this video together is a comedic *genius*.

    The further along it goes, the more unrealistic it gets, but the premise hooks you so hard, that YOU JUST DON”T CARE! 😉

    How he got the original actors to go along with it, I will never know.

      • You are obviously unfamiliar with the ‘Breaking Bad’ universe, where a science teacher (played by Bryan Cranston) gets diagnosed with terminal cancer and realizes he will be leaving is family penniless. So he teams up with one of his chemistry students to cook meth. It soon becomes apparent his drugs are the highest quality on the market, and he becomes a major player in the market…

  5. Geoff, I never followed Breaking Bad, but my son did so I saw a few episodes. That scene with Brian Cranston reminds me of a war story my buddy Gil told me. He was with TPD at the time. He was transporting a 10-15 to the CJ. The guy wouldn’t shut up. LE are people too. Only so much shit you’ll put up with. The guy is handcuffed behind his back, but not buckled in. Gilis approaching a red light. He stands on the brakes at the last second. His 10-15 kissed that heavy steel grate. Broken nose and lots of blood. Guy started laughing and said, “You almost hit that car!” Some people are to stupid to be free.

    • Breaking Bad was the greatest tv that ive ever had the pleasure of watching. I digested each and every episode. Fantastic

    • “He was transporting a 10-15 to the CJ. The guy wouldn’t shut up. LE are people too.”

      (Brake Test Tale)

      I know a Lakeland PD who had a similar policy. At the time, they were allowed to upgrade their take-home cruiser’s stereo. So she (yes, *she*) whipped up a really nice sounding system that pushed about 500 watts. If she got tired of the noise coming from the back seat, she slipped on her shooting muffs and selected her music weapon carefully. For the hood rats, it was usually classic rock at full volume. For rednecks, rap… 🙂

  6. Nearly 13 million people watched the Republican presidential primary debate on Fox News. Almost 200 million watched the in-lieu-of-the-debate-on-fox Tucker Carlson-Trump interview.

    • “The high view count doesn’t actually mean that people watched the 46 minute-long interview—or even part of it—as it only refers to the number of views the post got, meaning the number of users logged into X who simply saw the tweet on any platform, regardless of whether they follow Carlson.”–heres-why-thats-misleading/amp/

      • It’s the same way with television ratings.

        “Thirteen million viewers” doesn’t mean that 13 million people stayed glued to the TV set during the entire two hours of the debate. The ratings services can break down viewership by the minute with electronic monitoring.

        What isn’t debatable is that many more people were exposed to the Carlson interview on the internet than those who caught any part of the debate on TV.

        And viewers still have the opportunity to watch a replay of the entire Carlson program. Very few will seek out and watch a replay of the debate.

        • Miner’s correct. It’s a similar situation with “millions of views” of Russian troll farm posts leading up to the 2016 election. I remember them trying to explain Hillary’s loss right after the election. It was on major network news (ABC maybe?). The anchor said this post, that could have swung the election, got over a million views! BTW, it’s over a million clicks. Sometimes people accidentally click a link and immediately close it. Sometimes they intentionally click the link and still don’t read it. Sometimes they read it and think it’s BS.

          Guess what the the fake news post was? The Pope supports Trump for president! LOL! First of all, no one outside of Catholics cares what the Pope thinks. That includes Christians. They don’t care about the Pope’s opinions. Second, if you’re a Catholic who cares what the Pope thinks, then YOU KNEW THAT WAS FAKE NEWS! So how many votes did that fake news post sway? Precisely zero! The real fake news was the way it was reported.

  7. Cubed two inch squares, boil 1and1/2 hours, add hot spices, simmer 15 minutes, serve with long rice noodles.
    Or just find a week old road kill in the hot sun.
    I like dogs.

    • “Or just find a week old road kill in the hot sun.”

      Good to see you back, Possum, I hope your absence wasn’t health related… 🙂

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